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October 7, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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October 7, 2004

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> ( Corcoran Column continued ... Continued from page 3 ) the Browns and their friends! More Moose Lodge dinners Also' Ipingthedowntowndistrict to coral again on weekends, the Glenville Moose Lodge is offering systematic social and fund-raising events on Saturday evenings. The next big fund-raiser is an Elimination Din- ner set for Sat., Oct. 23. Starting at 6 p.m. with a tasty din- ner. the Elimination Raffle will offer over $2,000 in prize money to the lucky ticket holders, according to its volunteer organizers. Moreover, only 200 tickets will be sold, so see any Moose officer to purchase your ticket. Or.just stop by the Lodge itself, which is located across East Main Street from the Go-Mart. to secure your ticket. You need not be present to win, but if you don't attend, you'll miss enjoyable Dick Harrison's Karaoke evening of singing and dancing after- wards, not to mention a lot of enter- tainment during the raffle. In fact, we're happy that the rela- tively new Moose Club of Glenville is doing more for this community, via the elimination dinners, casino nights, back-to-school supply give-aways to help needy children, and the eatery's food service. We editors therefore commend Governor Randy Maxwell, Past Gov- ~ ernor Dick Harrison, the other offic- ,l ers and the many volunteers for their foresight, civic-mindedness and gen- erosity to the people of Gilmer County. Keep up the good work, Moose mem- bers! The Tupelo Model It was all about business and com- munity development at the recent Regional Summit in Ritchie County the evening of Sept. 25. At the same time, I'm not convinced that we can turn any city in our region into another Tupelo, Mississippi, which has a population of more than 20,000, with factories creating 18,000 manufacturing jobs. Lewis Whitfield, an engaging banker and community developer from Tupelo, gave the main address at the Ellenboro summit. Although Tupelo was the poorest town in the poorest region of that state 50 years ago,'it has made great strides since then, and has developed into a model community, he outlined to the summit's attendees. Firstly, strong private sector leaders stepped forward to get the ball rolling and this kind of top level leadership has stayed in- volved over the years, he says. Never- theless, in a very rural area like ours, we don't have the basic core of big industries that Tupelo has, so we don't have the "strong private sector" lead- ers who come with those businesses. Of course, we do have the federal prison which does possess a lot of managerial talent and business savvy, if we could just get them involved with this community. Secondly, Mr. Wnitfield relates that the Tupelo leaders decided which community organizations could'sur- vive and, then, helped them -- finan- cially. Once again, the expendable money that the large companies had there, wc just don't have here. Right now I understand that the Gilmer County Economic Development As- sociation, which lost its levy funding, will mount a fund-raising drive. That's the right course, but do we have the big donors here who are necessary to make community progress happen at the EDA? Most of our county's busi- nesses are small and meagerly fi- nanced themselves, yet are making a marginal living. While donating can happen, they can't make the major contributions that are essential to hir- ing another full-time EDA executive director. Finally. Mr. Whitfield says that a spirit of cooperation grew between the corporations and community groups, thereby leading the way to making the community a better place to live and work. And, with the aid of the local newspaper, a community foundation was established. It now has a staff of 19 and coordinates the strategies and operations of the Cham- ber of Commerce, the EDA, and sev- eral other community leadership groups. Community Foundation The community foundation idea could be a possible benefit to Gilmer County. Like in Charleston, the Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation accepts contributions from anyone who wants to give, and then distrib- utes the monies to civic organizations based on their programs and needs. This idea gives people the opportu- nity to give back to their community, especially in bequests, and to see the good clubs and groups thrive through their regular funding. When living in McDowell County, I was dismayed that so many wealthy people left millions of dollars to their schools, but nothing to their child- hood communities where the basics of their success were born and nur- tured. Had they left a fraction of their estates to those communities, there would now be museums and recre- ational assets in southern West Vir- ginia to attract tourists, thereby negat- ing the poverty that was created there owing to the closing of their coal mines. Indeed, there would be hope for that depressed region. Hence, a Gilmer County Founda- tion would offer a platform for resi- dents and former residents to provide for the area's future stability and suc- cess. Awardee from Doddridge In another part of the Summit, eight i ndi viduals were named as "Outstand- ing Community Developers of the Year" for their counties. In addition to Gilmer County's Darren Felt, the following people were recognized: Steve Whited, Calhoun County; Everett Leggett, Doddridge; Jim Riggs, Pleasants; Mona Region, Ritchie; Edwin Weigle,Tyler; Cheryl Woods. Wirt: and Jim Cochrane, Wood. The only other recipient whom I knew was Everett Leggett, of Oxford, Doddridge County's Outstanding Community Developer Awardee. He's a grand gentleman who has done so much for his community that he is currently the "Outstanding Doddridge Countian of the Year" honoree. His late wife. Hattie. w~ a n;~live of Baldwin and his son, Patrick, taught in our schools and was deeply committed to the anti-tobacco movement here and throughout the state. In Doddridge County, Everett has served on the county's Library Board, FRN, Opportunity Council and many other public and private bodies. More- over, as a former teacher and now a farmer interested in youth, he takes several needy school students to the West Virginia Public Theatre in Mor- gantown for musical performances each weekend. I've seen him and his young group up there several times. These kids would never be able to see and appreciate theater, i fit were not for his foresight and generosity. That's my cup of tea, too! The End That's all folks; see ya next week! Don't Get Me Started! cont'd... Continued t'rom page 3 ) llas been more than a "boss" --~ he has i~en a friend, a fan, and a confidant. We've laughed and we've bickered, but we always knew we could count on each other in a tight spot. He has furnished me zero-interest loans for gas money, has saved me from eating by myself on countless evenings, and he once suggested, "Why don't you take a little time to clean your room," meaning my office. This qualifies him for also being "like a father" to me. Just about every Tuesday afternoon, with the sounds of a Helen Reddy CD creeping out from his office, we've spent a few minutes standing beside a window at the top of the stairs. We stand there and we talk -- about sto- ries we're writing, rumors we've heard, books, history, complaints people have lodged, and nice things people have said to us throughout the week. I'll take away from this .job that image and my accompanying feel- ings of good fortune. Two-and-a-half ' year~ ago; I was lucky, that Dr.C.,took achanc on a stra~er "off the street" who needed a part-time job, and I'll always be grateful to have been taken under his wing and nurtured in so many ways. His complete encourage- ment in the face of my moving on to another job has been cOmforting and, I'm sure, very rare. Thank you, Dr. C. I'll remain a columnist-at-large for The Glenville Democrat~Pathfinder. The title above these new efforts is yet to be determined. I'm sure I'!1 still write about politics from time to time, though I must say that anyone who is still thinking of casting a vote for George W. Bush will most likely never be moved by my diatribes. Obviously, I'm hoping there won't be as much to complain about when President Kerry takes office. Starting Wed., Oct. 6, I'll be the advertising manager for the New Mountain Tribune, a weekly news publication just starting m Upshur Network Access would like to invite readers to keep up with CANA Report exclusively online at The Glenville DemocratlPathfinder's new web address: the it- I II I III II II I We're here now to make your school, church or family reunion both joyful and comfortable/ o0 rooms, interior corridors, elevator access. I'll n('s center, and modern in-m~ml convvnh,nees an~l amenities. Serving all your wedding imrlie, , famih, gallterings, class reuni.ns, gradtsali m.- and s(,'ial galhering needs. (,roull I)i. counls Available. t NIIFBIIBIIgE ROOM available for community, business, or club functions Passes for the I II'IIIEIIII available for purchase! Localed threp mil~ ~a=l of Gl~nt, illP on SR 3 or I0 milr~ w~t o[ Surn*,lll~,juRt off I, ".9 For details, call 304-462-5511 Steve Robinette, General Manager II I I I I I I II II II County. Do I'know a lot about ad, ver- . rising? No, not much beyond~on- ceiving ideas, writing copy and lay- ing it all out for publication. I have a feeling I'm about to learn that these are the simplest parts of advertising; actually selling ad space may be much -- and when I say "much," I suppose I mean "exception- ally" -- harder. But I'm very excited about the New Mountain Tribune. Its award-winning editorial staff, plus a fresh physical appearance and an original news for- mat, is likely to set a standard for news weeklies in central West Virginia, maybe even throughout the state. I'm proud to realize that I am join- ing the staffof a soon-to-be indispens- able publication hot on the heels of my tenure at this wonderful publication. Needless to say, I'm blessed. (I can be reached via e-mail at: kmsheets@gnuuiLcom. From time to time, I'd love to hear from my old friends and acquaintances in Gilmer County.) 1 (Publisher's Note: Thanks for the memories, Kristal! Your kindness to our staff and me is only exceeded by your devotion and commitment to better serving the general public. With these traits in mind, along with your ability to do research, write and talk proficiently and persuasively, you will have little difficulty in breaking into your new career.., and life. Just "don't get me started" on lamenting that "we'll miss you." Have a happy day, month, year and more in Buckhan- non! We wish you well!) CAlmer Coumy Senior Comer Menu Oct. 7- Mexican Chef Salad, Corn. Fruit Oct. 8- Fish Sandwich, Macaroni/ Cheese. Cole Slaw, Dessert Oct. Ii-C ..... cd for Columbus Day Oct. 12 - Creamed Tomatoes, Sau- sage. Homelric,q Biscuit Applc,~auce Oct, 13 - Hamburger w/w Bun. Pasta Salad. Baked Beans Activities: i0- 7 Work on Quilts. Crochet Class speaker Robin 10-8 Bingo !0-11 Closed for Columbus Day 10-12 Cedar Crock Satlclite. domi- noes 10-13 - Chum 10.30 am. Set Ba'ck The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing. --Marcus Aurelius Thursday,Oct. 7,2004 -- The Gienviile Democrat/Pathfinder -- Page 5A m B Continued from page 3 ) Troy Reader instructs R.L. Pritt about 'Love' cont'd ... one, or will ever bring the wrath of so cruel that He would let you fall in nearly 20 years now, too.) God down on America in near (or not Iovewithsomeoneandthenyou,just And, finally, in case you did not so near) future, to say that it is really wrong to love know, the Supreme Court is already The way I see it is, if God finds it that person and that it is wrong for conservative, or at least has a major- SO wrong for twopeople to love each that person to love you? I just can't ity of conservative judges seated. other, whether they be a man and believe that! No, not from the God I There is a 5-to-4 split, five conserva- woman, man and man, or woman and know and love. I just can't, (and be- tive, four liberal, and Chief Justice woman, then HE, God would'nt give fore you ask, as you have in the past, William Renquist is condidered as them, the people, the feelings, would questioned my Christianity, etc., yes, the most conservative. he?Or, are you telling me that God is I am married, to a woman, and for Fred WaMrop Troy Smear campaign attacks e McGraw Dear Editor, against injured workers in workers Party." Forbes identified Justice Don't believe the dishonest, smear compensation cases. He lacks any McGraw as a target of that cam- campaign which Republican Brent notable achievements that might rec- paign. Now,"insurance companies, Benjamin and his corporate backers ommend him tot a position on our multinational corporations and the arc running against Justice Warren State's highest court. He has never Republican Party" are doing exactly McGraw. During recent weeks, Brent even stood before the Supreme Court what they said they would do, spend- Benjamin, Republican candidate for and argued an appeal. The only pub- ing millions to defeat Justice the Supreme Court, and his monied lic service listed on his website is a McGraw. friends have mounted a malicious stint as Treasurer of the WV Republi- The attacks on Justice McGraw are and misleading TV, radio and mail can Party, His misleading campaign the desperate efforts of an unquali- attack on Justice McGraw. The at- demonstrates that he lacks the ethical fled candidate and his big bucks sup- tack claims, among other things, that standards we expect in a justice, porters to buy our Supreme Court. Justice McGraw voted to release a Who is spending all that money to Let'srejecttheircontemptibletactics dangerous child molester. Don't be- lieve this nonsense. It is a slick, cyni- cal attempt to buy our Supreme Court by spending millions of dollars on misleading and dishonest ads. Justice McGraw is a decent man with a long history of service to our State. As a US Department of Justice attorney, a prosecutor, a legislative leader, and a Justice on our Supreme Court, Warren McGraw has earned his reputation as tou~zh on crime and a champion of victims' rights. As a parent and grandparent, he cares about families and children. In fact, he was recognized, earlier this year, by the National Committee o f Grandparents for Children's Rights for his efforts on behalf of grandparents and chil- dren. So why. is Republican Brent Ben- jamin wdling to distort McGraw s record? The answer is simple: Ben- jamin could never win an election on his own qualifications. He has spent his legal career working for a corpo- rate law firm where, among other things, he has represented employers Red Hat Society Ladies 50 years of age: interested in joining a Red Hat Society'? There are few requirements: 50 plus years of age, $1.00 dues per year for membership cards, attend a monthly luncheon and wear purple dress or pantsuit/with a red hat. This is strictly a social organiza- tion. There is a website for informa- ,'lion on the group. Members may plan dinner trips or any other kind of entertainment if desired. If interested, call Yvonne King at 462-7856 or Mona James at 462- 5300. defame Justice Warren McGraw? by voting Last year, Forbes magazine an-McGraw. nounced that out-of-state monied in- terests planned a major campaign to "install new judges sympathetic to insurance companies, multinational corporations and the Republican for Justice Warren Allan N. Karlin Jane E. Peak Sophie E. Zdatny Morgantown, Everyone can master a grief but he that has it. --William Shakespeare ~i~~~. 47 East Main Street, Buekhannon, WV 304-473-0011 Religious Fiction Romance Cooking Quilting Sports Crafts Ham Radio Books & Software Plus much more! IPQO OOOO OOOOOSOOSQOOOOOS~O O~OOO Visit our fantastic gift shop, where you will find something interesting, for everyone you know. 000000000000000000 It is well worth the drive. Plan to awhile & browse the many rooms of books, including our children's room, made just for Kids! OO0000000SOSOOOSSOOSOOSO000 Eve Day of the Week, Except Sundays Straight Talk from Glenville State College Homecoming 2004 Glenville State College is getting ready for exciting Homecoming festivities next week. This year's theme, "Mirror to the Past... Window to the Future" will highlight the College's past, present and future. An event-packed week is planned for the student, campus and community. Theme days are scheduled for the week, which students look forward to year-in and year-out. This year's themes are: Pajama (P J) Day, Monday; 80's Day, Tuesday; Camouflage Day, Wednesday; 60's Day, Thursday and Spint Day, Friday. for 3:00 p.m. for the Homecoming Game against " West Virginia State University. Immediately following the game, a Pig Roast will be held at the stadium (see additional information below). The evening comes to an end at the Homecoming Dance at 8:00 in the ballroom. With all of the fun-filled activities, you're sure to find something exciting to attend. Please come out and see the GSC students, alumni and staff and help make this year's GSC Homecoming a huge success. Alumni Awards Brunch In addition, several evants will add to the fun of the The annual Alumni Awards Banquet will be held on week. On Monday students can play bingo at PG's Saturday, October 16 at 11:30 a.m. following the in the Heflin Student Union at 8:00 p.m. On Homecoming Parade and prior to the Homecoming Tuesday, there will be a campus-wide picnic in the game. This year's honorees include Dr. Espy Amphitheater and the Sandy Sowell Game Show Miller, Community Service Award; Claude Kemper Mania will also take place. That evening Syrus, '33, Posthumous Award; Denver E. Drake '76, a member of MTV's Real World: Boston cast who Outstanding Educator Award; Larry Gainer '66, is touring for M'rV's Rock the Vote program, will be Alumni Achievement Award; and Judith Elkin appearing in the Fine Arts Auditorium at 7:00 p.m. Shoemaker Johnson '71, Alumna of the Year. The The purpose of this event is to encourage class of '79 will be recognized on this date as well. students to vote. The program is jointly sponsored by Student Activities, Student Government The brunch, which is open to the public but Association and West Virginia Campus Compact. requires prior reservations, will be held at the On Wednesday, students will be able to watch Gilmer County Recreation Center because of Spiderman 2 in the HSU Ballroom at 8:00 p.m. renovations underway to the Heflin Student Center Students will be able to sing karaoke at PG's on the college campus. on Thursday afternoon. The annual Bonfire/Pep Rally/Spirit Contest will be held on Thursday To make reservations at $10 each, or for more evening at 8:00 p.m. On Friday, a Homecoming information about this very special event, contact Carnival will be held in the Heflin Student Debbie Nagy, Coordinator of Alumni Affairs at Union. Late night tacos will be available at PG's (304) 462-4122, local or (866) 239-0285, toll free. that evening. Homecoming Pig Roast The entire week will come to a festive end on ' Saturday, October 16 - Homecoming Day. The A pig mast to benefit the Glenville State College Homecoming Parade will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Athletic Department will be held immediately Saturday morning to kick off the day. Immediately following the Homecoming game at Morris following the parade, the Alumni Awards Banquet Stadium. The all-you-can-eat buffet is $15 per will be held at the Gilmer County Recreation couple, $1,0 per individual and $5 for children 12 Center (see additional information below), and under. Please stay after the game and enjoy Pre-Game Festivities and Coronation will begin at the great food! 2:15 p.m. at Morris Stadium. Kickoff is scheduled