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October 17, 2013     The Glenville Democrat
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October 17, 2013

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Page 8 - The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -Thursday, ()tober 17, 2013 Flu Vaccines Pat Ridpath, Buckhannon 304-472-5102 or patschat.ridpath41 GeraldineMarks 462-7477 SIDE BY SIDE -- MYRTLE HESS SlERS MINNEY AND IRA MINNEY My Grandpa "Papa" to his children and grandchildren, Ira Minney married Myrtle Deletha Meadows on March 24, 1906. Myrtle diedAug. 5, 1929. Ira and Myrtle's children were Ena, Ina, Rena,' Ressie, Cressie, and Renis. On Dec. 23, 1933, Ira, 53, married widow Myrtle Hess Siers, 38. Myrtle was born 1892 and died in 1978. Soon after Ira and Myrtle were married they moved fromthe Rosedale area to the West Fork near Bear Run. I think their address was Orma. Ira and his second wife had three children. They were: Audie, born 1935 married Linnie McCune and died 2010. Darlie was born in 1937 and married Melvin Schoolcraft. Melvin died recently and C. A., born in 1940 married Waneta Sue Stump who died in 2010. This leaves Darlie the only surviving mem- ber of both Ira's families. C.A. was named by Ira. He was injured in a timber accident close to 30 years ago and has been paralyzed from his neck down since the acci- dent. C.A. has made his home in the Mile Tree Health Clinic in Spencer, WV for close to 15 years. Brothers Eugene, Harol d and I visi ted him there. C.A. and his wife Waneta lived in the Ira and Myrtle home place on a hill not far from the Ebeneezer Church that Papa ~helped organize. C.A.'s viewing and funeral will beheld in the Ebeneezer Church and he will be bur- ied with is parents and family mem- bers in the Ebeneezer Church Cem- etery. Wehavebeenhavinglots of lovely, warm, fall weather. My favorite wild- flower, the white and purple asters are blooming everywhere. We will not have many more wildflowers this year. The leaves are coming down pretty fast and soon they will put on their annual fall show of color. After the leaves are gone we can look for the yellow witch hazel to bloorr Last week I spent two days in CAMC for a heart ablation. Dr. Assal was my doctor. He said my problem was tricky to find but he took care of it and I should not have to take any- more of those trips to the ER with a racing heart. I am so glad. Next week the Stonestreet Farmly will come from far and near to the Crooked Fork Cabin for their annual family squirrel feed. Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if.I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. --- George Eliot Vei Stonewall Jackson Memorial H will conduct this FREE i Take Care of Your Friends, Your things and Yourself Finally we were able to.get some and tell me where you found it. This whole grains, fish, tofu, and beans; playground equipment for Brushy isimportanttomesothatldon'tgive plus healthy fats. Cut unnecessary Fork Christian School and pay for it up on my brain and Start considering calories from sweets, sodas, refined completely, thanks toeveryone who myself a total failure in the memory grains,fastfoods, andmindless snack- bought t-t cookbook we published a department. (FOUNDALREADY!) ing. Be sure to include yogurt coupleofyears ago, sentadonationto My cousin Betty Robinson (probiotics) and supplement withvi- my husband's Memorial fund in lieu Sorrentino wasraisedin (andwrotea tamin D3 to strengthen the immune of flowers, sent a dollar donation to book about) Freemansburg, WV. She system. our most recent rummage sale (thank now lives in California and is the 4. Don't smoke. And avoid second you, Jean), brought items for us to use Parish Nurse for the Methodist hand smoke. Smoking dramatically inthesale, or bought something from Church to which she belongs. The increases the risk of heart attack, us. Thank you, thanh you! It is a lot following is writteff by her and I am stroke, cancer, and COPD. of fun for those of who "man" the using it with her permission. I really 5. Limit alcohol. Any type of alco- rummage sale and meet all the people like number 7 but I wish she had left hol helps your heart. But too much who come by. We enjoy each other out number 2, (but don't tell her). raises your risk of heart attack, stroke, also as well as our wonderful neigh- "LOWERING YOUR RISK OF and atrial fib. To limit your risk, bors and friends who stop to shop. HEART ATTACK, STROKE, women should have no more than 1 Thankstoallwhohelpedsetitup, and DIABETES, CANCER, AND drink/day; men no more than 2. especially thank Alma Heckert, Letta ALZHEIMER' S DISEASE 6. Go to the dentist. Dental cleaning "'Gray" Conner, and BiddieLove who Should we try to put the medical every six months has been shown to were thereevery minute of the 3-day communityoutofbuSiness?Let'sdo loweryourriskofheartattackby24% sale, and Jerry Heckert, AnnLowther, it!Wecanbeginbykeepinginmlnd and stroke by 13%. Mary Cutlip, and others who helped that as we strive to keep our hearts 7. Eat a little chocolate. Having a part of the time. healthy, we will alsobekeeping other small amount of dark chocolate more I have misplaced my cat-eye green organs in shape as well. Here are thanonce a week can lower the risk of prescription-lens sunglasses some- some steps to get us going in theright -heart attack by nearly 40% and both place. These are not the kind of sun- direction: diabetes and stroke by 30% each. glasses that could go unfioticed, but I 1. Exercise a,little each day. Aim 8. Watch your numbers . In addition just cannot find them. Perhaps I left for 30 minutes or more at least 5 days to watching your weight and your them in your shop, your restaurant, perweekl Moderatetovigorous aero- waistline, maintain your cholesterol, your home, or other ;acility. If you bic exercise can chip away at total triglycerides, BP, and blood sugar find them, please call meat 304-472- body and abdominal fat over time, within a healthy range. Exercise, 5102 and leave a message if I am not. lowering risk of heart disease, stroke weight loss, and medications (if nec- at home. Or you could email me at anddiabetes--nottomentiondepres- essary) can help keep these numbers or sion. in line. write to me at 42 _ South Florida 2.Measureyourwaistline.TheNIH9. Do screening tests. There are Street, Buckhannon, WV 26201. recommends that a woman's waist- several recommended tests that we I also misplaced a Chase envelope line measure no rhore that 35 inches should consider: mammogram, PSA, (withnearly $100:00 in it too!) Iam and a man's no'more than 40. If PAP, colonoscopy. Althoughrecom- sureifyoufoundityouhaveprobably you're overweight or obese, even mendations change as new informa- already spent the money and I don't losing5%or10%ofyourweightwilltion comes to light, we should con- expect you to return it to me, but I improve cholesterol, bloodpressure, sider keeping up to date on those that surely would like to know where you and blood sugar, are recommended. found it. Just drop me anote, or leave 3. Eat mindfully. Eat colorful, vi- Betty Sorrentino, Parish Nurse" a message on my phone, or email me tamin packed fruits and vegetables, Maranatha! Gilmer CountySenior Center to Provide Information About the Affordable Care Act CongressenactedthePatientPro- health plans to offer consumers key assistancetohelppayfortheirhealth tection Affordable Care Act on basic healthcare needs, coverage. The Gilmer County Se- March 23, 2010, and the Health Beginning in 2014, consumers niorCenterhasIn-PersonAssissters Care and Education Reconciliation will .be required to have health in- that can help explain the Market- Act on March 3I, 2010: Together surance coverage. Starting Oct., place and plan options to consum- these two laws are referred to as the 2013, consumers will have the abil- ers. AffoYdable Care Act. ity to sign up for health insurance Call the Gilmer County Senior While the Law improves Medi-coverage through the new Health Center at (304) 462-5761 to sched- careprescriptiondrugcoverage, and Insurance Marketplace. The Mar- ule an appointment today to visit sets new requirements for many ketplaceisanonlinetoolthataUows to begin learning businesses to offer health coverage;: consumers to compare heath plans about new options available to you to their employees, it also requires and see if they qualify for financial on the Marketplace. Center n Clinic specialists at the ospital Vein screening. It is estimated that 25% of women and 15% of men suffer from Venous Disease, Symptoms of Venous Disease include: Aching, fatigue or heaviness in legs Varicose veins Throbbing or burning leg pain; and/or. Cramping, swelling and numbness in leg.! Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital Vein Center located on the First FIo?r, off the Lobby, of the Hospital egistration requl ! 230 Hospital Plaza. Weston, WV 26452. 304-517-1272 at the Time to Raise the Minimum Wage Working full-time for today's mini- mum wage is not enough to stay outof poverty. In West Virginia, and at the federal level, the minimum wage has not been raised since 2009. Nineteen states have raised the minimum wage on their own and, in 2013, the West Virginia legislature passed a resolu- tion supporting President Obama's proposal which would increase the federal minimum wage to $9.00 and index it to inflation. In a report released recently, "Giv- ing West Virginia's Workers a Raise: Increasing the State Minimum Wage," the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy calls for an increase in the minimum wage by putting it in con- text to its historic value and other benchmarks. The report also shows who would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage and explores some of the reasons why the tradi- tional arguments against raising the minimum-wage are largely unsub- stantiated. Flu and Pneumonia vaccines are now available at Minnie Hamilton Health System. You may call and make an appointment to receive the vaccine. Children under 12 must be seen by a provider in order to receive a flu shot. Prices are as follows: Regular and Pediatric Flu Shots $16 High Dose Adult Flu Shot $35 Flu Shot Intradermal $22 Flumist - Nasal Spray $26 Flu Shot Quadrivalent-Adult $20 Flu Shot Quadrivalent-Peds $25 Flu Shot-Flu Blok $42 Pneumonia - Pnemovax 23 $85 Pneumonia - Prevnar 13 $152 The cost of the above immuniza- tion as well as the office visit (if re- quired) can be billed to your insur- ance. Sliding Fee does not apply to the cost of the immunization. However, Sliding Fee does apply to the office visit if one is required. For more information or to schedule an appointment to receive your Flu shot, contact 304-462-7322. , Depression and Support Alliance WV Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance West Virginia (DBSA-WV) has a new chapter forming in Lewis County. Currently there are 10 DBSA chapters in WV and growing. DBSA is a peer to peer organization, meet- ings are free and confidential. These are open to those who suffer from the mood disorders of depression and bi- polar and their famiIy members. Meet- ings are facilitated by a person who is affected by a mood disorder in their own family. DBSA meetings are not counseling sessions but a sharing op- portunity for those in attendance. How does peer support work? Some of the ways are through the sharing of personal experiences, by use of the example of others, and because it is free and voluntary. Also, it is a way to learn about natural support systems, and helping each other to learn about recovery and the services that are available in the community. The motto of DBSA is, "We've been there... We can help", and we have seen this hap- pen at every DBSA meeting, we are there for you. Join us for the first meeting ofDB SA Lewis Co. at 6:00preen Men., Oct. 28 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church on the comer of Center and 2nd St. in Weston. Snacks will be provided. An educational DVD with host Tony Dew will be shown, followed by discus- sion. All meetings will be on the fourth Monday of each month. If you would like to know more about starting aDBSA chapter inyour area, please call (304) 472=1947. "We've been there... We can help." Mass Change Sunday Masses will be held at 11:30 a.m. until further notice at: Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Mineral Road, Glenville Fr. George Manjadi, of Camden, is the temporary ad- ministrator. Visitors welcome! 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