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October 17, 2013     The Glenville Democrat
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October 17, 2013

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Page lid - The Glenville Democrat'/Pathfinder- Thursday, October 17, 2013 Time For a Reality Check on mills it is ok and even encouraged by "environmental" groups who want to build even more windmills? Most people don't know that a hori- zontal well site takes up less surface area than a single windmill after rec- lamation and encourages growth of wildlife and birds. Even windmills and solar power need natural gas. In order to maintain stability the electric grid requires 100% back up of these intermittent energy sources, Natural gas is the only energy source that can quickly produce electricity to back up wind and solar power. I believe it can be shown that the natural- gas industry has done more to improve the environment of the planet in the last 5 years than the EPA and many of the groups that claim to be concerned about the environment. However, if we all work together for the greater good we can have abun- dant domestic energy and a cleaner planet. It is important that our laws and regulations be based 'on sound science and, enginee.ring rather than fear and fallacy. We need energy to 2013 S TheWestVirginiaDivisionofNatu- been completed and the lake will be ral Resources 2013 fall trout stocking stocked with trout this fall. will take place during the weeks of Anglers should be aware that the Oct. 14 (Monday the 14th is a state U.S. Forest Service has "closed an holiday) and Oct. 21, according to access road and campground at Rock Curtis I. Taylor, chief of the DNR's :Cliff Lake in Hardy County and the Wildlife Resources Section. lake is not expected to be stocked Approximately 32,000 pounds of unless the roadis reopened during the trout will be stocked during the two-. next two weeks. Campgrounds have Week period in 25 streams and nine been closed on the national forests lakes as indicated in the 2013 Fishing and at U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Regulations. Brood trout will make up lakes, but camping is available at state about 20 percent of the total poundage, parks, forests and wildlife manage- Withoutadditionalrainfalloverthe ment areas (, next couple of weeks , flows are likely click "Lodging and CamPing;" to be low and clear, and anglers will, Hunting, click have to use their best angling skills to "Wildlife Management Areas"). be successful. Beginning Oct. 15, anglers should "This is a great time of year to check the DNR's trout stocking Web enjoy trout fishing because of the fall page (, Fishing, and foliage and cool temperatures," Tay- click "Trout Stocking") for any lor said. "In some areas outdoorsmen changes or new information as it be- can make a full day of it by hunting in comes available and for daily trout the morning and fishing in the after- stocking reports. They also can call noon." the Fishing Hotline at 304-558-3399 All construction work at New to find out which streams and lakes Creek Dam 14 in Grant County has have been stocked each day. Energy and the By Greg Kozera I don't understand groups that want to forces and the increased use of natural President, Virginia Oil& Gas Asso- seeouroilandgasindustryshutdown gas.Thesteelandchemicalindustries ciation so that we can become fully depen- are coming back to the United States Over 6 years ago I retired from the dent on Russia like Europe is for its because of our now abundant natural natural gas and oil industry. I thought natural gas. Russia does far less to gasbringingjobswiththembutjust as I had everything planned until l began protect the environment than the important steel and chemical plants worrying about my children and United States. We have our military built here in the United States operate grandchildren'sfuture.Withoutclean, currentlyintheMiddleEasttoprotect under some of the strictest environ- affordable, dependable, domesticen- the flow ofoil. Would our brave men mental laws in the world. If these ergy they will have a very cold, dark and women still be in harm's way if plants had been built in India, Cfiina, future. If we have to depend on for- we didn't need OPEC oil? Energy Russia or the Middle East where there eign powers for our energy they won't independence is the best way I can see is little or no environmental regula- be free. My retirement was short, one to bring our loved ones home. Maybe tion our planet would suffer. Poilu- day. A friend called out of the l lue those that want to shut our energy tion does not stop at a country's bor- with a job offer and I was back in the industry down don't have or know der. Our west coast is dealing with industry. Now with development of someone in the military, mercury from Chinese power plants. our shale reservoirs we can be energy Few know that"fracking" is a single We can have both abundant energy independent and won't need GPEC. or several day event that occurs only and a cleaner environment. For ex- Energy is basic to our life and our once in the 30+ year life of a typical ample as the Presldent of the Virginia freedom. Sadly many people take en- well or that "fracking" is an engi- Oil & Gas Association our member ergy for granted as long as the lights neered process injecting fluid or a gas companies are partnering with the come on, our computers and smart under pressure deep underground to Virginia Department of Game and phones operate and there is heat when create a fracture (crack) in reservoir Inland Fisheries to successfully re- we turn up the thermostat. Most of us rock. This allows oil and gas to flow populate emerging species that thrive saw last summer after the derecho from the reservoir to the wellbore, on first growth grasslands on re- what it was like without electricity. We know from basic engineering and claimed coal strip mine property and Butevennowmanypeopledon'tknow underground observations that fracks gas well sites creating an increase in that coal, oil and natural gas provide cannot go up into groundwater. This deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, birds and most of our energy and are irreplace- isn't theory or "a study". We lived evenbutterflies. This partnership also able unless we move to nuclear or with our children in the middle of Oil resultedinthe first successful reintro- some other as yet undiscovered power and gas fields where ALL of the wells duction of a herd of elk to Virginia in source, were fracked. Our water well was over 100 years. This isn't limited to We are still having debates on the fine. We never saw any of those dan- Virginia. safety and need of fracking (hydrau- gerous fracking things that we now We always hear about "green en- lic fracturing). Few people know that hear and read about. Our kids are all ergy"like wind and solar but we never over 1.5 million wells havebeen safely healthy. The most dangerous threat to hear about the environmental damage fracked since 1947. with NO docu- Our water is always our neighbor's done by mining rare earth metals in mented cases of groundwater con- unregulated water well near his septic China that are used in wind turbines tamination. Lisa Jackson, former EPA tank or pig pen. and solar panels. We don't hear about Director agrees. Over 90% of all wells Few people know that thanks to the over half a million birds and bats drilled in the United States require horizontal drilling and hydraulic frac- killed annually by windmills, accord- fracking. Most people don't know turing (fracking) and our now abun- ing to the US Fish and Wildlife Ser- that without fracking our domestic oil dant natural gas supply that CO2 lev- vice. This includes endangered spe- and gas industry would cease to exist, els are the lowest they have been in cies. It would make front page news if Don't worry our"friends" at OPEC or over 20 years. We almost met our an old bald eagle dropped dead on a Russia (who also uses fracking) will Kyoto Treaty goals thanks not to gov- well site but if a few bald eagles or gladly sell us oil & gas at their prices, ernment but thanks to free market other rare birds get wacked by wind- Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital survive. Life without fracking is life without the fundamentals of life. We all need to do our part for freedom by being informed with the truth. Don't we want the best for our children and grandchildren? Big Game to be Checked at Official Game Checking Station NOTE: Greg Kozera from Elkview With the opening of a variety of is a father and grandfather whose old- hunting season quickly approach- est son is currently deployed in the ing, the West Virginia Division of Middle East. Kozera is a registered Natural Resources (DNR) reminds professional engineer with a masters successful big game hunters that degree in environmental engineering they must field tag and transport and over 35 years of experience in the their deer, bear, turkey or boar to a natural gas and oil industry including NamralResources Police Officer or hydraulic fracturing. He is the author official game checking station for of 3 books and numerous articles and checking. This must be completed technical papers. Kozera'is also the by the hunters themselves and is current President of the Virginia Oil required of all hunters, including & Gas Association. landowners. A summary of the checking requirements follows, but Venison: A Low- hunters should check the hunting regulations booklet for complete Fat Alternative details. As many West Virginians take to the Deer: The unskinned carcass or field during the annual deer hunting sea- the fresh skin and head must be sons, they gain more than just an enjoy- checked before it is transported be- able day with family and friends. Many yond the county adjacent to the will successfully harvest a deer and fill county in which it was killed within their freezers with an ample amount of 72 hours from when it was killed, or "heart-healthy" venison. 24 hours from the close of the re- "Venison is an excellent alternative spective season, whichever comes to beef for those concerned with first. In Logan, McDowell, Mingo healthier choices in their diet," said or Wyoming counties, however, the Curtis I. Taylor, chief of the Wildlife deer must be checked in the four- Resources Section of the West Virginia county area within 24 hours of the Division of Natural Resources (DNR). time of kill. Deer killed outsidethese "Venison is ahealthy source of protein four counties cannot be checked for many West Virginia families and has fewer calories and less fat than an equivalent serving of beef. With the changes in the 2013 deer harvest regu- lations, hunters this fall will have addi- within these counties. New regula- tions implemented this year allow- ing for the harvest of two deer in the same day do not require that the first deer be checked before the second deer is harvested; however, all deer taken in a day must be checked before hunting on a subsequent day. Bear: The unskinned carcass or fresh skin must be checked within 24 hours after the kill and before any part of the bear is transported more than 75 miles from the point of kill. Turkey: The unskinned carcass must be checked before it is trans- ported beyond the coianty adjacent to the county in which it was killed within 72 hours from when it was killed, or 24 hours from the close of the respective season, whichever comes first. Boar: The unskinned carcass must be checked in the county of kill within 24 hours after the kill. For additional information, con- sult your 2013-2014 West Virginia Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary available online at www.wv and at DNR dis- trict offices and license agents across the state. Special Antlerless Deer Season TheWestVirginiaDivisionofNatu- do not count toward the hunter's an- orns to our Staff t Dr. Hornsby specializes in internal medicine. He has been trained to deal with adult medical disorders. Call 304-269-0030 for your appointment 29 Hospital Plaza Weston, WV tional opportunities to harvest a deer." ral Resources (DNR) reminds hunt- After the harvest, hunters can ensure ers there is a split, three-day, special their venison cuts will be the best quality antlerless deer season for youth, per- and flavor if they take a few simple steps sons with disabilities (Class Q/QQ), in caring for their game. Meat should not and senior citizens (Class XS) sched- be exposed to excessive dirt or moisture uled for this fall. The first segment of and should be cooled as quickly as pos- this season is Oct. 19 and the second sible to avoid spoilage, segment is Dec. 26-27. This season is Hunters are not the only West Vir- Open on private and public lands in ginians who benefit from deer harvested counties having a firemTns deer hunt- in the state. Over the past two decades, ing season. DNR has sponsored the Hunters Help- Youth hunters ages 8-17 may par- ing the Hungry (HHH) program. Since its inception in 1992, hunter-donated ticipate in this special antlerless deer venison has provided more than 1.1 season; however, hunters ages 8-14 million meals for needy West Virginia must be accompanied by a licensed families. For more information about adult. Hunters ages 15-17 are required the HHH.program or West Vii'ginia'.s various deer hunting'seasons and regu- lations, consult the 2013-2014 West Virginia Hunting and Trapping Regu- lations Summary available at all DNR offices and license agents or visit the DNR website at to have a base hunting license. Senior citizens (65 years and older) whohave purchased a lifetime senior citizen hunting/trapping/fishing license (Class' XS) may also participate in this special antlerless deer season. Hunters participating in this season must wear at least 400 square inches of blaze orange. The daily bag limit during this spe- cial season is one antlerless deer per day for a total of three antlerless deer for the season. These harvested deer nual deer season bag limit, and Class N/NN stamps are not required for this antlerless deer season. All harvested deer must be checked at an official game checking station within 24 hours of the close of each segment of this special split season and before hunt- ing an additional deer during the sec- ond segment of this season. "This season provides a great op- portunity to get youngsters out into the field," noted DNR Director Frank Jezioro, "The accompanying adults can focus their attention on these young hunters and make sure they are having a safe and enjoyable hunt. Other eligible hunters who partici- pate in this special antlerless deer season can avoid the competition and pressure that may occur during the regular deer seasons." Refer to the 2013-14 Hunting and Trapping Regulations Summary for further details on the special split antlerless deer season for Youth, Class Q/QQ and Class XS hunters. Hunters also may contact any DNR district office with any questions and for more information. COME TO SEE ALL THE GHOSTS AND GOBLINS .I9 PRIZES AWARDED IN 3 AGE GROUPS: 4 WINNERS PER AGE GROUP 0-3 YEARS OLD 4-7 YEARS OLD 8-12 YEARS OLD prizes for each age group ALL COSTUME PARTICIPANTS WILL HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WIN PRIZES BEGINNING AT 6:00 P.M. Must be dressed up to Don't be a Scaredy Cat! participate ,Show up! Big Halloween Weekend for Kids; Safety Fair Planned at SJMH Submitted by SJMHMarketingDe- for children. Those who participate partment will win abicycle helmet. Dr. Sraj has Organizers in Lewis County have a special interest in sports medicine several children' s events planned for and is proponent of the national "Stop the weekend of Oct. 26-27. The week- Sports Injury" program and will have end kicks off with the annual Rotary appropriate information on a variety Club Halloween Costume Contest on of sports for the public. The helmets Sat., Oct. 26. Children are invited to are being provided by the SJMH meet at the Citizens Bank parking lot Marketing and Emergency RoomDe- at 10:00 a.m. partments. The Stonewall Jackson Memorial The SMH Emergency Department Hospital (SJMH) Marketing and will also provide bicycles in a raffle. Emergency Departments are organiz- Thus far, participants include the ing the 2~a Annual Kids' Safety Fair Lewis County Girl Scouts, ,who will on Oct. 26. Participants can join the have an informational table and funfromll:30a.m.tol:30p.m.atthe games. The Lewis County Family Rt. 33 west healthcare facility. Resource Network will conduct a fun That evening is Trick or Treat health quiz. Dr. Shafic Sraj will have throughout Lewis County from 6:00 information on the "StopSports In- p.m. to 7:00 p.m. In Weston, the Saint jury Program" along with a fun soccer MatthewUnited Methodist Churchis shoot. Children participating in the having a Trunk and Treat at the Shoot will win a bicycle helmet (as Church's Main Avenue parking lot. long as the supply lasts.) SJMH's The church invites people who would infection control nurse Yvonne like to give out candy but live in the Frederick will show children the ira- country to provide treats for children portance of good handwashing. in a central location. Tammy Thomason will provide On Sun., Oct. 27, Jane Lew's Robins gooddental care information. LizPost, Nest is having their third annual Cos- of the WVU Extension Service will tume Contest. The eventbrings outhun- provide healthy eating education. dreds of children and adults who vie for Other participants include the Weston trophies. The tun begins at 2:00 p.m. Volunteer Fire Department, Lewis under the guidance of Ray Smith. The County Emergency Squad Services, contest is rain or Shine. and Healthnet (weather permitting), The SJMH Safety Fair provides the 911 Center will also have infor- information and safety suggestions mation for children. for children. - " For more information or to sign up Dr. Shafic Srag, orthopedic sur- agroup, please call Julia Spelsberg at geon, will have a special soccer ame 304-269-8167.