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October 20, 1977     The Glenville Democrat
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October 20, 1977

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2 The Glenville Democrat/ Pathfinder Octnher , 1977 III I I I Editorials & Comments I I Good economic indicators Confidence in the economic stability of the Glenville-Gilmer County area has been cited on several occasions recently by businesses who are planning new building or expansion in the local market area. We cannot help but be happy to learn that those who know believe the Gilmer County area is on solid ground economically and are willing to make investments in our future stability. To cite a few examples, we are happy that Hardman Home Centers have chosen to expand their local outlet, GlenviUe Supply Company. The store will be moving into a new. larger facility next year. Earlier. the Sears Catalog Merchant. Mrs. janet Deal, expressed confidence in Glenville's economy and decided to move her store to larger facilities on North Lewis Street. Work there is moving swiftly and the store will be open, if all goes as planned, before Christmas. The Glenville Superette has completed remodeling and plans to offer a new selection of merchandise to area residents. The openin of a new Western Auto Store on West Main Street in Glenville is another good sign. Also. the new addition of an improved drive-in facility to the Kanawha Union Bank is a sure indicator that the economy is thriving and will probably continue to do so. The various reports concerning outside interests who are concerned with locating in our area causes us to believe that Gilmer County is on the move. When the Interstate Highways were built and passed such nommunities as ours by. reports were strong that we would all iust sort of wilt and die. Obviously. Gilmer County is not going to do that. Along the same line. the aggressive action shown by the town government of Sand Fork to get projects underway there prove that our people are moving forward. We can only look with pride to the happenings about us and hope that the Glenville-Gilmer Countv economy will stay good and continue to urow. That's what we need and we'll take a good dn.e of prosperity anytime. Politically confused To the Editor: I'm a political maverick. I wear no party brand, no label, no campaign bndee. I've newr favored any political partv at election time. Mv father was a vocal Democrat. MV mother was a silent, but dntermined. Rpuhlican. Mv grandparents were iust naturally anti-politics. So I couldn't take sides without offendin some branch of my family. Now. I'm eettine old with no political roots, no party affiliation. People tell me that I shnnld eat involved, that I should belong to some political party. Perhaps they are right, but I'm unable to make up mv mind. I hear a Democrat speaker, and he convinces me. Then I hear a Rnpublican speaker and ] chane mv mind. And all the while, I feel a strong admiratinn for the old Bull Moose party. Recently. howewr, a friend told me that the Bull Moose party was no longer e political power in this country. Well, that was news to me, and it's left me mere confused than ever. But I must make up my mind. Maybe next year. Or the next. Maybe I'll become a Democrat. Or maybe I'll become a Republican. Or mavbe the Bull Moosers will ride again. Decisions. doclsinns. Always dadhlamed decisions. And as of fight now. I writ nnt what I shall he. Coafueedly. Ferreil Kennedy Codarville Manchin has praise for school bus operators Dear Editor: This is National School Bus Safety Week. As Secretary of State I call upon all West Virginians to pay special tribute to the unsung heros of our public school system-the 2,708 public school bus operators who are so valuable in the educational process of West Virginia's most precious assets, our children. More than 291,825 students are transported to and from school daily. This is a monumental task and our school bus drivers are completely dedicated and devoted in getting the job done. I salute them all for the outstandin service rendered to our state. The congratulations of all West Virginians o to each of them for their dedication and devotion to duty. My hat comes off in respect to our school bus drivers. With every nod wish. know me to be Your friend. A. |ames Manchin Secretary of State Column One by Regardless of what else you might say about him, there is one thing that is crystal clear about our Senator Robert C. Byrd: he is a powerful man. His beginnings were not at all great. As a small child, his mother died and he came to Sophia to live with his aunt and uncle. As a lad. we are told, he worked at all types of difficult jobs for small amounts of money. Still, he was proud and scrappy and he fought. He fought not only to succeed as a human being, but to make something of himself. He became the butcher in a small grocery store, learning this trade from a printed manual. Anyone who can learn to do anything from a manual has to have something on the ball. Robert C. Byrd was Valedictorian of his graduating class in high school. Then he was forced to wait 16 years to start college. He simply didn't have the money for a college education. Neither did his adopted parents. What's more. he showed determination by graduating Cum Lauds from law school while taking night courses as a member of Congress. There may be those who suspicion that he did so well Imtaue he was a Congressman. I doubt that. I'm sure he earned the high marks on his own. Early in his career in the Congress, he aligned himself with the other Southerners. He voted and filibustered against civil rights legislation in the 60's. He was a Vietnam hawk. He said of the Earl Warren Supreme Court. "The Marxists. in their own godless scheming, could hardly have asked for more from ohr Supreme Court than they have received." And, oh yes, he was a Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan as a young man. Of his past actions, that is about the only one Senator Byrd says was a mistake. He has stated if he had it to do over again he wouldn't be a Klansman. Still, the media won't allow him to forget it. It comes up in print every few months. Nevertheless, Robert Byrd has fought the good fight. He has battled to the top. If nothing else proved it, his moves with Vice President Walter Mondale to cut off a filibuster being waged by two Senators recently, does. The question has been raised as to who has the most power. Is it President Carter, some ask, or Senator Byrd? Some folk even intimate that Senator Byrd would have been taking a step down if he had been elected President last year. Back in these West Virginia hills, too. the Senator has power. In lg70, former Charleston Mayor Elmer Dodson tried to give Byrd a run for his Senate seat on the Republican ticket. He was never in the race. In 1976, the Republicans didn't even bother to run someone against Byrd. They believed it was useless. It probably would have been. When Jimmy Carter was elected to the Presidency. several state political writers advised that he should beware of Senator Byrd. They admonished the President that he could not deal- with the United States Senate as he had with the Georgia Legislature when he was that state's Governor. The Georgia Legislature may have taken a back seat. The Congress. especis Byrd in it, certainly would not do haven't. Proof of Byrd's power and demonstrated time and again President. Early in February, Carter for not consulting with certain matters. The President promised to do better in the ripped into Vice President parliamentary error the Veep over the Senate. Mondale a President, so did their assistants. told yet if Byrd accepted the He told the President to responded that the man Byrd. the attorney, did"not Director, he said. had to go. resignation or force, Lance went. The President said the Panama {there are two} had to be acted this year. Senator Byrd said the no vote concerning them this possible vote on the treaties has until at least 1978. The man's a Senator Byrd is a man to is strong and powerful. West proud of him even if they don't view on a given subject. It is nice to fiddle playing West Virginian affairs of our nation. Under The Dome by The, campaign has begun to prepare the unsuspecting West Virginia taxpayer for a major tax increase in 1978. primarily through the widely circulated questionnaire of House Speaker Donald Kopp. D-Harrison. Senate President W.T, Bratherton lr.. D-Kanawha. also is testing the waters to determine public acceptance to the idea of continued large allocations of general tax revenue to the highway budget. And House Finance Chairman Charles M. Polan Ir., D-Cabell. has been quietly polling his committee to determine a concensus. But there may be more resistance to tax hikes than just the normal election veer jitters in the leglslatureand there mav not be as much of a need' for new revenues this' veer as afiticpated. Kopp wisely started off his list of "potential" tax proposals with a tax cut--an increase of the state's $600 personal income tax exemption to $750 so it would conform with the federal tax exemption. This would cost the state about $14 million a year. It is not a new idea but has been considered repeatedly as the most logical tax reduction in the state along with the increase in the standard deduction again to conform to federal standards. But the rest of Kopp's proposals are all monev-make and some of these merit more than passing notice. For instance, he suggests the consumer sales tax exemption on gasoline sales be lifted which would add $17.1 million annually to state revenues, But such a move would cause untold grief at the gas pumps where the present combined state and national tax per gallon is already calculated in the price. The suggestion that the state capture the 35-cent per $100 coal severance tax now distributed to county governments ($11.2 million annually} would be a bad public relations move for the legislature. And the earnings here are not sufficient to incur that kind of damage. Certainly the companion idea that the legislature could by law force counties to increase property assessments and thus increase the property tax yield to compensate the county budgets is politically nnsound. In his first trv at revenue receipts. Coy. lav Rockefeller ha, state will get $800 million by next last of a long-term surplus will million in spending. The only official estimate d 1978-7g comes from the West I,eamm, Incorporated. which told the study interim subcommittee in the tax receipts for 1978-79 would million. Those projections will be u The personal income tax hike of 10 per cent the next month's subcommittee advanced by Kopp r, anothe' p/iiii, is not all that outrageous,,Tbe tax was last.raised in,lgY0and pyesent indications, the. fimre with a potential Yield of $i6.5 million, it couid be the hiher. ,, ...... The league, which is a sponsor acceptable balance for the proposed loss via increased exemption allowances. But proposals to quadruple the tax on electric power production would serve no purpose other than to raise the monthly electric bill for consumers. And the present five per cent tax on automobile purchases is high enough, even though the concept of eliminating the allowance for trade-in value might be workable. West Virginia's budetin for 1977-78 calls for general fund spendin of $841 million which is less than the amount spent last veer. Assuming normal inflation growth in costs for 1978-79 and any kind of pay raise for state workers, the spending could be expected to be somewhere between $903 million and $950 million, indu.tries, has been fairly was only off bv about two per cent estimates--so the projections have The nvernor's estimates for 1 made up for public consumption them to the legislature in l these are conservative. Still. if in fact the next spendin is kept somewhere (including another healthy .ubsidv then the necessary tax increase may that a reasonable boost in income user levies cmdd easily accnmodat" Hort Shorts by [EDITOR'S NOTE-Our new columnist this week Is Mary Ross, who is Instructor in Ornamental Horticulture at Glenville State College]. Hello! I'd like to welcome you to our new column. HaRT SHORTS. "Hart" is short for horticulture, and horticulture, or as we on campus call it. 'ornamental horticulture'. 'is a fairly new two-year program at Glenville State College. Ornmanental horticulture is the study of cultivated plants {trees and shrubs, house plants, turfgrass. flowers, fruits and vegetables} that are economically important, or are pleasing to the eye. The purpose of our column is to keep you. the community, informed about plants and their care. We hope to cover a wide variety of subjects. In this first "short" I would like to tell you a little bit about our ornamental horticulture program. During the first year of the two-year program. students take basic courses in botany, insect and disease control and soil managment. They also begin to identify and study the culture of various ornamental plants, from house plants to trees and shrubs. Later, students work in and learn how to manage the college greenhouse. Here, we grow 80 species of house plants to identify and propagate. Currently we are growing our first crop of chrysanthemums, These will be used later this semester in flower arrangements. During the year we can be found growing trees and flowers from seeds and cuttings, or slips. The tree seedlings are planted nursery. There. in three one-acre growing a wide variety of trees Students prune, transplant and spray for insect and weed control. These trees and shrubs, when a be used by a class which planning. Students learn how landscape plan on paper, then pla and turf according to the plan. Graduates of the program can in nurseries, greenhouses, florist landscaping firms. We hope You will look forward us each week. We certainly are serving you! 4-H Clover .Line In reviewing my memories of the State Livestock Roundup, I discovered a very interesting fact. JoAnn Peggs showed the only Beefalo at the 1977 Roundup. This "little fellow" weighed a mere 630 pounds and was a pretty mottly brown and black, loAnn appropriately named him "Tiger". I can assure you that I kept my distance. He didn't look any too friendly.if you know what I mean. The beefalo which represents a cross between beef cattle and the buffalo, brought IoAnn a choice rade and a pretty good price at this year's show. Congrats to /oAnn! On the whole, the beef at this years' roundup graded fairly well. Omitted from last weeks' listing . 'rt ,,, was Keith Cole with one cane9 and Debbv Gordon who had two fancy. Sorry for the oversight! The 4-H Leaders' Association has designated the week of October 16-22 as Gilmer County 4-H Week. During this period 4-H club members are encouraged to use their ever apparent creativity in determining a means by which to communicate the meaning of 4-H to the public. Good luck you guys! I'll keep my eyes open for your club's contribution to public education of the county 4-H program. 6 In addition, the lg77 Gilmer County 4-H Achievement Banquet will be held on Wednesday of this week. 4-H members who completed a proiect during 1976-77 enrollment year will ioin together io acknowledging the accomplishments of fellow 4-H'ers. Also at this activity, awards will be made to 4-H leaders who are vital components of the county by program, and to the "Friend of by the 4-H leaders. It is my hope that each proiect during 1976-77 will Remember that your entire inihe affair as this will be a event. You all come now! This past week during the October meeting. Viona Baldwin Merrymakers. killed stone. Not onlv was Viona able to but she also acquired her winks" while there, Congratulations to Vinos dovetail {doin two thin es at mnnaement technique but I a clinit" to instrnct other