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October 24, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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October 24, 1975

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October 23. 1975 The Glenville Democrat/PathJ~oder $ $O--i Am '4~1t ,m H . - 'In : , " 2| v/-~llt,~ |., ~ ;':'~'~ ~i~Y~f ~ i ~ ; " The Gilmer County Titans won Prices at the October 17 role at In n p :: ; ~, } their second in a row against a winless the Spencer Livestock l~xchan~, a " "" ~.~'~f/~ i// I ~: ... Harrisville eleven, spoiling their host's reported by Manager C. W, Chamber I a o,o, ~1/ I ~"-" Homecoming with an 8-0 Little were qtioted as follows: .. I I;~'~'~j Kanawha Conference victory last Yearling steers, by .cwt: 500.41{10 a man has to ~e,ak out of the house on opening I / I I IF ~. ~ Saturday afternoon, lbs., $23.75 - $31,50;, ~?~ but sad or not that s exactly what I had to do on II I ~, ~I~=,~ Randy Miller, making his first $32-$34.50. ~, a wife wailing about cho,res I should do instead or II I wM II start after sustaining a pre-season Yearling heifers, by cwt: :tions to my going afield. It s my dog! If she sees me ~IPl I ~ ~'-I~ I~4~ injury, was the star of the contest. IDa.. $18--$24; 600-750, $19-424.75. her, she all but batters down the door in her eager ~lm I '-q ~. Imlt ~ scoring all of the Titans points. Steer calves, by cwt: 300,400, hung instinct is phenomenal when fall arrives. If I ~ ~ ~'~ I ~ [] I ~ Miller. who has not played either $20-$24.50; 400-500, $22-$29.75. Lting boots or merely lay a hand on my gun, she's~ I offense or defense hut did the team's Bull calves, by cwt: 300.400. E! with a bright, anxious Look in her eye. ready to I I | ~J~;\:.~ punting, fmished with 71 yards rush~g $20--$23.75; 4(IO-500, $21-1~; 5e(N~0, 0ut not for squirrel and that s wh,a,t l sought on this I in carries. He also averaged 37. $25. := ~,l wanted to "wade for squirrels' and she wouldn't IN | IS [] ~ yards on five punts. Heifer calves, by cwt: under 300, k hunting avvroach. ~ deadlock in the second period when550, $21.50-$24 ..... l mlp a duck or two that I had seen there while casting I u I Miller ripped nine yards to cap a Baby calves, by head: beef, $15. ,~laduck, but l spotted six squirrels, four greys andtwo | [] ~ 69-yard scoring march. He also ran Slaughter heifers, by cwt: t could tell, to them I was the invisible men until I ,'.'~~ t ~ |~ over for the two-point conversion to 7OO-1,000 lbs., $24-$25; 700-1,000 or move. I've known for some tiros that | -, ke it 8-0. standard, $21-$23.50. is an effective squirrel hunting technique, but until ........ ~ ~"; = a "-" The game was primarily a Slaughter cows: commercial, r~aping stalk it had never occurred to me that wading Young rider readying her saddle for pony competition, defensive struggle. Harrisville threat- $23.50-$25; utility, $18.25-$22.25; trout might work too. ened in the fourth period, driving to the canner & cutter, $12.35-$16.50;, tllat I can remember, my squirrel hun " fever soared High point trophy and a $25 cash ring Ladles Western Pleasure: Kin Gilmer one-yard line where a motion over 1,000 lbs. $21.25--$28. ==g day. Perhaps it was the curbstone conversation the purse was awarded to Ike Morris and Gross on Rosa, let; Carol Furr onpenalty and e rock-hard Titan defense Veal. by cwt: 190-225, $32-$30; mast is ood:.It s poor..Saw six squirrels yestarday..I Henry Stewart last October 12 at the Watchers Gal, Charlotte Monroe onheld and took the hell over on downs. 226-265, $25-$35. ,rl~'re all over the place. Trying to get a clear picture Dawson Farms Horse Show. Morr.~s Dola Tamie. Janet Isenhart on As the game ended, the Caters were on Hogs, by cwt: US 1-3, 190-240 R~., ~ trying to determine whether or not that flashy sports rode ,King Pin and Stewart rode Bill-D-Bar, Betty Blake on Scamp.Gilmer's ll-yard line. $57; 240-260 lbs., $46.75-,$53. tie worth the eskins price. Or perhaps the fever came Sonny s Misfit. Other winners were: Straight B el Race: Henry Quarterback-sefety John Fox Pigs, by head: 20-40 lbs., $19-$22. qsuccese using my 'new technique. Whatever it was, Lead Line: Melinda and Shawn Stewart on Sonny s Misfit, let; Mike starred on defense for Gilmer with one ~p thanks to a fever that l once thought only ducks and Stuart on Charcoal, lst;PamCampbeUBoggs on Brandy, Ike Morris on King interception and nine tackles and . and RonnieGroveson Blackjack. Kristi Pin. Jimmy Stewart on Dammit Joe seven assists, smm n !llttn on Friday, I should have, I guess, altered my plans, and Kelly Monroe on Sugar, Denny Reed. Ronnie Crook on Light Foot Gilmer, now 3-5, plays next at MY -~k 'm rollen and muddy for sure. But once I zero in on a plan Gillespie and Doug Morris on Delta. Lizzie. home against Pennsboro Friday Iv GARTON morn enough not to change: I should have that Saturday. Joetta Leone and Danielle Furr on Gal.Horse Stake Race: Ronnie Crookafternoon. | REAL ESTATE INC. | !~dy to turn in my gun for a bowling ball or take uo Pet Ponies: Steve Hosey on on Light Foot Lizzy, tat; Ike Morris on I BROKER ::I not subject to the whims and ways of West Virgi~ Brownie, let; Shawn Stuart on King Pin, Henry Stewart on Sonny s ...... i :,I t I stuck it out. Charcoal, Kelley Monroe on Sugar. Misfit, Junior Pulliam on Conkie, Mike ~ .. ~~ ~ Serving The Real Estate Ne~l~ of -- -- - Gilmer, Lewis, Sraxton, U r+ I can slip along so silently that no squirrel would Horse Pole Bendlns: .Jimmy r~oggs on t~ranoy. . ......... ~L ~v'h_en I arrived at my intended river road. whathad Stewart on Dammit Joe Reed. 1st; on ~b~St lalls~.Rat:JyKe~oDUw~rW~ohn ~ ar'~ rlarr,son L;o~nt~es. i! lies-deep, slow-moving shallows the week before, was Henry Stewart on Sonny s Misfit, Todd Stormy-D-Bar, Steve Hosey on r both ilk and chaco- ne ~9-1527 t' t of rushing water. When wading for ducks, I could Duckworth on Goldie, Junior Pu am on I I' ' Cookie or cake rec'pes Pho . call fo m ~p on the bottom. But Saturday, all I could see was silt. Conkie, Ronnie Crook on Light FootBrowne, Doug Morns on HoneyBun. late or cocoa can be made I =r squirrels in the fog enshrouded trees on the hillsides Lizzie. . 4 J Larry Jones on Lucky. with t | down the spout of a teakettle stoa~ on the_ stove. Pemy Pole Bending: Doug Morns Dash for Cash: Steve Duckworth or chocolate milk drinks. ~ .... f .~.~y edges of the creek, slowly slipping, my way on Honey Bun, lst; Judy Clowser onon Mister Ed, lst; Henry Stewart on mm ~i for the sun,to melt away the ~. I didn t make a Stormy-D-Bar, Wanda Shackleford onSoany's Misfit, Dennis Gillespie on ~ ~I my shuffle. 1"his has got to work. I thought. And it Penny, Ken Duckworth on Babe, Larry Delta, Jimmy Stewart on Dammit Joe I I)AW$ON fool Sway ] eW that telltale flicker of the tab of a grey squirrel as it Jones on Lucky. ._ Reed, Ike Morris on King Pin. I ............. rr'~ I the bank than 30 feet in front of me in full view. Men's Western Pleesm-e: George Sponsors for the show were: I s.adles .o.. | the unconcerned nut gatherer worked its way out Jones on Scamp. 1st; Jack Isenhart on Kanawha Union Bank, Dun-rite Crafts, I ~-.~u. ~ Horse C~e ~ucts Available. Hmltw the creek. At that moment I realized I had made my Bill-D-Bar, H.S. Furr on Watchers Gal. Leon's Tire Service, Swishers Feedi ~ At Dawson ....... Hm-=o ~ J d Su l S [ dawson ,arm 462 7119 '~ ~ave been wading up-stream, not down. The squirrelFlag Race: Ike Morris on King Pin, an pp y, talnaker's Repair Shop, - " ~tt had I shot he would have hit the water and been 1st; Junior Pulliam on Conkie, Henry Rastle's Auto Parts, Gilmer Graphics, :~: I~tm out of my reach. Ihaldmyfire, and waded on; and Stewart on Souny's Misfit. Todd Inc., Joe's Yu-Go-Inn, Glanville Ford only did I not see another squirrel, but I didn't even Duckworth on Double Dare, Fred Sales, Foster's Carpet Canter, Fox s | roi ~ ~~Od BOW~OP :~| Moore on Sundown. Welding Service, Consolidated GasI ..... total loss. I worked my way back upstream and this EallUmh P um : Janet Iser art Co., Sue's Dairyetto, B & E ! i=| 'lPrey on the opposite bank as he cut,away in a hicko.ry_ on Bi~-D-Bar, let; Pam Campbell on Construction Co., Dawson Tack andI ~ Z ml-that's net bed. AtleastI wasn t skunked, andlm Sinbad. Melissa Adams on Tina, Lisa Supply, Chesterfield Corp., Appala- | lWi[l work when the weather and the water are right. Cunningham on Prince, Cathy Wilsonchian Concrete and Supply, Log Cabin I I1 muddy several days later, so I switched tactics and on Fairchild. Exxon, Copen Coal Co., The I .... ........ ,~. I again on relieving that fever. As I climbed a fence Horse Barrel Race: Jimmy Stewart Scoreboard, and Cedarville Grocery. ~~i I rtled 8 ey squirrel barreled in alarm up the hills e on Dammit Joe Reed, lst; Henry a e hell in my gun. An indication of things tO comeY I Stewart on Sony s Misfit, Ste~e ' ' Planning my strategy, completely absorbed in my hunt Duckworth on Dundee, Dennis V~tail. Suddenly a nerve shattering, flapping flutter of Gigespie on King, Ike Morris on King ~. t out of m!pbootl as a nmt-red tufted grouse boiled out Pin. t" ] '|imply stood there end watched when it suddenlY PnY Barrel Race: Judy Clwser n i Off Your Satan was open too! That was probably the easiestStormy-D-Bar. 1st; Dough Morris on Model 333W-SHLW season and I never even put up my gun. Honey Bun. Wanda Shackleford on . atration paid dividends that day. however, and as the Penny, Larry Jones on Lucky, Ken Hdge I returned to the Country Caddy with three less Duckworth on Babe. aters who are more successful than I might want to Duckworth on Goldie, Debbie Pulliam of the cost of their shells by recycling one by-product on Conkie. Cathy Wilson on Laredo. of M.epps spinner lures are again offering cash for Debbie Gillespie on Delta. ,~ ' Q~ch for good qualJtT grey squirrel tails;1, cents for FOB), F_~--: Ike Morris on ~ ! Broll At_Waist L squirrel tails, and an extra 3 cents each for premium Kingpin. 1st; Mike Boggs on Brandy. OVal =ttt ends of tails, wrap them (straight, not curled) in Dennis Gillespieon Delta,Todd l Mallin8 cost~ are refqLmded if you ship 50 or more Conkie. In A Open Plnn='o: George Jones IIHII ~ ,,.. - oo,o.,,.oo, ontinuous - Cleaning Isenhart on Bill-D-Bar, Charlotte ~ - PIck-up-Eace: Steve Duckworth on . Mister Ed, let; Ike Morris on King Pin, Gas Oven I ~ i I ~ i ~ i Catalosue ILac~. Dennis Gi~espie onDelta, Ist Dennis GLllespie on King, Steve Duckworth on Mister Ed, Steve W Mismes$". ,, Duckworth on Dundee. Junior Pulliam Waist-high radiant broiler gives tastlne#m. '[ on Conkie. ~a~ 3.(;;aired: Lisa Cunningham on ~ Good-bye to the bending and-t= oopl gn q, s ueezlng and Prince, tat; Tom Isenhart on Antigone, Iq " _ _ __ .... }anet lsenhart on Flaming Star. 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