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October 25, 1984     The Glenville Democrat
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October 25, 1984

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GLENVILLE, GILMER WV 28351 50 Copy cen phs 1 seen here with his family as to Ca orn . ctu d are Naflm eL and Charles, and p Lre s Da d and Nhm. 1 Nathaniel Lyons is a first the stars of the A-Team. grade student at Sand Fork Nathaniel was given an School. Nathaniel is 6Vz years honorary membership to the old and has suffered from acute A-Team. The family enjoyed leukemia for three years, f ndly conversations and gifts, Nathaniel participated in a pro- souvenirs, and autographed pic- gram that grants wishes to tares. terminally-ill children. Recently Mr. T. talked to Nathaniel his wish came true. about the importance of going to Sunday, October 7, Nathaniel, school and being courageous his parents David andNina and throughout his medical his brothers, David and Charles, eaiments. drove to Pittsburgh. They were Prior to this trip. Nathaniel greeted by Mary Lou Campbell received a personal letter, and a and Michelle Atkins, Co- gift. from Mr. T., expressing his ordinators of the "Make-a- antic patian of meeting his new Wish" Society of Pittsburgh. friend. The community had made a Thursday. the family was 2e-foot banner welcoming the given a personal tour of Lyons Family. A surprise party ywood and Beverly Hills. was held at the Plum Rose They got a chance togo the the Volunteer Firm Department in beach and dip their feet in the Holiday Park. The family got to Pe cific Ocoam Nathaniel also ride on the firetruck. Nathanie] to visit Disneyland. but was given an official, per- because of the workers strike, sonalized fireman's hat. an that tripwascancelled. honorary membership, plus On Friday, October 5. prior to " other gifts, the trip a benefit dance was Monday, the family boarded a held at Sand Fork School The plane to California. At the Los dance Was organized by the Angeles airport, they were met family's friends and neighbors, of by a Cadillac Limousine and music was provided by were given a police escort to the rry Spaur. The fimds helped Sheraton Universal Hotel. While the family with expenses, and there, Nathaniel and his family was greatly appreciated. enjoyed the sauna, the and The trip received National the warm California sunshine. Television coverage and Tuesday, the family touredNathaniel has some beautiful Universal Studios matures: To" a little boy who Wednesday was the highJight suffer through painful of trip. The Lym it takes a traveled to Griffith Park. There, lor t to make him smile. This m was held Men- as basketball and baseball on the location of the filming of trip brought smiles and much le Board of Educe- coach at Troy Elementary. the 'A-Team', they met ha s 1T was truly a wish sking for clarifica- The Driver's Education Vehi- Nathaniel's hero, Mr. T., plus all come true! trds policy onnon- cle contract was the next item tng the county's for discussion. Director of Sup- as instances of re- port Services Roger Brady in- n-students to ride formed the Beard that the con- B-RIGIlTO I BO0 I BINDERy BRZGHTO , IOWA 4-85 Thursday, October 25, 1984 Nathani,d receives his honorary A-Team membership from Mr. T. Tobacco is commonly grown as a cash crop in southern and western West Vir _nia, but until 1984, growing tobacco aa a cash crop was unknown to the Gilmer-CaLhoun County area. However, the Charles Brown co seedbed the crop is sold. After harvesting was com- pleted, Brown sowed a cover crop to protect the soft from ere- sion during the winter months and to maintain the soil tilth for succeeding crops. The most family recently compleled the common plant species used for harvest of their first tobacco cover crops in this area are crop. Charles is the local winter wheat, winter rye, and Agricultural Stabilization and hairy vetch. Charles chose to Conservation Service County plant winter rye as the cover Executive Director. and his crop on his tobacco field. He farm is located on the Gilmer- recommends the use of a cover Calhoun boundary in the vicinity crop on any field that would be of Hatties Run. left barren after the harvest is school buses had tract was due for the lease of . Ion an mdlvzdualdriver s ed vehicles. He noted l er, during the in- that Glenville Ford had declined meetings, a pro- to offer a vehicle, and that he en concerning this {Brady) had contacted several f Board wished to dealershins throughout the The Glenville Utility Commis-o rice and bookstore. Apparent- rt nf )h. r ke's Auto sion met in regular session ly, two meters were located side I)oli'cy . ....... 'les, of Glen lle,'had agreed Thursday, October 18, in the by side. One was to service the l, the ard stated to sunnlv the Board with a vehi- Council Chambers of City Hall. building mentioned, and the trd will hear re- cle for ' vers Ed Several matters were brought other to service the Kiddee Kare din the countv's Bradv went on to savthatMr, up by Manager Jearl Ramsey Nursey. When checking on a dualhosis r 'ake had sti-ulated'that this concerning customers. He noted water problem, it was ridi., ne w t ,)that it that Mr. Jack Porter had called discovered that the three units concerning the water bill for his billed to the same meter were si-' ........ apartments in Camden Flats. He not on the same meter, but sprit [] I [] " "" ,ffo,- noted that he is billed as a multi- with the bther meter. [] I [] [ t'hat'non'-stu d m't the' ard a 198"2 Ari'es"K unit facility, and is billed a flat The problem with the hilling be limited )n ~m~ fnr use as a driver's education rate [or each unit ($17.97.). will be settled wken all three .......... ..... e Comm" " e s to ac car He noted that this car was HeaskedLh Issionifheumts are put onto th ame lib "" ve -y affordable and would have might be. charged for units meter, which will occur in the Brown's tobacco "plantation" just before the plants were his discussion, the a good resale value when when they,were occupied, and verynea.r future... . "topped". go into Executive returned The offer of five then for omy the umts tlmt were llze mancial stmement was ...... Zcuss a rievance dnllars "a day. with total occupied if all three were n0t ready for the meeting, sothe is normaily grown on completed. This would apply to re. They nvenedmaintenance coverage, was ac- rented. . Commission approved the an allotment .system which many corn fields and home Session at 7.25, cepted Although this seemed like a minutesof the previous meeting, mmvmual to proouce gardens in the Gilmer-Calhoun aed i,,t,, r,,otdar annroved the con- reasonable request to the Cam- The Commission was then in- a spe neu pounnage eacn year, area. 5 tra~ fnr the 9 4-85 veer mzssmn, certain billing pro-formed of a letter from the State and the_ rown cropno exc.ep: Brown would like to offer . .......... I_8 ...... is . . th~.n ~nn~r~v~d ~ Clark )hen a nrn ch 4 blems would be recurred. It Tax Department noting that the tzon to th rule. tyrown applzed final words of wisdom to JY"'- : ..'--X-" _ would be difficult to continuall deadline had passed for an for and received an experimen- any'potential tobacco reducers r_ warus Ior me uoaru wnn a ru, u ot ,u. " Y .... 1 w i wed " o " " P e of ah nce )mill ,mda )n rmv fnr collie facility change the number of urals and audit of the UUhty s accounts to ta quota h ch allo hma t . m the Gdmer-C.alhoun area. He lanua fv-l-19 , ry , .... rentat'"Toy ' l e-l i-hg s-chool .... The proper billing would be difficult, be. prepared and submitted to grow and market 2800 pounds says, "start out small, w, th" a then annroved a r n)a] includes $1050 for the Ramsay then informed the the state, of tobacco, Under the ex- lO00 pound or less experimental ors fnrrEMT and cmw[ at Gl ville Commission that a meter pro- The State Tax Department perimental .allotment program, allotment, and have a barn :our ......... . 200-'for blem had been discovered at the had received word that the he may produce.tobacco for two prepared to hang the crop in nendation of Mr track rental at Pioneer Stadium bu,ldmg housmg the newspaper Continued on Page 2 years. After the second - once ,s harvested. Also, be cinal of Nor'- - Clark noted that the Athletic perimental year, ,nartes, or any willing to spend the time needed . .. - - .............. " other individual; must apply for to reduce a ualit cro " )menmry bcnool, rtmant naa auocatea .... .... .,. _ .. a,)..,,-, p .... .q,, Y . P'. ) uuu r~umvu ~, ~tzu,uaxu uut ~Ilarles Will tUCKI roved the employ-in the track program to pay for MI - ....... *e ...." .... q - ypoint out aldine Moore as rental of the track, however, he | I,ll ment m oraer to mark tooac- the posture aspects growing a t the Board would co ,, tobacco, nowever He states, aide at Nor-hoped tha " " tob " '" fund it so that that extra money ...... Brown states; ' acco has the high cash value of tobacco mt .. c, .....]a t ..... ..,.n nas oeen reported that the June At that time an extensive traditionally Known as a in comparison to other cro ..................... no. " " cash " ps th-- ....i_ ..........n to the ...... rack body of Carl Lattea, of Glenville, search failed to turn un the high value crop, with commonly grown m this area flgge u me iransportauo :~tutu t . . r . ll " . )r,,) ....... ,a _...., ,,..;,,. was recovered m Burnsville body. prices norma y ranging from are a definite incentive for L 1 90 er ...... h a list of an- The Board aovroved a motion ake on Sunday, October 21. The body was taken to $1.50 to $ ..p pound. With Rro' _ng tobacco. , .;'- .... "_t ...... Spur eon vson Mortuarv in these prices H is possible to at- Additional information on ~m reasons Ior me approving me request. " - " " " " - - " " os " of certain ap- Clark again approached the_ Glenville. No further mforma- a6Yoo g_. r sprofit,of,$4,000 to grO.Wmg tobacco and the ex- )sitin.,~ .r~ ;. th, oot.ino thic Hrna tn . ttltlds WlU! tour uz ms r,enua m earw tion was available at press time, acre, wnlca Is tar m pemmental quota system is ~tat~~ t."'~.,,'u,~..~'~o"~ m"~.~;"~l"~'~'~" ,'~. ~ - .... :- --. ,, ,, ............... excess ol most commonly grownavailable through the local crops ! in the dark onstruct a set of baseball dugouts " County Extensmn Serwce office, , - However, Charles also states, the ASCS office and the SCS of )things and don tat Rohrbough Field. He noted "this-roll ....... " matin ....... had ver man .... ' p Is not reanzea rice es tnat ne Y Y with ' w "" t out spending many long. who RED CARPE FEATURES o .o.oo hours -lanti , tendi- am ham een re- aonate time ana equipment to Z iS- _ .. ".' : ral" anu narvesung me tooacco, m : NOTICE years ago by help construct the baseball addi" " ' t that no response dugouts. Th]l lflNmk' arid tmn,. after the .to.bacco Is i The West Virginia Depart- men received. He further noted that the AJ o a /r? e ;aavnesUnmgu s ra:n ment of H ighways reminds ni " " had " y, t p mmorIsts mat stuaaea snow strators present County Commismon been fOOt- ........ ; .. f,u,. tho stolks, ,ded m.d ..... the If f e ped gr ures are permismble begmn- future, a list approached to donate ha o th 6,,=,- ........... , ........ and v=.',,...~m~,tA.~ ?~ .,mriw, I tn .,.,.rk.--.- ,~,-~ ~,~,.~ w.,.., m ~mm ,~vM~m~I p,,~ m~w.a.,~. Ue(l m mmmes case(] nanas , m ItlurecL~y, November I. ....... - -o ........ v " 4 Ml. .mb. i m_W "r n .., --^.. i... - - le gunnli~l tn t~.~m~tn~i~le hnt h~d ci~lin~! In .,~unmmmmu ,,.mmnm, u~m~ n-w~ m, u,~ ,,,1,,,,, u utax~.t t.,m=u o *t umy u~ l~t~. ........ a" 'u' n'the- qu t at __ _ mark Ledj..All...o[ Studded tires are only per- t ~uu,~ tss,~ moor intensive arm JSSlOle betweenNovember hen. upon recom- meeting. The req is to be ou o lhll bul lw l am llk rIB1tlt re-'u re man" hours "" "" " ..... " ) Troy Princinal brought before the ( IS H ?, . -- tu ,, ano Aprit of the winter )f Patrir LegR t Omfln ed on Page 2 ......