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October 28, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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October 28, 2004

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Have you found a great ban yet? Page 10A -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder -- Thursday, Oct. 28,2004 An Opinion Column: West Virginia's role is By Nick Casey to vote on Election Day because of work obliga- West Virginia Democratic Party Chairman tions, or because of personal or family commit- President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that ments such as shuttling the kids somewhere. With the ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a early voting, we are guaranteed to have our voices President and senators and congressmen and gov- heard. ernment officials, but the voters of this country. Voting is vital to the success of both our nation That statement could not be truer than it, and our state. We have an opportunity for a brighter We are currently in the middle of perhaps the future and you have a voice. most important election this country has ever held. John Kerry and John Edwards will lead us to a The 2000 election demonstrated that your vote stronger, brighter tomorrow. They are focused on truly counts and makes a difference. Casting a the real issues that directly affect West Virginians ballot is one of the most powerful things you can do - taking a better approach to the war, ensuring that -- you have the power to change this election, every child has an adequate education, providing In West Virginia, voters have the opportunity to every citizen with affordable health care, and keep- vote on or before Election Day. This year, there is ing and creating good-paying jobs. no excuse for not voting. Beginning Wednesday, West Virginians have a strong commitment to October 13, registered voters can vote at their con- family. The values of the Democratic Party are venience. No more waiting for Election Day. values that represent the families in which we grew Early voting is a flexible program that allows up. I encourage you to join fellow Democrats and voters to cast their ballots on their own time sched- vote at your county courthouse starting October 13. ules instead of only being able to vote on Election Together, we can put America back on the right Day. Several of us may find it difficult to get away tcack. Do your part. Vote early and vote Democrat. Guest Editorial should focus on judicial fairness By Steve Roberts President West Virginia Chamber of Commerce The election of a new justice to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals is a critical one for our future. We must elect an individual who will restore fairness, balance and integrity to the high court. That person is Brent Benjamin. West Virginia's Supreme Court was founded,just as in every other state, to be an independent branch of govern- ment and to serve as part of our republic's "check and balance" system. However, when one of these branches of government strays from performing its duties in a fair manner, then the integrity of that institution can come into question and undermine the public's confidence and support. Once confidence and integrity have been weak- ened, then the ripple effects are enormous. Confidence and integrity in our Supreme Court will only result when justices support and uphold the follow- ing "Fundamental Principles of Judicial Fairness and Balance": Justices should treat all parties fairly and not exhibit partiality or bias toward any party. Justice Warren McGraw continues to boast about his personal biases, including repeatedly making "anti-business" statements. Justices should be independent from any special interest or cause and not advance any personal agendas or causes while serving on the court. Justice McGraw repeatedly votes to side with plaintiff lawyers, who almost single-handedly provide hundreds of thousands of dollars to his campaigns. balance Justices should avoid the appearance of favoring one party over another and should remove themsel yes from proceedings when a family member is involved. Justice McGraw refused to recuse himself and heard a case that involved his brother. Justices should interpret the law and avoid creating law, which is the job of the Legislature. Justice McGraw wrote a landmark decision that created a major "anti-business" law that is the only one of its kind in the nation. He also voted to hear an appeal to overturn the Legislature's landmark medical malpractice reform law. Justices should refrain from making public statements on proceedings or matters that affect or come before the Supreme Court. Justice McGraw went to Parkersburg and attacked a business that was being subject to a major lawsuit. Clearly, Justice Warren McGraw's activities and an- tics are not working to bolster a perception of fairness, balance and impartiality on the state's highest court. His defeat will help to start to correct this situation and restore balance to the state Supreme Court. Then West Virginia - and its judicial system - will be viewed once again with the credibility and respect that is so important for the well being and livelihood of all West Virginians - from employers to working people, from doctors to EMTs, from Democrats to Republicans and from the old to the young. Let us hope that this election will move us towards restoring our state Supreme Court so that it is a body that upholds fundamental judicial principles of fairness, bal- ance and impartiality. Welcome to- A full-service financial institution that offers a variety of !checking and savings accounts, home improvement and personal for business loans, auto loans, standard investment options, IRAs, safety deposit boxes, and more. News Bulletin While we continue to offer professional banking services at our current Foodland Plaza location, we're already looking forward to building our new, larger Gilmer County branch for Calhoun Banks in Glenville. Here's a picture of our sign on the Route 33/119 lot next to Rite Aid at Hays City when, a ground-breaking for the new bank building is anticipated to take place in the first quarter of 2005. Shortly before then, the construction project will go out to bid, with a completion date being projected for the fall of 2005. A grand opening ceremony will then be planned for a short time after that. Calhoun Banks has made substantial progress in obtaining proper documentation for the state and federal agencies for the Glenville Branch's move to its new location. We appreciate the questions and concerns of our customers and the general public about our proposed new facility. In the meantime, our bank at Foodland Plaza will continue its good service to our customers, including letting you see the architectural drawings, which we now have in hand, for the estimated $700,000-to-$800,000 beautiful new building. Working for you today, Planning for your tomorrow. Serving The Little Kanawha Valley With Four Locations GRANTSVILLE OFFICE ARNOLi~B~ OFFICE ELIZABETH OFFICE GL:ENYILLE OFFICZ 372 Main Sueet P,O. Box 430 Rt. 33/I 19. P,O. Box 130 Rt. 14 P.O. Box 129 30 Foodland Phu~ Grantsville, WV 26147Arnold~rmfg, WV 25234 Eiir.abelh, WV 26143 _ Gle.nv|lle, WV 26351 Phtva (304) 354-6116~ Photo (3(M) 65.$-834"/ Phone (304) 275-0996 ,~Phor, e (304) 462-505 I Fax(.~)3M-?855 ~ Fu (304) 655-7266 Fax (304) 275-lO65 ~ Fax (304) 462-g215 Guest Editorial: Making Choices: Exploring the Tax Issue By Chris Edwards 20 percent in the year following the cut. Dire'~,tor of Tax Policy Studies Earlier this year, Bush signed into law an extension of Cato Institute. some of his prior individual tax cuts. And he will sign a Whether one supports or opposes President Bush, his corporate tax bill passed by Congress this month. The bill policies are easy to understand because he chooses a has been criticized for the many special interest breaks it course of action and sticks to it. contains, but it also includes reforms to help U.S. firms Americans certainly know where Bush stands on taxes compete in foreign markets. --hisstringoffivetaxcutsinfouryearsisunprecedented. That's the good budget news. The bad news is that Ronald Reagan is remembered as being a big tax cutter, President Bush has let federal spending and deficits ex- but he only cut taxes once, in 1981, then enacted~a series plode. Total federal spending rose 31 percent between of tax increases in following years, fiscal 2001 and 2005. This large increase comes just when Bush's tax cuts have provided a strong unifying goal in the nation can least afford it with the coming cost pres- the diverse Republican Party. To his credit, most of sures on Social Security and Medicare as baby boomers Bush's tax cuts have not been simply populist giveaways, begin to retire. Instead, he has tried to solve real problems in the tax code While Bush's spending policies have been irrespon- to spur growth, such as reducing the damaging income tax sible, Kerry is promising more of the same with about $2 bias against saving and investment, trillion in new spending. Kerry says that he would reverse Bush's 2001 tax cut reduced income tax rates to stimu- some of Bush's tax cuts, but that would only pay for a late greater working investment and entrepreneurship. As fraction of his promised spending. Kerry is right to criti- Bush has pointed out in debates with Sen. John Kerry, the cize Bush's big deficits, but his own promises undermine cuts in the top rates were particularly important because of his claim to be the more fiscally responsible candidate. On the heavy concentration of small businesses in those spending, voters have little choice since both candidates brackets. The substantial size of the tax cut at $1.35 trillion embrace Big Government. made fiscal sense because projections in 2001 showed that On taxes, the candidates have different philosophies, there was a huge $5.6 trillion budget surplus to work with- but they would find themselves dealing with the same In March 2002. Bush's enacted his next tax cut, which problems in the years ahead. For one thing, the next was designed to spur business investment in the wake of president will need to deal with concerns about America's 9/11 and the lingering recession. Bush continued his focus tax competitiveness. Global markets are creating pressure on pro-growth tax cuts with the dividend and capital gains for major reforms to the U.S. corporate tax, which has the tax cuts of 2003. second highest rate in the industrial world. Cutting dividend taxes helped solve a number of prob- Another problem that the next president will face is lems. U.S. corporations had relied too much on debt rapid growth in the alternative minimum tax (AMT), instead of equity financing because the tax code gave an which is a complex add-on to the income tax. The AMT advantage to interest over dividends. The 2003 tax taw currently hits only a few million taxpayers, but by 2010 it reduced this distortion to make the corporate sector more will ensnare 30 million unless reforms are made. The stable and efficient. High dividend taxes also caused AMT is part of a growing tax complexity problem, high- companies to excessively retain earnings, which led to lighted by the 50 percent growth in tax code pages during unproductive investments and was acontributing factor to the last decade. recent corporate scandals. President Bush has made progress in creating a more The economy responded strongly to the dividend tax pro-sa ing and pro-growth tax code. But other tax code cut. The stock market soared after the tax cut's passage, problems are festering, and the next president will have his and a recent Cato Institute study found that dividend work cut out to give Americans the low, simple, and payouts by Standard and Poor's 500 companies rose about efficient tax code that they deserve. DNR Photo Contest update :h White House puts squeeze on working families After four years of Bush Adminis- ration "leadership," West Virginia families are being forced to make falling incomes stretch to meet rap- idly rising costs on everything from gasoline to education to health care. "Poverty is up. Wages are down. Healthcare costs more. So does gaso- line and college tuition. Families are being asked to do a lot more with a lot less. More than a million Americans who had a job four years ago are out of a job today," explained U.S. Sena- tor Robert C. Byrd, D-W.Va. "Yet this President wants West Virginians to give him another four years? George W. Bush has not earned an- other term in office." "When the president says that the economy is doing great, he's not be- West Virginia Division of Natural ing honest with you," said U.S. Sena- Resources Director Ed Hamrick has ~ tot Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va. "West Vtrglmans recently reco~znized the'winners of~ " " " live in the real world,of West V'irginia State Park's 75th annul: mortgages, car payments, and doc- versary photo contest, Through Your tors' bills. They know that simply Lens, at the Capitol Rotunda. saying the economy is doing well The winning photos' are on display, does not make it so." and the public is invited to attend the "Since taking office, President celebration. Bush' s reckless priorities have moved the country from a $5.6 trillion sur- A list of winning photos is at, plus to a $2.9 trillion deficit," Byrd Contact Kim McHenry at 304-558- said. "The President is bankrupting 2764. this country. He has wasted any op- portunity to strengthen Social Secu- fixed incomes and the children slid- rity and Medicare. And yet, be wants ing into poverty are bearing the brupt West Virginians to trust his snake-oil of it. His economic plan remains un- sales pitch again. It's time to send changed; more giveaways are in store George Bush back to Crawford, for his wealthiest contributors. This Texas." is the wrong direction for West Vir- "While millionaires have received ginia, wrong direction for America." billionsofdollarsin federal tax breaks, "This is not the record of a man middle-class Americans face dramatic who deserves re-election. We can do increases in their state taxes," Byrd better. America ean get back on tracL said, noting that, across the country, But to do that, we must have new state taxes rose by $14.5 billion in leadership," Byrd stated. 2002 and 2003, after declining for The Senators noted that the Bush seven years in a row. Administration record in West Vir- Household debt has climbed from glnia is one of broken promises and $7.1 trillion in 2000 to $9.4 trillion at squandered opportunities. the end of last year, a 32.8 percent "Four years ago, George Bush increase. Meanwhile, the public debt walked into West Virginia and made is also on the rise. By 2001, public big promises. He promised to stand debt had dropped for four years in a up for our steelworkers. Hepromised row, and the country was on track to to invest $2 billion in Clean Coal eliminate the public debt by 2009. Technology. He promised new funds Howcyer, since PiF..sidmRBuah took for our schools. He promised that he office, those debt'payments stopped would create jobs," Byrd stated. and the public debt is once again on "Four years later, George Bush the rise. It is on track to reach $5.9 has broken all of those promises," trillionby2009--morethan$20,000 Byrd stated. "George Bush has had for every American. his chance. He failed. We need a "The President' s lack of fiscal re- president who will keep his word. sponsibility has created the largest We need a president who will stand federal deficit in our history," up for working families. 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