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November 3, 1988     The Glenville Democrat
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November 3, 1988

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2 The Glenville Democrat-Pathfinder First of all, I must apologize to Sand Fork Elementary. I spent about an hour at the facility last week taking pictures of the fifth grade and first grades classes and their projects. Alas, however, when the film was developed, there was nothing on the negatives. It is hard to explain what happened, but hopefully, it will not happen again. On other matters, VOTE! This paper has not endorsed any candi- dates in this election. Our policy over the past ten years has been to let the voter make his own selection. Suffice it to say that you the voter are responsible for making your decision about your choice.Just vote. There are several key races in this year's election, in addition to an excess school levy and a constitutional amendment concerning the bonding abilities of county governments. Be informed, weigh the candidates and make your choice. It's your fight and privilege, hut much more importantly, it's your duty.- -ksa. I ] Dear Editor: In the October 27th issue of THE DEMOCRAT your report on the library expansion contains the sentence '`Those connected with the project are esthetic (sic) over the fact that .... " It seems to me that "esthetic" is rather overdoing it in the context, t possible that "enthusiastic" is missing from your word-processor'sw0cabulary? I was going to suggest "ecstatic" but then thought that that would indeed have been overdoing it. Respectfully yours, Carl A. Kerr We feel sorry for people like Mr. Miller who are elected to re- sponsible positions and then blame others for their inept ability to assume that position; and more yet when he tries to use the children of Gilmer County as pawns. Why should the good citizens of our great county expect you, Mr. Miller, to be able to correct the dilemma of our school system with another bond issue? With the last bond issue you were given the luxury of having little or no maintenance expense to the elementary schools because the bond issue renovated all of them; and you still could not balance the budget. No, No Mr. Miller, not until you take the bull by the horns and make honorable and responsible decisions. Stop blaming for our own shortcomings. Denzil Huff Cox's Mill, West Virginia Gilmer County Glenville WV 26351 Ambulance and Rescue Service Dear "Guys", Last Thursday you picked me up at 906 Walnut Street and took me to the Camden Clark Memorial Hospital. You did a super job. I appreciate your competency and professionalism. I am back on the job, thanks to you. I cannot sing your praises too loudly. Gilmer County is certainly fortunate to have you. Thanks again, Sincerely yours, Linda McKown, Director Public Relations Alumni Affairs Dear Editor: The Gilmer County Athletic Boosters would like to personally Thursday, Joe's Run U. G. Moore and Gap Butcher have a large timber. The other night some dogs got after J. W. two and wounding several others. Minor Heater was here Monday to take a music to take a great interest in music. Blackburn The school at this place is progressing nicely with as teacher. October 31, 1988 W.B. Bonnett taught a very interesting singing I'm a traditionalist. As a child I looked forward to holidays and Nornmntown Notes president's birthdays with eagerness and excitement. We celebrated Weather fine and cold. these in our schools and our homes. Children today enjoy these A hunter for each rabbit, and a dog for each same holidays as much as we did, so as parents, civic organizations on the go. and communities not change the traditional dates to fit into our busy Arian Clevenger of Normantown has moved to the schedules. Not only is it confusing but this takes away the spirit of of Grass Run. the occasion when we do this. For instance, today is traditional The Normantown Literary closed Friday night, Halloween, but yet the communities in Gilmer County had "Trick or simple reason of Don-attendance. Treat" or parties three nights ago. Glad to include Mr. Okey Norman as one of our Our government has changed the observances of president's Mr. Norman has been in North Dakota for about birthdays, so we working class can have a long holiday weekend says North Dakota is a fine state and that he will only and there's not much we can do about that, but let's leave our other about one month. We suppose it is too warm for him holidays (great or small) on their traditional dates, ginia. Linda Fisher, (Mother, almost grandmother and most of all child at heart) ] As the election __d a_ws nearer, it is becoming more parent that this year s crop of candidates is one / fielded in many years. As I view the national When I ran upon a couple of flashlights in the Country Store Museum my first thought was that these don't belong in a museum of antiquity. Maybe the carbide burning miners lamps that were used in my area and time would belong. But then nostalgia grabbed me. Flashlights were important to us boys in our early years. In the first place, a flashlight was a part of the household as my mother kept one by the side of her bed. In the middle of the night there was total darkness. You could have developed camera film anywhere in the house it was so dark. The only exception would be a bright moon outside whose beams penetrated the windows or in the winter When the embers of the banked coal fire in the grate made a soft glow for a few feet into the surrounding darkness. Anyway, when it was dark, it was dark. So, a flashlight made it a lot easier to investigate a sudden noise or to check the clock for the time as she lay wondering when her baby boy, though well into his teens, was going to get in from some courting exposition. Of course, when any prolonged use of a light was needed, a kerosene lamp or lantern, whichever was needed for the situation, was lit and used. The 1908 Sears, Roebuck catalogue listed a "Genuine Ever Ready flashlight of the very latest design. No wires, no chemicals, no oil, smoke or odor, no danger." The No. 1 Searchlight was de- scribed as 8 1/2 inches long, 1 1/2 inches in diameter and good for 4,000 to 5,000 flashes or about two hours if burned steadily. The light was priced at 98 cents, which was about a day's wage for a farm hand. The catalogue offered four different "Pocket Searchlights" which thank everyone who Was involved in making the 1988 Football were flat in shape with the size listed as 3x4xl inches. They ex- p "lained that the light could be carried into a cellar of leaking gas or ason a reality a special thanks to the following people: the paren put into a keg of gunpowder wit . t any danger. kids to practice day after da '; the ,parents and vol - "leers Who l lped with clean up ohnd the field, supportebs aiad Those early flashlights had a thick lense that gave a floodlight advertisers who placed ads in our programs; the fellows who carried affect rather than a spot light, which became popular later. We, as the chairs; the ball boys and managers; the coaches who worked endless hours; the volunteers who worked in the concession stands and helped with parking; the press box crew; and most of all the players who hung in there and gave it their all. With such financially troubling times facing our schools system it's encouraging to see such a sizeable group of people roll their sleeves up, jump in and get the job done. Everyone is to be com- mended for their effort. little boys, used to "borrow" the glass lense from Mom's flashlight and bum leaves or any other combustible material by focusing the rays of the bright sun on the material. Both the "borrowing" and the bunting were practices frowned upon and sometimes led tO a bum- ing sensation on one's backside. Sincerely, Greg Nicholson, Gilmer County Athletic Booster, President To the Editor: The staff and students at the Gilmer County Training Center would like to thank Jerry and Robin Brookover, owners of Jerry's 'Muffler Shop.of Linn, for donating a Russian Dwarf Hamster. He will be used as a class project to help students learn the responsibili- ties and care of a pet. Thank you, Staff and Students . Gilmer County Training Center Dear Editor: . "' It is not my normal inclination to review my thoughts about current events with the general public, but in this instance I have elected to do so. On the front page of your edition of October 27, 1988, I read with interest an article detailing the actions of our local board of educa- tion when I discovered that our clever governor, Arch A. Moore, Jr., at his election year best, had finally made his way into Gilmer County with his bag of tricks, just as he has been dQing throughout the state during the current campaign. His overture at providing the local schools with a $10,000 grant from his contingency fund for the financing of athletics is the equivalent of an attempt to buy the vote of all Gilmer Countians. I, for one am not persuaded. For the past several months, West Virginia has been laboring in a financial crisis as we find our state to be functionally bankrupt. Nowhere has the effect of West Virginia's poor economic condition been felt greater than here in Gilmer County with the depression in the oil and gas industry, the closing of Kinney Shoe, and inability to appropriately fund our school system. The burning question in my mind is where has Arch been that he can't see the house burning down around" him. For him to come to our county moments prior to the election and attempt to buy our favor with a paltry grant after failing to address any of our problems of a more pressing and severe nature is quite bewildering. I consider it a personal affront to my intelligence and I would like to hear from others who feel likewise. The improper management of state government and manipulation of what little money can be found in our state treasury for the political benefit of one man has created problems of such a magni- tude that we may forever be scarred. Hopefully, its not too late to vote for a change. Sincerely, Hunter F. Armentrout The Glenville Democrat & Pathfinder Published Thursdeys 51 weeks of the year Second Class Postage Paid at Glenvlile, WY 26351 Hotice to Postn',as1 : Please send address conectio to: P.O. 4S8, Glenvlile, WV 263Sl Subscription $12.72 (lax Included) in West Virginia; Out of Stm Ruklents $1 Camot ept mm m m The Gienviile Democrat - January 20, 1910 It is very plain that a Democratic county court and a Democratic board of education have made taxes higher in Center, Glenville, and DeKalb Districts, but what makes the taxes high in Troy? The following is a report of the Troy school for the fourth month, ending January 7, 1910: number of pupils enrolled, boys 22, girls 21; average daily attendance boys 17, girls 15. Josiah Nutter, farmer of Gluck Run will move in a few weeks to the village of Baldwin. A. Jackson Jamison is very ill at the home of his brother, Ben- jamin in Brooklyn. A citizen's telephone has been placed in the office of the County Assessor. Two cases of scarlet fever are reported in the family of Lee Hurst on Horn Creek. The new com and flour mill, built by the Boggs boys at Perkins has commenced to "grind." The sale of the "Hays Farm" one mile above town to S. A. Hays has been confirmed by the district federal court. The gasoline boat "Mabelle" came into port from Grantsville, Friday, returning with a load of flour. W. F. Hersman, farmer of Leading Creek was in town Saturday. Mr. Hersman is extremely well pleased with the weather. Uncle John M. Cooper of Newberr.e, who was severly injured some days ago by the overturning of a wagon, is reported to he in serious condition. We are pleased to note that Clay Isenhart, a former Gilmer County boy, has been elected mayor of Gassaway. Also that F. H. Stout, a former Gilmer County boy, was elected mayor of Flat Woods. The Democrat acknowledges a very pleasant call from I. C. Means of Troy, Monday. Mr. Means is one of the leading Republi- cans of Troy District, an excellent shoe and harness maker and a good man withal. Newberne Notes Drilling on the Mrs. Jane Reed well is progressing nicely. They are down about 1,100 feet. A. O. Britton and M. S. Hersman had a citizen's telephone put in their residences this week. Roy Gordon bought a fine young horse of G. W. Ervin last week. The stork and Dr. J. C. Lawson has been kept very busy the past week. Born unto Mr. and Mrs. Claude Gabbert on the 8th, a son. And born unto Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ware, on the 1 lth, a son. Think we can beat this record later on. Rudkin Items Mr. Ernest V. Snyder, who has been nursing his mother through a severe spell of pneumonia at Shinnston, when she was visiting her daughter, Mrs. W. B. Grim has returned and assumed his duties with the South Penn Oil Company. The Jones Run people have been wishing for years for a teacher that would enforce order in their school, and, when they got their wish, they allow their children to stay home. Pud Heater has bought a lot of land from the Little Kanawha Log and Tie Company and will engage in fruit raising. course) the candidates for the highest office that When one takes a long look at the Democratic candid ale, parison to former President Carter is naturally addreSSee- Both were relative unknowns until the campaigns swing, and then we are greeted with unknowns -- expenence in national and inter-national affairs. where the comparison ceases. Caner was Democratic pendulum was swinging to the right-- devastation caused by the obvious extreme liberal slam led to a Republican landslide. Now it seems that again swinging to the left and another liberal challenger the Democratic banner. Granted, there has been a great deal fact that Bush has branded Dukakis liberal, as no. However, it seems that this liheral/conservativc treme importance in virtually every area of l seem that a candidate's position on the would be extremely imporlant. When one considers our other option, although ciated with an extremely strong and popular in the partnership of executive leadership is questionable- many unanswered questions which voters have been der about, and which are bound to affect some thoughtS open on the 8th. At the state level we face a like problem -- we have a real old Pro striving for re-election upstart. As I listen to the election year rhetoric, I am fact that Caperton's campaign addresses two real (?) claims that because he is a successful businessman he state along the mad to economic recovery. Yet during campaign, ! seem to recall that some of his fellOW, pointed out that this wasn't really true and that his leading. Secondly, Caperton seems to hope to fact that the West Virginia economy is lagging and that Governor Moore is at fault. As in every (some of us remember that President Hoover was Great Depression in spite of the fact that the world-wide collapse) nobody acknowledges the fact executive does not enact legislation, and is never any legislative branch with which he deals. Does that EVERYONE talked about the "do-nothing" Governor Moore had to deal with last year?. In my estimation, neither candidate has dressed an issue that is key to the state's economic enactment of a right-to-work law. It is becoming apparent to leading social and economics students that have become too strong, and indeed have a the national economy. This might seem like a never-the-less by reading and listening to these learn a great deal. Although "right-to-work" states in the south are West Virginia is in an economic slide. Governor running scared of taking a stand on the issue, afraid labor votes. Caperton hasn't even mentioned the issue, has the endorsement of all the labor unknowns in the rest assured that he would oppose any legislation limiting of labor unions if elected. There are major issues, but the things 1 important have been ignored and not a single vanced any plan to show that they are even in lems. As Dukakis said at the convention, this has campaign of issues, so on November 8th, it looks as the coin might be the most intelligent approach. First, a couple of corrections on last week's story starting of construction on the library addition. As times in the newspaper business, things are written, and somehow things get left out. Such was the case my story last week. Two lines of the original draft and although I ended up with complete sentences, rn: critically in error. To set the record straight, we hope to have the completed by Thanksgiving. The footers were October 28th. Construction of the retaining wall rything for the pouring of the concrete slab began Thanksgiving, we hope to have accomplished cannot he done in cold weather, but to imply that the he "under roof" as my story of last week indicated is a sibility. Secondly, our caption under the photo was in error. Those pictured were (left to ri current president of the Library Board; Clark the Friends of the Library; and Elizabeth Turner, the Library Board and lifetime member of the File..n _, In inviting Elizabeth to participate, it was notea tnat in the country has worked harder for the library. force in getting the present facility, and her years has been untiring. Since the opporamity to was made possiblebyher early efforts, she is the county library family, as her lifetime membership group would indicate. Be sure to watch this column for progress struction project and drop by to see some of our in action. You will. be amazed at their work. We libra.'5, will. a lasting testimony to the fine Voeati0nal Training School staff and bodY.