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November 14, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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November 14, 1975

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~fl~s. For some of r retirement is still later. A few. November 13, 1975 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder 7 SomeF.ffoc'tsofSoeialSeeurity anybody ever think of that before?" II- Illll III I / i i ii ............ i ..... Created in 1937. Social Security What American business has not yet ..we ~ ," = has a dual purpose: to increase job realized is the profit potential of ILPbdl lit'lea I I openings for young people by removing creating hitherto unknown essentials the oldest members from the work for the many 20 millions of older ~ - _~ - _ ..... i~ ~ ...... I HI lit [[ I l I I It li at has alwaysincluding Congressmen and Supreme force, and to provide for the latter the Americans. tl~t owes its high Court Justices. are exempt from any means of Financial assistance in Examples easily suggest them- g to productive age limit, retirement. It has done both. But with selves: large-size letters and numerals Mrs. Estella Post Mrs. Sophia M. Waldeck is anything but a It is interesting to note that passing years its effect has been to on telephone dials and kitchen Mrs. Estella Post, 83, of Burnsville, Mrs. Sophie M. Waldeck, 91, Of ~t of able-bodied President Ford. in a recent executive foster certain notions about olderappliances, push-buttons to close and formerly of the Dusk Camp Community, C.edarville Rt., died recently st nothing and not order, exempted Arthur S. Flamming, Americans. Age 65, when Social open windows, toilet seats at adult died October 29 in Weston Hospital,residence of her son following a ark can raise the Commissioner on Aging in the Security income begins for most former height instead of close to the floor to after an extended illness, sudden illness. ~luatrious. Such Department of Health, Education and workers, has come to indicate, to the accommodate small children, beds that Born in Lewis County, she was a She was born in Braxton County, s ! of flouting the Welfare. from the mandatory federal public at large, the onset of physical can be raised or lowered, and simple, daughter of the late Peter Alonzo and daughter of the late John and Mary ~t to the Work retirement age of 70 in his and mental decline. The fact that easily reached signals for emergen- Florena Romine Straley and was a StontGochenaur. She wasa memherof administrative category. It may aLso be people age at widely varying rates is cies. member of Providence Baptist Churchthe Waldeck E. U. B. Church. observed that in July 1975 Mr. Ford disregarded. Men and women over 65 Failure to Look Ahead at Copen. Survivors include one son, John ~v~'~uals able and reached the retirement age (62) that is are all lumped together as poor Realistically visualizing the future Survivors include three sons, Waldeck, with whom she made her unable to find itcompulsory in the Foreign Service and employment risks, may be impossible for most individuals. Straley Post of Good Hope, Junior Post home: three grandchildren, Mz's, of self-respect, in numerous private companies. Even volunteer work is not easy but it is well within the powers of of Glenville. and Don Post of Rendal {Judy} Stout, Frank and John occupations The 4 million 65-and-older who for retirees to find. Of the 35 percent of American industry. Ravenswood; four daughters. Eva P. Waldeck; three great.grandchildr~ W. The ultimate want employment but cannot find itpeople 65 or older who would welcome But first it must recognize them as James of Marietta, Ga., Eloise and a number of nieces and nephews; Buch people,is are a reservoir of potential producti- it. more than a third never do find any. a consumer group - a very large one - Albertson of Clarksburg. Mac Smith ofShe was preceded in death by her on others, vity that the business community In an effort to alter this curious with extensive present needs and Detroit, Mich.. Catherine Ratliff of husband, FrankWaldeck, andone son, increases the shows slight interest in tapping. One circumstance, the Administration an others not yet dreamed of. Burnsville; one brother Rex Straley of Wilbur. tionship betweenobvious reason for this lack of interest Aging within the Department of Some older Americans. victims of Mill Creek; 20 grandchildren; 17 Funeral services were held ~e world of is that employing retirees would Health, Education and Welfare, has abject poverty or crippling poor greatgrandchildren, and several November 9 at the Spurgeon Mortuary; ~. Not all Ameri- undermine the theoretical justification tried, in its decade of existence, to health, are not within this growing nieces and nephews. Glanville, with the Rev. Ronzel Roberts te working afterfor an arbitrary retirement age. It expand volunteer opportunities. A- untapped market. But millions areShe was preceded in death by her officiating. Burial was in the Ceda~ eel age, but a might also throw out of kilter mend other experiments are RSVP financially sound and well able to husband, Omer Art Post, five sons. two Cemetery. of them - 6.5 established pension schemes. Another {Retired Senior Volunteer Program}, consume what they recognize as brothers, and three sister .... estimate - reason, partic|darly now, is the SCORE {Service Corps of Retired beneficial. Funeral services will be Nov. 1. at Clarence W. Wilf~ng million do, scarcity of jobs caused by recession Executives}, VISTA {Volunteers in If business and industry raced- the Providence Baptist Church, withClarence W. Wilfong. 74, of Dad conditions. The major reason, how- Service to America}, and the Senior nized this fact. and geared up to the Ray. Darrell Rowh officiating. City, Fla., died recently. He was a ever, is far less obvious - the impact of Aide and Foster Grandparent pro- produce what would help so many. the Burial was in Copen Cemetery, Friends native of Gilmer County, born August Social Securtiy. grams. Other federal departments results might be astonishing. The 6, 1901. He died October 22. have also tried to help. The stereotype of the aging as helpless, Mrs. Laura Summers Mr. Wilfong was a retired c~: Department of Labor has its Senior incapable of good judgment, and poor Laura Radcliffe Summers, 82, of miner, and is survived by his Community Employment Program, and credit risks would be broken. OldElyria. O., died there Oct. 29 at Elyria Tacy, of Dade City; three sons, the Department of Interiorits people would benefit r~d the Memorial Hospital after a long illness, of Dade City, Obert of Weston, aM Recreation Programs. availability of products tu out She was born in GiLmer County,Delbert of Glenville; a daughter, MR The federal agencies may not be especially for them. New jobs would be daughter of the late George and Susie Ruth Willis of Plant City, Fla.; his~ M aggressive enough. Senator Frankcreated, and youthful resentment Keller Radcliffe and was a member of mother, Mrs. Corn Wilfon8 Church, Chairman of the Senate toward the old would diminish. Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church. two sisters, Mrs. Gay Bush and Special Committee on Aging, seems to Business profits would increase; the Survivors include one daughter, Etta Watt, both of Glenville; 1~:~ of a~igirlC~B O!1 halld foil" delivery, think so. He has urged the economy would improve. Beyond allEdna Carroll of Amhurst, O., and one grandchildren and 10 great-gran~ our prices before buying. Administration on Aging to step up its that, the private sector would develop son, Errs Summers of Greensboro, Pa.; children. ~ efforts, especially in fostering creati-' an overdue respect for the aging,seven grandchildren; and 25 great- Burial was in Dade City. ~ vity among the old and in seeking whoso well-being would no longer be grandchildren. business cooperation. A few large left, as it is now almost exclusively, to She was preceded in death by her Phone 462-7939 -- 462-8483 stores have commissioned and put on the government, husband, Eber Summers, and two sons. ~|~1~ ||||@|| Authorized sale handcrafted items made by old Funeral services were Nov 1 at ;~. CATALOG SALES MERCHANT people, but such interest is rare in the Shaver and Son Funeral Home, with~11~ |# WOgf~I extreme. The stereotypes of old people ~$C~ a{{~#iJ~ the Hey. Hugh Boone officiating. Burial ~: as inept and ineffectual may be was in Evergreen Cemetery. Experts seythat one in every OWNED AND OPERATED BY JANET DEAL operative here; business does not shut |0 persons now living in America will the door completely to elderly artists, directly affected by mental illness but it is open only a crack. Efforts are still being made to some point in their lives. ~" A Large Market have TORDON 1OK federally rebus- But what is mental illness? H~ CLI The indifference of business in tared for use in controlling multiflora did the concept evolve? What are general to creativity among the old is rose growing in permanent grass alternative treatment models? How matched by its astonishing slowness to pastures, other cultures respond to view the old, collectively, as a vast and The Gilmer County ASCS Office Prices at the November 8 sale atflness? And what are the legal rights growing body of consumers with has been notified that requests for the Spencer Livestock Exchange. as the mentally ill? off everything in store special needs. Historically, industry cost-sharing for the use of TORDON reported byManagerC. W. Chambers, Th~Be are just a few of t all men's shoes and and business have always been alert to 1OK may be accepted now. Requests were quoted as follows: quemtions that wtlJ be dealt with durt~ any new chance to make and market will be acted upon by the county ASCS Yearling steer, by cwt: 500-6(X)a series of three workshops bei~ women, 8" children's coats good,. They responded promptly,, and committee when the expected final lbs., $30-$31.50; 600-700 lbs.. $28- coordinated by the West Virginia,, no doubt ,profitably. to the 'rock approval is received from the State $35.50. Citizen Action Group (WV-CAG) Thursday, Nov. 13 and genaratio, deeig g and producing omm ttee. Yearling heifers, by cwt: 500-600 throughout the state. millions of serapes, m~alllons. A rate of cost-sharing will be lbs., $18-$23; 600,750 lbs,, $21-$29.According to David Grubb, thru, Sat, ~ moc~, ~ ,~,,~ed recommended by the county committee ~ Steer calves, by cwt: under 300 spokasperson for WV-CAG, "t~ forehead ban~, ~ac~ete, and will amount to approximately 50 ~lbs., $1~;~gfl~4OO ~,$~.50; purpose of the workshops is to exa~ and other hallmark adornments of this percent of the cost of the materials and 400-500 lbs., $26-$28; 500-600 lbs., and re-examine the underlying valu~' counter-revolution, application, after prices are received. $30.75. and assumptions associated wit~ But, how many factory owners In lg74, West Virginia was given a Bull calves, by cwt: 300-400 lbs., mental illness." have ever ordered their staffs to one year experimental approval for the $20-$23.50; 400-500 lbs., $19.75-$27.75; Grubb added that "it is hoped th~ consider the special needs of old use of TORDON 1OK. The remllts are 500-eO01bs., $20.25-$29.50. the workshops will contribute t~ ~ people? How many retail store offer still under study. If the results are Heifer calves, by cwt: under 300 bringing ab~t more humane and ju~ products that old people would favorable, action will be taken on the lbs., $15.25-$18.25; 300,400 lbs.. decisions concerning the implemett,~ ~ welcome and gladly buy? To ask what requests filed prior to November 21, $19-$26; 400-550 lbs., $21-$23.50. tation of mental health care delivery ~ these products are is to miss the whole 1975. ,~ ~s~L4 Slaughter heifers, good & choice West Virginia." ~ point. Nobody can predict what they ~ 700-1.000 lbs., $22-$28; standard, One of the workshops will be h~ will be until industry invents them and 700-1,000 lbs., $19-$23. in Weston on Friday, November 7, fro~ Slaughter cows, commercial, 10:30 a. m. to 3 p. m. at Weston Stat~ retailers put them on sale. When that $26-$28.25: utility, $21-$25.50;, canner Hospital. ~ happens, people will ask, as they In ancient Egypt the cat & cutter, $16-$18.75; bulls, over 1,000 The workshops are free of cha always do at first sight of some wa~ considered tobea symbol lbs., $21-$27.70. and open to the general public. F~ desirable new product, "why didn't or the moon because it was Veal, by cwt: 190-225 lbs., $28-$35; more information, please contact ~ more active after sunset! 226-265 lbs., $38-$43. West Virginia-citizen Action Group~~ 1324 Virginia Street, East, Charlesto~ Hogs {US 1-3}, 190-240 lbs., $52-$53; 240-260 Ibs., $38-$43. W. Vs. 25301. ~ Pigs, by head, 40-60 lbs., $41-$49. ~! H STORE HOURS Tuesday, Thursday, Friday -- 9 to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Saturday - 9 to 1 p.m. S 'CARRY THE let lock of cash hold you back from or improving your property. your new furnace, put on o new your driveway now. We will your job at low bank rates with ,5 years to pay. Apply todayl II ~ the Americam ~.J~ in i'km~fit~ THE MASTER ,MASTER CHEF* DEAN OF MASTER CHEFS Thedr a ca still come true. LICENSED BY INTERNATIONAL GOURMET SOCIETY And Leonardo knows the secrets of preparing and serving excellent cuisine at inexpensive prlees. A professional chef creates fine food from the simplest tugrealentl-.wlth For generations. American families dreamed of The new house-type mobile home is America's no waste-so that Rally excellent owoin0t e,row, homes o~i=e example of the evolution in action, in home is a unique bargain. It's the free enterorise euhdae Is NOT expensive, Then came skyrocketing construction COSTS. price comfort and convenience, t,e mobile Changing t~festy~es. The uncertainties of the answer to the housing needs of 85 per cent of all ~`~-~/F~`~`.~/`~F~.~...~..~/.`,~:.:~..P:~~~:~:~/~~ energy crisis. Arnertca/~ families - the 85 per cent who are The result? Today's families are rethinking prlced out of themarket forconventtonatlybullt they can afford. Homes that give them more ;: time to enjoy life. Homes that are better built For these families, the homo ownership dream and better insulated, easier to maintaih, le",,s has a new. common-sense look. And if the man- .'early to heat and cool ufactured housing industry, financial institu- ~ lions and governmental officials work together. ~; the dream can still come true. Route 5, East ON STATE ROUTE 4 C AN SV,L E. WEe* V,R ,N,A { i TWO MILES SOUTH OF GASSAWAY _ ........ " ............. ,ii II]l II 111 II ]ll / IIII1[ Ill II I IIIIIII /lfll .............