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November 14, 1991     The Glenville Democrat
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November 14, 1991

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mr'! Page 2--The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder---Thursday, November 14, 1991 resources. We must insist educators be held Jake s Run Fiasco and prevent kingdom-building. To Dr. Hilgenberg and Ms. Steed since you are In response to Mr. Emerson's article in the October 31 issue of the the quality of education being presented to stud =nu Community Services Levy a bargain! , Democrat, I would like to answer a couple of questions. There are four some answers concerning the sale ofjakes Run. I I areas of Glenville State College which were considered program it any members of GSCF Inc. I reiterate the followil reads A modem well-equipped facility, complete with laboratories 1. Why was the teaching resource (Jakes Run) Facts and figures presented to the audience at Monday night s and over 1,000 acres of forest land, provides a teaching and learning 2. What is being done with the money? informational meeting on the upcoming Community Services Levy environment, where students enjoy learning dominated by outdoor 3. What was the vote by the members made it abundantly clear that the future of Gilmer County could very experiences. Certainly this statement is no longer true. 4. Was the 3 pages of reservations concerning the well rest squarely with voters who cast ballots in the December 7 I certainly agree that the sale was a "fiasco. Mr. Wells Davis paid the board members? election. There is no question that many of the services we are haulagefeesforthetransportingofcoalacrossthcJakesRunproperty. So far as I can determine the foundation has accustomed to receiving and most, if not all, of the hopes many of us When the land was sold to him, this reservation was kept in the deed so accounting of their action to the public. Instead are l have for improving the economic opportunities currently available to that Mr. Davis is or was required to pay haulage across his own of own.The foundation hasreducedthequalitvofed oUrfails.Citizens and our children will be things of the past if the levy property. It does seem strange to me that this could be included in a an educational resource and have lost 15 years of t The request forannual operating funds of $214,000 per year will transactionbutaseparateagreementforourcontinueduseofthesurface and research. of Jakes Run was not executed. So Dr. Hilgenberg, Ms. Steed get us some answe impose a very moaest additional tax burden on the average property I would like to say that I believe that all the members of Foundation, by many people that they too would like some ar .s owner in the county. The cost of services that are available to all Gilmer County citizens from any one of the six agencies involved Inc. which includes Jack Stainaker, Philip Reale, William Simmons, far exceeds any taxes that will be imposed on the average taxpayer Thomas McPherson, Elizabeth Turner, H. Laban White, Gregory by approving the levy. , Nicholson, Timothy Butcher, and Mary Bland Whiting probably thought Most importantly, we can t leave the improvement of our that they were making the correct decision in selling the property. 1 do question if each member was provided with a list o four provisions for Don't Touch It! economy to chance and every one of the agencies involved contfib- the sale. If they were not and in fact told that this sale would not cause To: The Glenville Democrat ute in an important way to maintaining a sustained effort to that end ...... Businesses and companies that can offer employment opportunities i flePoararn%d ag a t. eLra ndRe r a. Sc il n iud.c fothfemYe e mil iloln.sme o m e t tenil ae irecewmg Sooa sure an r ,,, .... g g Social Secur are not going to flock to Gilmer County simply because we are here.systern and the excellent newstora .,e build|n :, then the cannot be, g g y d cad ,,*.at I nave to tell you: They will come only if they are convinced that our community of- blam_,ed fortheirdecision.Theonlyquestionthatcouldbe raised is "why The Social Security fund was not to be touched t fcrs them distinct advantages, including the level and clualitv of "people services" available to our citizenry - - didn t they know.' I am sure that these people donate their time and of the federal government, but sometime ago the { The passage of the levy represents an investment in ourselves and energies to assist the College so the question persists; why was this done $56 billion from Social Security to help the g our community. We are convinced that a close examination of the in this manner?. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Social Security The sale has certainly cost the Foundation, Inc. and the College more for the $56 billion, which aren't worth the paper t RDAfacts will lead you to conclude we are being offered a real bargain.-- than the price of the property. If the rumor is true that the area is being leased for a short term, it won't be of any great value. Who wants to work on someone else's property for their benefit just to lose 25 or 30 or 50 years worth of work and data, instead of 15 years worth. Our Division has not been involved in the sale to Mr. Davis or leasing the area back to the College. Why would the College want to lease something which is supposedly not valuable to us in the first place? If the Foundation, Inc. and the College administration feels that they have made an error in judgment, then I feel as Mr. Nutter did in his article that the area should be repurchased with written assurances to Mr. Davis that his mining operation could continue and that the land be retained for the use of the students of Glenville State College. After reading the following section of the article printed in the Mercury concerning the original article, can any rational individual disagree that the area should be repurchased? From "The Mercury" - (GSC student newspaper) "Glenville State college has been trying to find a tract of land to provide a training site for the Forestry, Land Surveying and horticulture programs currently being offered by the college. Eastern, which has an active program in college grants and scholarships, recently became acquainted with the need for additional land by the college, and arranged to transfer the title to the tract to the Foundation." "The land is readily accessible for field study by Gienville students. The wide variety of vegetation, topography, and water impoundments will provide students with many unique and challenging educational opportunities. The area will he developed into a model of land resource management with portions of the land developed for timber, wildlife, and outdoor recreation objectives." "The area will provide excellent opportunities for applied research by both students and faculty in all phases of multiple land resources management. This area will be invaluable to the natural resource programs of Glenville State College and college officials gratefully appreciate the donation of the Jake's Run tract for the enrichment of its educational efforts." Rick Sypolt Glenville Parents Have A Right To Know Would you want to know if your daughter were going to have an abortion? The results of a lack of parental involvement can be tragic. Just ask the parents of Dawn Ravenell of New York. Dawn died from abortion- related complications at age 13. Her parents never even knew she was pregnant until she lay in the hospital with irreversible brain damage. They were not notified until it was too late to do anything to help their daughter. Or ask the parents of Sandra Kaiser of Missouri. Sandra committed suicide at age 14 shortly after her abortion. Although she had been hospitalized three times for psychiatric disorder, the abortionist never knew this. Sandra's mother never had the opportunity to tell him. Parents, like the Ravenells and the Kaisers, and like you, have the right to know. In poll after poll, Americans overwhelmingly support this right---a New York Times poll found 83 percent of Americans believe that at least one parent should be informed before a gift under 18 years of age has an abortion. Data from states that have enacted parental notification and consent statutes indicated that such laws contribute to a marked Decrease in the number of both teen abortions and teen pregnancies. It appears that parental notification has encouraged responsible sexual behavior among teenagers. Please write to your congressmen and senators and urge them to vote for the amendment to Title X requiring the notification of a parent before an abortion is performed on a teen-aged girl. Denise L. Bonecutter Pt. Pleasant Running For Governor ..... Recent weeks of West Virginia political observations have been eventful mostly because of those who appear not to be running for governor. Does this mean that the good money is on incumbent Gaston Caperton and that the voters are really that enthusiastic about Capenon? Or do the voters just not have a choice? But all is not bleak. One intelligent, energetic, outstanding candidate for the governorship of West Virginia is as yet unannounced. State Senator Charlotte PriuofKanawhaCounty is certain to cause trembling m boots of the usual state power brokers when 'if she announces her intentions to run for governor. Pritt would run a campaign based upon populist issues--progressive education, tax reform based upon the ability to pay---not the inability to resist, health care for the unemployed and the underpaid who currently have no realistic health care available, and a broad "empowerment of the people" platform designed to give hope and vision, not just promises and handshakes. By personality, Charlotte Pritt doesn't have a burning desire to be governor. She's more concerned about details of how to improve the quality of life in West Virginia. Pritt is more concerned about helping people have a sense of being in control o f their own destiny than in what title precedes her name. SmaemAthtetes With the start of high school basketball practice beginning on November 18, 1991, I would like to encourage all students who are eligible, to participate on the high school level. The rewards from playing basketball are numerous and provide a foundation on which to build throughout your life. My life has been greatly influenced by the academic and athletic programs which I became involved with during my high school years. I would encourage you to become a student-athlete and reap the benefits as I did years ago while attending Hedgesville High School. Some of my best friends in life today were high school teammates. This definitely is one of the great assets of being a member of your high school team. Best wishes and please give serious consideration to becoming an active student athlete during your high school career. Very truly yours, W. Gale Caflett Head Basketball Coach New Worm Order The just concluded war in the Middle East, the rebirth of democracy in Eastern Europe and the marked improvement in US/Soviet relations But isn't that just what West Virginia needs? What would West signaled majorchangesthathave touched each of our lives here in West Virginia be like with a governor more concerned about broad social Virginia. The re-unification of Eastern Europe and the Middle East improvements than about personal, perpetual self acclaim? peace talks have re-enforced President Bush's so called "new world m growing group of West Virginians has formed a "Draft Charlotte order. These new peace dividends that we share today, however, Pritt for Governor Committee." Privately, Pritt is known to be seriously would not have been possible without the sacrifices of so many brave considering a possible candidacy for governor. But her main concern is and dedicated Americans who chose to serve in our Armed Forces over that such an undertaking be with the blessing of those she would seek the past fifty years. to represent---the hundreds of thousands of people who feel left out of This Veteran's Day has special significance because we will corn- traditional "good old boy" politics, memorate the fit eth anniversary of Pearl Harbor and the t0tal mobi- You have an oppommity to support a possible Pritt for governor lization of U.S. Forces for World War II as well as our recent involve- candidacy by signing petitions currently being distributed statewide, merit in the Persian Gulf. Like our victory in World War II, our victory These petitions are for the purpose of giving Priu all indication of in the Persian Gulf was a direct result of a unified nation. probable support. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Draft Pritt for Governor committee, Ken Sherman-Treasurer, General Delivery, Fri- ars Hill, WV 24939. , Franklin D. Young Ripley f -, Concerning "Letters to the Editor" I am making an appeal to all who receive millions of others who will receive Social intact. One way to stop the Congress from tapping is to write to your two U.S. senators and' bluntly to keep their hands out of the Social Security fund was not to be used for any government and that you will see to it that this by going to the ballot box. Those members o this rule would he voted out of office. Get those letters rolling to your out of the Social Security fund. ruling Gilmer County Ministerial President Woodrow Wilson envisioned Veterans' Day (then called Armistice Day) as a national holiday in 1919. He "It is not an army that we must shape and train for war;, it is a nation. President Wilson's words reflect what so many of us experienced during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I am extremely proud of the countless Americans that have served or are now serving our great nation. I am also very proud of those families and volunteers that assisted our service men and women during difficult We are rapidly approaching what has become of! holidays of all, Thanksgiving. Don't get me IS, of course, one of the most sacred days of the year second only to Easter in importance and signi ficanCe me and for many of my friends has become a buying and traveling, until (dare we confess it?) of relief when the Holidays have past. Of course, that re,all) feeling poor, inadequate, and a failure as a parent i spouse and children each gi ft they want; but man gloom and depression, nevertheless. What IS Well, more on that one next month. Thanksgiving is the holiday at hand. I like this because families get together, without any real fine meal is shared by all, and then followed by watching a game (or, in m of watching the football game.) It is a day we what we should be about more often, of thanksgiving to God for the ,gift of life and the friends with which he showers our lives. With thank God for- My beautiful wife of ten years, Sandy, anyone l've ever met; My handsome son Shawn, age 9, a "chip of the My lovely daughter Megan, age 2, who new and precious each day; My position as campus pastor at the Wesle' State College, where I minister-and am young college students; My morn and dad, who patiently put UlC been easier to do otherwise; The gift of life itself, which I am enjoying Thank you, Lord, very much. The Fil S/Kyle .,rsolt A word of apology! Many of my readers are personal problems, and I hesitate to air them since I have tried for several years to keel: of most extenuating circumstances have been able there is not sufficient time to dc that my readers deserve some sort Even now I fred that there is no easy way so without trying to be subtle, I'll just "blurt" said "my Jean") has been hospitalized in odds to survive a bout with bone cancer. carry out my duties of librarian, do all the other Historical Society to which I am committed, visit her in the hospital. ,. Needless to say, I fear all my duties are been wonderfully understanding. Were it not yes, the prayers of our many friends, we daily living an impossible chore. Until life gets for not writing my regular column. Further, times. We were overwhelmed by the amount of public encouragement Outdoor Ramblings also deserve an apologY. and employer support along with their willingness to help the military else, there are no ramblings upon which to families during the Persian Gulf crisis. It is my hope that this sutvort the brush withthe beagles, no opportunity to even l continues and that every West Virginian recognize that our military this crisis is over, I promise to resume my writing" forces could not be successful in their missions without this incredible effort. On this Veteran's Day, 1991, I want to express my sincere apprecia- tion and heartfelt thanks to each and every West Virginian for their support of the men and women of the Armed Forces. Joseph J. Skaff Major General, WVARNG The Adjutant General To Dr. Hitgenberg, Ms. Steed and GSCFI NDr. Hilgenberg and Ms. Steed each had a letter in last weeks ovember 7) Democrat. Dr. Hilgenberg states that state supported Over the past several weeks, we have received a number ol letters expressing opinions and raising questions of general inter- est to our readers. Unfommately, we can not publish them be- cause they are unsigned. Our policy on such letters is quite clear. All such letters received must be signed and a phone number or an address given so we may contact the writer if necessary. We will withhold the name of the writer upon request but discourage that practice. It is also our policy to limit publication of such letters to one per month per writer as much as possible. All levers submitted (as is true with all stories that appear in our paper) are subject to editing and may not appear in print as origimdly written and not The Gienville Democrat The Glenville Pathfinder Published by Gilmer County Publishing Inc. Robert D. Arnold- Publisher/Editor Published Thursdays at least 50 weeks of the year. Secoad Class Postage Imid at Glenville, WV 26351 Notice to Postmaster: Please address corrections to: P. O. Box 455, Gieavill WV 26351 Subscription Price: $15.90 (tax included) in County; $19.08 (tax i w.luded) in State; $20.00 for out-of-State Subscribers In fl c please accc[x my Cannot aco)pt subscriptions for less six moaths. (3O4) 462-73O9 I I I I From 1970 to 1980, about 450 cold and winter storms. Deaths from winter Snowfall may seem romantic to some, but can others. Heavy snowfall and extreme cold can any Olour four-wheelers with 15 inch wheels institm ons are being asked to do more with less resources. He said that r idenm offour state highways. consequently the quality of education is suffering, and as our educa- mild winters can he hit with a major snow storm tmnal system deteriorates the states economy declines. He decries the can range from isolation due to scant resources available to teach our students, to the havoc of cars trying to maneuver on elMS. Steed is against collective bargaining for public employees. She I'll list terms that are used to forecast aims that union offieials are only accountable to themselves and their A traveler's advisory is issued when embers. Ms. Steed states that teachers and support personnel should expected to hinder travel, but the anticipated accountable to the students and the public. That our children and the enough to r~re warning. education system are not to be used for bargaining and kingdom- Freezing rain is forecast when expected building, soon as it strikes the ground, creating a I applaud both letters. We should not negate our scant teaching walkways. Continued on Page 1:2