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November 15, 1984     The Glenville Democrat
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November 15, 1984

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ii The Glenviile Democret-Pathflnder 7 Commission--Gainer-191; Magistrate--Wolfe-184, Delegates--Kidd-125, Burke-114; Circuit "amst-92;_Amend- Minigh-154: Prosecuting Attorney--Perrill-158; Judge---Sommerville- 11 7, Cline-121; dment 5 For-210, Sheriff--Kirkpatrick-186, Shackleford-68; Amendment Assessor--Stalnaker-130; County ! ....... 2. ! - 1--For-138, Against-89; Amendment 2--For-96, Commission--Gainer-123; Magistrate--Wolfe-125, Against-118; Amendment 3--For-156, Against-78; Amend- Minigh-123; Prosecuting Attorney--Perrill-103; agan-119, Richards-l: US merit 4--For-79, Against-162; and Amendment 5--For-174, Sheriff--Kirkpatrick-110, Shackleford--120; Amendment V aese-122; House of Against-67. 1--For-ll3, Against-liB; Amendment 2---For-82, Miller-50; Governor--See-76, Precin 23-East Courthouse Against-142; Amendment 3---For-172, Against-60; Amend- ii -95 Go, ldom57; At- President--Mondale-65, Reagan-68; US ment 4---For-38, Against-195; and Amendment 5--For-187, n97-, McCuskey-76; Senate--.Rockefeller-71, Raese-52, Radin-2; House of Against-54. 11A4 Representatives--Wise-e9, Miller-34; Governor--See-58, Precinct 31"Cox's Mills Smith-44; Moore-76; Sac. of State--Hechler-80, Golden-42; Attorney President--Mondale-102, Reagan-90; US Neel B!Y kB83 Oonu.s ,Stato; General--Brown.71, McCuskey-54; Auditor--Gainer--98, Senate---Rockefeller-102, Raese.95; House of Bone-25; Treasurer--Manchin-80, Hale-40; Commissioner Representatives--Wise-94, Miller-34; Governor--See-lOl, of Agric.--Douglass-94, Smith-25; Judge Supreme Moore-94; Sac. of State---Hechler-126, C-olden-45; At- Court--Neely-88, Brotherton-80; State torney General--Brown-1 16, McCuskey-72; Senate--Sharpe-62, Neely-58; House of Auditor---Gainer-138, Bone-34; Treasurer---Manchin-123, "- O1 e-85y. Delegates--Kidd-84, Burke-95; Circuit Hale-53; Commissioner of Agric.--Douglass-144, Smith-32; Judge--Sommerville-96, Cline-85; Judge Supreme Court--Neely-137, Brotherton-125; State Assessor--Stalnaker- 101; County Senate--Sharpe-114, Neely-70; House of Commission--Gainer-93; Magistrate--Wolfe-105, Delegates--Kidd-131, Burke-132; Circuit Minigh-82; Prosecuting Attorney--Perrill-89: Judge--Sommerville-133, Cline-125; Sheriff--Kirkpatrick-98, Shackleford-23; Amendment Assessor--Stalnaker-150; County 1--For-84, Against-45; Amendment 2--For-72, Against-43; Commission--Gainer-129; Magistrate--Wolfe- 131, Amendment 3--For-81, Against-41; Amendment Minigh-134; Prosecuting Attorney--Perrill-115; e-81, Reagan-162; US 4--For-73, Against-53; andAmendment 5--For-104, Sheriff--I(irkpatrick-132, Shackleford-50; Amendment er-95, , -din-2; House of Against-25. 1--For-89, Against-95; Amendment 2- For-56, M le-r-86i Precinct 24--GlenviUe Elem. Against-102; Amendment 3--For-liT, Against-62, Amend- S c .rnOvf President-Mondale- 151, Reagan-227; US ment 4--For-29, Against-157; and Amendment 5--For-130, Golden-84; Attorney Senate--Rockefeller-154, Raese-223; House of Against-51. y ,l/ lQ; Representatives--Wise-23 2, Miller-11 7; nchin-139, Governor--See-162, Moore-223; Sac. of The official vote totals for the county are not yet ounty Audit r-Gainer-268.Genera --Br wn 177 State-Hech1er-237 B ne-9 ;Go d n-121:Treasurer-Manchin.216,McCuskeAttrneyy" 19 3; acaflable, but willbe published when released.--lure Hale-145; Commissioner of Agric.--Douglass-265, -j .. Smith-95; Judge Supreme Court--Neely-237, r "- - y Brotherton-224; State Senate--Sharps.173, Neely-194; PRESS DEADLINES WolIe-15,. House of Delegates--Kidd-194. Burke-242; Circuit rill-l _ ,___J___32; Iudge--Sommervill e-219, Cline-248; The GlenviUe Democrat-Pathfinder would like , mena n nt Assessor--Stalnaker-24S; County tO remind its readers, advertisers and others endment 2---For-73. Commission--Gainer-261; Magistrate--Wolfe-240, Minigh-240; Prosecuting Attorney--PerrilI-221; with news articles that our press deadlines are i ent 5--For-185, Sheriff--Kirkpatrick-261. Shackleford-lO0; Amendment as follows: -54. Tanner ALL news articles must be received by Men- Against-193; Amendment 3--For-236, Again -129: day at 5 p.m., if your article is to be included in e-82, Reagan-127; US Amendment 4--For-liT, Against-245: and Amendment that Thursday s edition.. Gilmer Goings On items geese-133; House of 5--For-276, Against-91. er-70: Governor--See412, Precinct ZT-Troy must be submitted by 5 p.m. Monday as well. Hec erl- 07, Golden-04; At- President--Mondale-82, Reagan-163; US ALl.- advertising: classified, legal, or display Senate--Rockefeller-67. geese-170. Radin-1; House of Bone455; Treasurer--Manchin-125, Representatives---Wise-1 22, Miller-1 15; included in that Thursday s edition. rr'-Gainer-128, must reach our office by Tuesday, 12 noon, to be uglass-125,-- '; - Smith-69; Governor--See-78, Moore-172; Sac. of State--Hechler-96, Your cooperation in meeting our press rton-100; State Golden-132: Attorney General-.-Brown-95, McCuskey-145; deadlines will be greatly appreciated. ~8 eely- ~04; I-Iouse of Auditor--Ga in er- 119, Bone- 114; Icnui! rreasurer--Manchin-108, Hale-120: Commissioner of -SommerviIle-110, Cline-108; Agric.--Douglass-132, Smith-104; Judge Supreme h ney--Perril!-106i P acldeford-8- 5; Amendment Amendment 2--Fr'73' f1' 11 r-137, Against-53; Amend- ,and Amendment 5--For-141, ~e-160, Reagan-149; US ~~e-135, Ra "din-l: House of 193, Miller-79: s ;o,oo; r olden-78; Attorney al Br own- 18 7, McCus key- 1 02; --Gainer-234, Bone-51; Treasurer--Manchin-203, Commissioner of Agric.--Douglass-200, Smith-75; Supreme Court--Neely-206. Brotherton-186; State e---Sharps-145, Neely-135; House of ates--Kidd-199, Burke-197; Circuit Sommerville-189, Cline-202: Sor--Stalnaker-240; County eaton--Gainer-224; Magistrate--Wolfe-216, -200; Presecuting Attorney--Perrill-203; Kirkpatrick-222. Shackleford-56; Amendment 190, Against-88; Amendment 2---For-170, Amendment 3--For-184, Against-92; Amend- 4 For-142, Against-143; and Amendment ~t~2 1~, Against-77. 7-Sm e t---Mondalo.194, Reagan-234. Richard -l; US e---Rockefeller-174, Raese-241; House of ;: enta rives--Wise-261, Miller-114; [ "rnor-.-See- 1 9 7, Moore-225; Sac. of . " Hechler-254, Golden-129; Attorney l---Br own- 241,McCuskey- 165; ---Gainer-283, Bone-94; Treasurer--Manchim270, 122; Commissioner of Agric.--Douglass-297, Judge Supreme Court--Neely-274, on-224: State Senate--Sharpo-214, Neely-182; Delegates--Kidd-259, Burke-277; Circuit "-Sommerville-24 3, Cline-266; or---St a Ina ker- 291; County Ssion---Gainer-272: Magistrate--Wolfe-232, -289; Prosecuting Attorney--Perrill-236; Kirkpatrick-207, Shacldeford-206; Amendment .'211, Against-171; Amendment 2--For-152, ' Amendment 3---For-291, Against-98; Amend- OU pan refree to choose any telephone you want-from any corn you want. Any com anx but C&P. 4 For-105. Against-202; and Amendment Unoertne new rules, we dont sell telephones. And Against-lOg. we can't fix them. ondale-92, Reagan-76; US Raese-81. Radin-1; House of ~taUves--Wise- 112, Miller-32; Governor---Soo4~4, ; Sac. of State---Hoclder-113, Goldem34; At- General--Brown-98, McCuskey-60; "-Gainer-122, Bone-28; Treasurer--Manchin-128, Commissioner of Agric.--Douglass-121, Smith-50; ..OUpreme Court--Neely-122, Brotherton-99; State "' i So, it s mportant to ask about warranties and before you buy y.our phone. The same v before you ought a refrigerator or TV Even though C&P does vrovide toll call-service to nearby areas, we are not a long distance company. pe-94, Neely-60; House of tes--Kidd- 115, Burke- 117; Circuit erville-104, Cline-128; dnaker-132; County siner-121; Magistrate--Wolfe-110, 37; Prosecuting Attorney--Perrill-105; :rick-120, Shacldeford 9; Amendment Against-46; .Amendment 2--For-72, Asainst-62; 3--For-lO1, Against-38; Amendment Against-121; and Amendment 5--For-128, i at C&' Pings have changed in the telephone business. And B.ut, when it comes t9 the quality, and reli bi y of your l oc , telephone service, our attitudes andbeli fs haven t changed one bit. C&P is a company totally committed to making your local telephone service the b st it can be. Period. And we prove it. Every day. ondale-ll4. Reagan-146; US feller-123, Raese-131; House of as--Wise-165, Miller-69; r--See-120, Moore-145; Sec. of 156. Golden-89; Attorney ---Brown- 1 2 7, McCuskey- 121; 83, Bone453; Treasurer--.Manchi 152, Collm~sioner of Aeric.--Dou~ss-181, Smith-61; Court--N'eely-175, Brotherton-159; State ,e-116, Neely-125; House of d-162, Burke-162; Circuit