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November 18, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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November 18, 2004

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Page 2B-- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder--Thursday,Nov. 18, 2004 GeraldineMarks 462-7477 MUD LICK ONE ROOM SCHOOL, 10-1909 Mud Lick Students Identified Thanks to a letter l?om former Teachers who taught in the old Normantown resident Mildred Moore building were: J.A. Hardman, Flo- who now lives in Grafton, OH, we rence Boggs, Hall Floyd, Bell Floyd, have names for all of the 1909 stu- S.C. Kennedy, L.B, Alltop, Mamie dents of the Mud Lick One Room Snyder, S. Wise Moore, Sherman School. Westfall, Jeanette Wcstfall, Everett In tile picture, left to right, in the Boggs, Nellie Currey, Elizabeth Mac front row are: Eula Gerwig. Sherman Gerwig, Earl Boggs, Opal Waldeck, Moore, Waher Moore, Bernie Gcrwig, Louise MoHohan, Mamie Taggart. and Laura Moore. Troy Cox, Lena Smith, Vena Moyers. Ida D~elley, Ivy Smith. Teachers who taught in the new Second Row: Troy Vanhorn, Halper building were: Nellie Cottrill, Earl DeuHey; row three: James "Jim" Harris, June /vlolJohan, Garnett Smith, Grace Moore, EverettGerwig, Currey, Raymond Bodkins, Oren Homer Duelley, Ida Moore, Ruth Sumpter, and Raymond Bodkins. Moore and teacher Belle Floyd. The enrolhnent in 1935 was 23. Mildred said her mother Cindy People who helped furnish informa- Duelley told her all the Moore girls tion were: S.C. Kannedy,M.B.Boggs, were sisters. I found that Ida, Oleta G.O. Kennedy, Jasper Moore. and Ruth, Grace, Laura, Sherman, and Mrs. Attic Cox. Walter Moore were daughters and In 1903 the Mud Lick School's ad- son of Lewis Russell and Francis Ella dress would have been Bennett, but Fitzpatrick. I think Joe and Pat today it would be Normantown. Wilmouth now live where Lewis and Sister Caren White and her hus- Ellaraised their family on Mud Lick. band Dana, their daughter Valeria LewisMoorewasasonofCrooked White Brannon and Valeria's chil- ForkPioneerslsaacandBethiahWells dren, Emily Grace and Jedidiah Moore, who came from Phillipi in Hunter, and my granddaughterSherry BarbourCountyduringtheCivitWar. Harmond of Beckley all visited me They settled on Buzzard Glory (the one day last week. Valeria and chil- tallest point around) of Crooked Fork dren spent a week visiting family and nearwhatlaterbecamePerkins. I also friends while her husband, Roger think Eula Gerwig, Bernie Gerw)g Brannon, deer hunted in Gilmer and Everett Gerwig also are descen- County. dants of Bethiah and'Isaaa. A history Granddaughter Sherry was making of the Mud Lick One Room School her first quilt and wanted me to walk was written by Garnett Curry herthroughbindingit. Sherry plans to (Kennedy) in 1935. It states that the startworkingintheEmergencyRoom Mud Lick School was established in of the S0mmersv le Hospital as a 1903 and l'trstAocat,d between nurse practitioner sometime in early the mouth of Poplar Lick and Mud December. Lick on land owned by A.M. Coberly. We have turned our cows out into A modern school building was built themeadow, andlikemostotherfann- about 1929 about 1/4 mile up Steer ers, are feeding some hay so the grass Creek opposite the mouth of Poplar will last longer. Lick. Small things make base men proud. --William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 2 COI/RT[OUS $[RVlC[, O01CK LOANS Buy, Sell, Trade and Lend Dollars on Jewelry, Guns, Musical Instruments, Electronics, etc... II AARON ANDALISON January 2005 Wedding Planned Arlie Rodgcrs ofJacksonville. FL; riage of their children, Alison Rita Rita Rodgers of Bcverly. WV, along Rodgers and Aaron Michael Gerwig. with Larry and Vickic Gcrwig of The happy couple are planning a Cedarville, arc proud to announce the January 2005 wedding and will re- engagement and forthcoming mar- side in Elkins. i In iiiiii I i i News J oAnn Woodyar d 462-7093 iiii iiii Yard / Bake Sale held, Church Dinner Attended Our church had our month y fel- Wayne, Mikala and I visited Mr. Iowship dinner last Sunday after and Mrs. Layne Nutter one after- ohurch with a nice attendancc,noon last week at Cox's Mills. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Iscnhart of Clozetta Ferris, Clora Murphys' Clarksburg visited Emylea Shields sisterofGlenville, was in the Stone- over the weekend, wall Jackson Hospital. The doctor Charley Marks has been in the had done all he could, she says, so Stonewall Jackson Hospital for his she came home and began to eat and heart, then on to Clarksburg for the is perking along pretty well. catherization to see what is going on Duretha Mowery was over Satur- with his heart. Hope they find his day and visited us. problem and get it taken care of soon I visited Alma Montgomery one so he can bc back home. evening last week. Some of our CEOS Clubs in the Howaboutalittlefungame?Take county had a bake and yard sale Sat., your age, multiple by two, add five. was sure a cold day, but we did well. Multiply by 50 subtract 365 add the Waynesaysthehotdogs weremightyloose change in your pocket (under fine. a dollar); add 115. Joe and Izetta Brannon enjoyed a Thcfirsttwofiguresintheanswer trip to the Amish Country for a few are your age and the last two the days over the weekend, change in your pocket. Margaret Rad cliff 462-8250 Holidays Are Arriving Last week slipped up on mc, and I Thanksgiving and all the good things didn't get the newsin. I almost forgot that go with it. Also. Christmas is not this week. very lar away. Let us just remember We are starting to get the cold tern- to be thankful for what we have, and peratures. If it just wouldn't get any atimeforgivingandnotalwaysthink- colder. Some areas aren't as lucky, ing of ourselves. There is snow in some parts of the There are always ways of giving country. I am sure not ready lot the and not spending lots of money. Just white stuff, think of fun ways to give. It is coming the time for holidays. Pat's Pat Ridpath, Burnsville 853-2401 I Coming home in the fall Pat is still away in Kansas City with full garden and was generous with the her daughter, my sister, Robin: produce whenever it was in season, Robin is doing well after her proce- whethertomatoes, stringbeans,orcorn. dure, but still has another procedure to He grew lots of corn and kept more of be done sometime within the next few that for himself than the other produce. months. Weareallhopingandpraying If you kept going past Democrat's that it goes well for her since any house, you would eventually come to complications may result in the need the remains of another house. I know for neurosurgery. I have been told who once lived there, I do have a little news this time, the but I don't recall it now. Past the Burnsville High School Class of 1951 remains was a cabin generally only is planning a reunion the day after inhabited during hunting season. Thanksgiving, Friday, November 26 Off to one side about halfway up at 12 noon at the 79'er Restaurant. Brown'sRun wasacavethatmygrand- Also, forwarded from Patty father took us all to during one ofour (Sumpter) Dobbins: many summer visits. It was only large On October 16, 2004 the children of enough to fit a few people in with a Nye and Sylvia Sumpter held a re- crawl hole entering a small main open- union at the summer home of Dotty ing. I remember bringing flashlights and Arthur Rarnsey in Burnsviile. so we could see inside. Gramps called The siblings attending were: it Moyer's Cave, as it was on the Moyer Betty (Sumpter) and Walter Dunn farm, but a lot of people knew about it of Winterville, OH. and had left their initials or name carved Patty (Sumpter) and Dan Dobbins into the wall with chisel or nail or of Pittsfield, IL. whatever they had carried with them to DonaldLindsay(Shirley'shusband) dothejob. My great-grandfather Arley ofMontverde, FLand daughter Debbie McNemar had left his initials there and (Lindsay)WilliamsofWinterGarden, Gramps pointed them out first. He FL. knew most of the people who had left Gary and Esma Sumpter of Madi- their name on the cave walls and told sort. us their names when he pointed them Janita (Sumpter) and Lawrenceout. Hawkins and grandson, Tyreece, of Brown's Run was good for car Painesville, OH. washing, too. On a hot summer day Dotty (Sumpter)andAnhurRamseyafter we were old enough to have our of West Salem, OH. own cars, we could drive to Brown's Linda (Sumpter) Sanders of Can- Run and park the car in the creek. All vas. you needed was a bucket, soap and a Other family members and special rag and time to dry off after the water friends attending were: fight. Bridges didn't exist over the Richard Posey of Burnsville. creek on any part of Brown's run at Staeey Butler and children, Hannah that time, and a lot of the road was just and Garrett, of Webster Springs. creek bed with tire tracks. Though Jackie and Tammy Lindsay of gas roads were added about the time I Mannington. was a teenager, it didn't much detract EricandErikaSandersanddaughter from the beauty of the place. My of Canvas. brother had a little motor scooter with Donna and Gray Woods and son wide tires and the gas roads were Andrew of Madison. great places to ride any kind of motor Mark and Sherry Sumpter and chil- bike; the challenge of the steep zig- dren Hunter and Maggie, of Madison. zag roads and rocky washes great We had a great time and several of us ways to break a leg, though we never were able to visit our Aunt Pear Smith. did. We all love to come home this time Crayfish were plentiful in the creek of year. and were always amusing to catch. Well, I'd have to say I disagree Though the human population had wholeheartedly with that statement! made the creek less habitable for the It's good to come home any time of crayfish for a while, they have since year! Once again, for those uninter- begun to come hack, though noi to the ested in anything but the news, the plentiful humber I remember then. news stops here. From here on I want I don't remember ever actually en- to share a little of what I remember of joying berry picking very much, but one of the "hollers" near our home, the wild blackberries were so good Brown's Run. For those of you who eitherstraightoffthevineorinMom's missedthelastinstallmentofmystand- blackberry cobbler that we always in for Pat's Chat, I'm Chuck, Pat's son went anyway. Brown's Run had some filling in for her while she's away in really good berry patches, though Kansas City. some years were better than others There's something special about a depending on the rainfall. It could get hollow, a creek rambling through the pretty hot during berry season, and basin of it, pasture along the sides, we usually wore long sleeved shirts woods beyond lining the hills. It's and pants to protect ourselves from peaceful and there's always a feeling the briers. that something is up ahead and you Ithinklalwaysthoughtofmyselfas want to keep going til you find it. very lueky to be there, notjustBrown's Brown's Run was like that. The road Run, butBurnsville. Itneverreallyfelt was dirt back then; a lot of it has since like mine. I always felt like a visitor, a been paved. The only full-time inhab- generation away from actually belong- itants were the wildlife, Sally Brov;,n, ing there. But even that felt like a and further back, Democrat privilege, something I should hold in McPherson. Democrat always kept a high esteem. Use your Community Showcase --- It's truly a Gilmer County community center. It's located in downtown Glenville between the bank & PO. rCounty : . .?,., Semor Corner Illll Father Edwin Daschbach, SVD Understanding the Electorate The inability of the national media to whodisappmveofcurrent abortion leg- understand the pulse of the American islation (i.e., they favor at least some people was strikingly evident in Time restriction on the practice), Kerry's po- magazine's final issue before the No- sition on abortion surely came into play vember 2rid elections, -In an article de- in the moral issue concerns of voters, tailing what the magazine considered Senator Kerry was clearly not in as "major issues of the day," not one tune with the American electorate on word was said about moral issues. As this issue. Studies consistently Show examples, abortion and gay marriages that 1/4 ofAmericans favorno restric- were non-existent entities, tions whatsoeveron abortion, an equal Then came the election. Exit polls 1/4 are against all abortions, and 50% showed 20% of the voters favor at least some restric- placed moral values first in tions on abortion. their list of crucial is- Kerry's voting record sues behind their bal-t shows he falls in the " "" . lot choices. Eleven -- first 1/4 (favonng no states found their eiti-~ ~/ ~ restrictions on abor- zens voting en masse in .\\ tion). He even voted support of a ballot initiative 25 times in support of banning gay marriages, an ini- abortion funding, something well tiati ve fueled by Massachusetts' s beyond any thi ng required by Roe earlier approval of such unions, v Wade, and - as argued clearly Reports from those exit polls ~ by ethics prof Germain Grisez ot showed that it wasn't just evangelicals Emmitsburg's Mount St. Mary's Uni- that led the charge. Other Americans versity - thereby ipsofacto ("by that also felt Strongly about the issue and very fact") intending that abortions Jjoinedtheevangelicalvote.Apparently be done (~, Sept. 6, 2004, p. Kerry's opposition to the Defense of ! ). Marriage Act sunkhim. Hence theheavy 9~Vhile the Democratic party appears votesinBush'sdirection,whoisagainst more favorable on some other social gay marriages. But both Bush and Kerry supported civil unions of gays. Eight of the above eleven states thought that was wrong. Arkansas, Utah, Michigan,Ohio, Okla- homa, Kentucky, North Dakota, and Georgia passed initiatives banning even those unions. I haven't seen the statistics yet on the abortion question and the November 2nd electorate. My suspicions are that given the 75% of the American people iiii issues, it has been turning a deaf ear to those fighting for justice to the unborn. I feel that this so-called "party of the people" (to which I belonged until this past spring) is no longer living up to that descriptive phrase, It has been in- stead cuddling up to extremists and their agendas and consequently not giv- ing sufficient hope to the beliefs of the general American population. And I believe their presidency and congress losses this year are the fallout, ii i iii Menu Nov. 18 - Pork Chops, Baked po- tato, Spinach. W/W Bread, Fruit/ Marshmalloes Nov. 19- Chicken Stew, Carrots, W/W Roll, Fruit,'Cookie Nov. 22 - White Beans, Mustard greens, Beets, Cornbread, Fruit Nov. 23 - Hamburgers on bun, French fries, Tossed salad, w/w Bread, Pudding Nov. 24 -Thanksgiving dinner, Covered dish, Bring a dessert or a salad Nov. 25 -Closed for Thanksgiving Nov. 26- Closed " Activities- Nov. 18 - Baldwin Satellite 5 prn, Dominoes Nov. 19 - Bingo Nov. 22 - Dominoes Nov. 23 - Work on quilts, Bridge Nov. 24 - Thanksgiving covered dish, Set back, Choir 10:30 am, bring a ccvercd dish or a salad. Nov. 25- Closed for Thanksgiving Nov. 26 -Closed Gilmer County Prevention Coalition Wins Gitmer County Prevention Coali- tion in Glenville has been named a winner at the WV Prevention Re- source Center's 2004 'Share the Vi- sion' annual conference in Charleston recently. The winning category was commu- nity coalition, according to state news sources. to Wed JENN ANDJEREMY Mike & Dee Jones of Glenville are Gihner County High School and is 2004 from West Virginia University proud to announce the engagement of employed by Waco Oil and Gas.with a bachelor's degree in Animal their son Jcremy "Jerimah" Michael Jenn is the daughter of Mike and Science and Pre-Veterinary Medi- Jones to Jennifer"Jenn" Wuncher of Regina Wuncher of Weston. Jenn is cine and is currently employed by Weston. the granddaughterofHills and Helen Audubon Animal Clinic. Jeremy is the grandson of Jerry and Perkins of Clarksburg and the late The couple is planning their wed- Hclcn LambofJanc Lewandthe latc Lewis G Wuncher and Kathlene ding for June 2005. Kenneth and Mary Helen Jones of Harvey of Buckhannon and the late Baldwin. Hc is a 1997 graduate of James Harvey She graduated in May