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November 25, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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November 25, 1976

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of 1507% died Tuesday, of CAMC, employee of Department of the Baptist Association of resident of 32 years. W. Ross s0n, Kenneth of Eva Westfall Horn, both of Houchin of Miller of Morgan of the Rev, Virginia, Glen and six grand- rsday, nsall services in Stalnaker A.W. McCulllough A.W. {Bay) McCullough, 83, of Sand Fork, died Monday morning, Nov. 8 in Stonewall lackson Hospital, Weston. tie was born in Gilmer County, a son of the late S.M. and Virginia Heater McCullough. He was a retired coal miner and farmer, was a member of the Church of God of Prophecy, and was a veteran of World War I. His wife, Addie Wolfong McCullough, died in 1970. Four brothers and two randchildren preceded him in death, Survi.; are live sons, the Rev. Fred McCullough of Massillon, O.o Calvin and Leon of Sand Fork, Leeman and the Rev. Robert McCullough, both of LeGrange. 04 two daughters, Mrs. Freda Herren of Stouts Mills, and Mrs. Helen Collins of Weston; one sister, Mrs. Hallis Harris of Gilmer; 26 grandchildren, and 19 great- grandchildren, Funeral services were held Thursday, Nov. 11 at the Church of God of Prophecy, Dusk Camp, with the Rev. J.B. Groves officiating. Burial wa,. in the church cemetery. Park Richards gun battle ards, 63, of and killed lB, when he aental illness the Rush Run was also of Police were Warrant on a man who in a cave. went to the from to the cave, away, and ag over an an axe Fitzgerald, visit. At the rifle at away. rB continued turned sheriff MoDanaid Iheriff getting collapsing a few seconds later. Fitzgerald was killed instantly. The lunacy warrant was obtained upon a complaint by C.M. Smith of Rush Run. Smith was reported as saying that Fitzgerald had been threatening him and others in the Rush Run neighborhood, and had also made remarks about the state roads belonging to him, and that airplanes were going over and putting stuff in the creek where he got his drinking water. Fitzgerald was reported to have been carrying the rifle with him at all times. and that residents nearby felt unsafe with him in the area. Fitzgerald, a native of the Washington, D.C. area, had been living in the area for some time, first in a house destroyed by fire, then a barn which also burned, He had thea moved into the cave, where he kept a flock of chickens. Sheriff Richards, who lived in the Big Springs area, was elected to the office of sheriff in 1972, and had just won a second term earlier this month. The Calhoun county commissioners will have to find a replacement for sheriff, one who will serve by appointment until the next general election two years away. hear about the from a wish her a Thursday Collins spent the and Mrs. are from Went shopping Weston on lye Bill Perkins See Inc., Q - How is education entitlement charged for flight training? A - One month of entitlement is charged for each $270 paid *to the veteran. Q - I have a $10,000 National Service Life Insurance policy. It is a term contract and the premium escalates every five years. The cost is becoming prohibitive and I would like to know if there are any options available to me? A - You may convert your term policy to a permanent contract. In addition to a stabilized premium, your policy will accrue a cash value. Q -- Are veterans with a service-connected disability requiring a prosthetic device entitled to a VA clothing allowance? A -- Yes. The annual $190 allowance is paid Sept. 1. - Western Music , Nov. 27, 1976 at y Recreation Center lenville, W.Va. Gilmer Co. Native n D. Miller of Billings, Montana &amp; Recording Artist Songs: "West Virginia Calling", un County", & others Betty Jo Snider & The Countriaires and The Country Class Adm ission: {age 12 and older) ren .,-emtx, r 25, 197fi The Glenvlile Democrat/ P,thflnder fl Predicting flu epidemic sea record in West Virginia 'rhv t:larksbur I)itrh:i ()It)(:,L SBA bt makti $laaranteed loans in small is risky business News from the State Health Department 'A prophet is not without honor save in his own county." The same mv be said of epidemiologists who try to predict the diseases of the future and. or course, in 1976 this applies to the influezna vaccine sponsored by the Federal Government. Influenza vaccine has been in existance for over 30 years. Unfortunately. the early vaccine caused local soreness and reactions. "Flu" vaccine has the drawback of only protecting against the type of virus contained in vaccine, and the type of virus changes practically every year. Minor changes are spoken of as drifts in that the virus still resembles the previous viruses. Major changes are known as shifts usually leaving the citizenry with no antibody protection and leading to severe epidemics. The so-called swine virus of New Jersey represents a major shift and presents the findings leading to a major epidemic. The leading virologists and other authorities on influenza all agree to this possibility while admitting that any prediction about influenza is hypothetical and prophetic. It is really admitted there may be no epedemic, in which case citizens will not suffer regardless of the vaccines. On the other hand if an epidemic does develop, as feared by the authorities, the vaccine will help to prevent undue death and suffering. It is predicted by the authorities that any epidemic in the 1976-77 influenza season will be due to either Victoria/A type influenza or the New lersey/A type. Vccines will all be purchased by the Federal Government for distribution through the State Health Departments. Any vaccine for sale through usual commercial sources will not contain the viruses expected by the authorities to be prevalent in 1976-77. Questions have been asked as to why the World Health Organizations did not support universal vaccination. The fact is that our country is probably the only country in the world who can both produce and deliver vaccine to all citizens. The immensity of this task is evident from the delay in manufactur mg the vaccine and the time it takes to administer the vaccine to the entire population. Influenza in epidemics spreads very rapidly, and there is not time to wait for a demonstrated spread of the disease to give the vaccine. Antibiotics may be helpful but in the fnfluenza pandemic of 1918 citizens developed pnemonia and died within twelve hours. Even modern antibiotic is effective against "flu" virus. In any project as massive as universal infuuenza vaccination, many questions are bound to arise. The dose of vaccine, type of vaccine, and age of parients receiving vaccine are but a few, The West Virginia State Health Department will gladly attemep to answer such questions. U,S. Small Ihlsio,.,ss ;q)l)r-vl;d 28 I,,;ins in ()vtidt.r I'(ir over S4 millE,re, lke M;Ik l iehl. Shl h; 1 )Jr(tatar. SBA. ,l( ll|i.% i till: l;ir}4est dnllar vohlml; (if IOilllS (ipl)rOvf;(I hi a single m,nth in West Virginia. which indi(:ahid lhe el:enemy is t)(J(t in the ,d,l!(. Undt}l" :::., ,:, ti.n ,f Rude Craadin(:tli, Asstshtot l)iret:t.r {()r Finam:(: and investmenl, of the 28 loan applh:ati.ns appr()ved. 2t were under the SBA (,uarantv program, five were Ec.(momi(: Opportunity Loans. and one was under the Occupational Safty & tlealth Program. New ]egisJatinn increased the Regular Business Loan limit from $350,000 to $500.000 per borrower on a guaranteed SBA/Bank loan: increased the Economic Opportunity Loan Limit from $50.000 1o $lO0.000: and provides for financial and manage- ment assistance to Agricultural Enterprises that are classified as small business concerns. It also allows for The biggest killer volcano in the Western Hemisphere snuffed out the lives of some 30.000 residents of the French Caribbean island of martinique in 1902. the National Geographic Society says. They were burned and smothered when Mr. Pelee blew up and sent hot poisonous gases facing down on the town of St. Pierre. Only two townsmen survived. Please sent your subseflpUon renewals In promptly. experienced centra(:tors and rahab- ililatl: new resith:nlial and commercial l)ropi)rlies for immediate resale. pr,vidin certain conditions are met. In Ibe pasl. such financing was not av;dhll)h: unless the contractor had a lirm ct|n)";IC[ In do the work. "l'hr,,,h SBA's Guaranty pro- gram. , small business applies for I.,,.;'i.I ;issistance through their hank ,,I record, the bank provides the m,mey, and SBA guarantees up to 90" ,, of Ihe loan. The Economic Opportunity Loan program allows for the socially and econumicallv disadvantaged small business person, who has the desire and capability, to own their own business. Under the Occupational Safety and Health Loan program, SBA is authorized to assist any small firm that must effect changes in its equipment, facilities or operations in order to comply with federal standards ifSBA determines that the firm is likely to suffer substantial economic injury without the financial assistance. Before you buy, Check our Prices and Workmanship BENNETT & SON MONUMENTS Display Yard at 440 High St. Grantsville, W. Va. 354-6162 .-..::::..:.....<.a..;..-..........;-;.;,..;,;..'.%%.;% .:.:;:,:.:.:.:...,...:.:. Y." .':>'.:::: By The News Bird Weekend guests of the Delbert Coles were: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Olson and family of London, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. Larry lones and son from Glenville, Mr. and Mrs. Raymoe Jones and children from West Union and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Cole and Family of Weston. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Burton of Parkersburg spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Flaherty, also visjliag a re M and Mrs Albert Baker of Barto. Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Matheney of Parkersburg and Mr. Bill Matheney from Warren, Ohio, visited Mr. and Mrs. Harold Radcliff last week. Mrs. Florence Matthews visited her uncle, Mr. Brooks Rymer in Weston. Brooks suffered injuries in a fall at his home. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Radcliff visited him on Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bussey and Iamie are camping and visiting at the Astor Buttons. Also, guests at the Burton home were Mrs. Edna Smith. Gary Burton. Mr. and Mrs. Ran Burton and Toby of Cox's Mills. Mrs. Nannie Lowther remains a patient in the Downtown Division A stork was Robert Hinter Saturday night in the Mt. Earnest Church basement. She received many lovely gifts. Hostesses were Mrs. Stacy Spurgeon and Mildred Radcliff. I- l/1/Y////#/Y/ : ". ' <. 4 ./: "/  '_ --- "!-2.". .... "K Oo .1 | -- III ......... -- t" ---- ti  * - " --I One inch of rain contains the same omount of water is a lO-inch snowstoan, / Towne Bookstore Glenville NEW- Bibles for Eft-giving Ant ique design-large print We have a comple[e line of Christmas merchandise - boxed cards individual cards gif00 wrap & bows sta[ionery decorations party goods Shop early for Christmas gifts we have a grea[ selec[ion! Mon-Fri 9-7 Sat 9-5 Sun 10-i2.30 WATER WELL SERVICE Myers Pumps Sales & Servmce DRILLING CLEANING OUT H.K. 'Nip' Frymier Tanner, W.Va. Phone 462-8992 ii i i The Gllmer County Dental Clinic will be open for the practice of dentistry, Monday through Friday, effective Dec. 1, 1976. Hours by Appointment. Cal/46 809 Mineral Rd., Glenville, WV. uH Straight Answers From Your Power Company Thls Is one In series o( relflles to questions lining asked by our eusto- mars. Answering today is flat- old Ellis, Southern Dlvl- sien Managelr. QUESTION: Why do you charge a penalty when I pay my electric bill a few days late? ANSWER: It is unfortunate that some of our customers have this misunderstanding. We do not charge a penalty for late payment. We do offer worthwhile di,ount for early payment of electric bills. The practice of allowing "prompt payment discounts" or "cash discounts" goes far back in the history of American business. It is a means of encouraging early settlement of all accounts--and early settlement of accounts saves a lot of expense which otherwise would have to be reflected in prices. A very large majority of Monongahela cus- tomers pay their electric bills in time to earn the prompt payment discount. This gives us the cash early enough that we can pay our bills in time to earn the discounts offered by our suppliers. And those discounts we earn by prompt payment of our bills represent thousands of dollars that would otherwise have to be added to electric rates, The cost of electricity is higher today and, if our costs continue to increase, the rates must increase accordingly. One Way you can help hold increases to a minimum is by prompt payment of your electric bill. But we also ask your help in conserving energy in every way possible -- to conserve the dimini shing energy resources of the country and to save money for yourself. Monoiakela Power Part of the Allegheny Power System IST5 {: , !i ,ii]