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November 25, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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November 25, 1976

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10 The Glenvme Nowmber 25 197 [B REALTO 630 Elk Street- Gassaway Office 364-8365 Or 364-5547 Evenings Call: Jeff Wynne 364-2628 William Hunt - 765-2401 Wendell Hay 765-5164 , Danny Law 462-5290 +t" We All Have A Lot To Be Thankhd For ... The Right In This Country To Own And Transfer Real Estate Is Too Often Taken For Granted. Read The REALTOR&apos;S Pledge Reproduced Below And When You Think Of Buying Or Selling Please Call On Us. II I II I I I REALTOR' I AM A REALTOR * * * I Pledge Myself * * * To protect the individual right of real estate ownership and to widen the opportunity to enjoy it; To be honorable and honest in all dealings; To seek better to represent my clients by building my knowledge and competence; To act fairly towards all in the spirit of the Golden Rule; To serve well my community, and through it my country; To observe the REALTORS Code of Ethics and conform my conduct to its lofty ideals. II I I We Will Be Closed Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 25th. Open Friday And Saturday As Usual 9:30 a.m. To 5:30 p.m., \\; Sunday By Appointment. L llu I I I I Note: We Are Making Up Our Winter Brochure And Plan To Distribute Over 5,000 Copies ... May We Include Your Property? PUBI,IC NOTICE t)F CtlANGE IN RATES N()TI(:I; is hereby Riven that COL/IMBIA (AS OF WEST VIRGINIA. IN(:.. a public utilit v, has filed with the PUBLIC SERVIt;E C()MMISSION OF WEST VIRGINIA. revised tariff sheets centaming ira(eased rates, tolls and charges hlr furnishing gas servi(:e to residential. cummercial, and industrial customers at all h.,atmns in the Counties of Barbnur. Braxhln, m-,,.t., l)oddridge. Grant, tlanl:ock, llarrisen. Lewis, Marion. Marshall. Mineral. Monanalia. ()him Preston. Randolph. Rin:hie. Tucker. Upshur, Wetzel. Boone. Cabell. Calhoun. Clay, Gilmer. Greenbrier. lackson. Kanawha. Lim:uln. I,oan. Mason, Mercer. Mingo. Monroe, Putnam. Raleigh. Reanm "Sui'nTners. Wayne. Wood. and Wyoming. The proposed increased rates and charges will become effective December 12. 1976. unh;ss olherwise ordered by the Public Service Commission and will produce approximately $12,065,000.00 anaually in additional reveeue, an increase af 11.2io. "File average monthly bill for the varmus classes nf customers will be (hanged as follows: {$) Increase Increase (/0] Wheeling-Weirton- Elkins-Keyser Area General Service Residential $ 1.89 7.7% Commercial 9.14 7.7% Industrial 315.56 8.7% Air Conditioning Residential 1.45 21.5% Commercial 6.96 21.5% Industrial 18.85 21.5% lndustrials Olber Than General Service $4,874.52 17,4% Cha rleston-Huntington- Beckley-Lewisburg Area General Service Residential 1.74 8.6% Commercial 7.98 8.6io Industrial 123.99 9.7% Air Conditioning Residential 1.74 22.8% Commercial 12.18 22.8% Industrial 1.74 22.8/(, Intrastate Utilities $1,605.45 12.2% Industrials Other Than General Service $19,072.72 19.5% The revised tariff sheets, as well as a representative of the Company to provide any lure(marion requested concerning this. are available to all customers, prospective customers or their agents at any of the following offices of the Company: Huntington, Logan, Williamson. Elkins, New Martinsville, Parsons, Kingwood. Buckhannon, Keyser, Weirton, Charleston, Point Pleasant, Ravenswood. Beckley, Lewisburg. Wheeling and Princeton. A copy of the revised tariff sheets are also available for public inspection at the Offices of the Secretary of the PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION at the Capitol. Anyone desiring to protest the increased rates and charges contained in the revised tariff sheets should do so. in writing, at least five days prier to the effective date of December 12, 1976. All protests should briefly state the reason for the protest and should be addressed to The Secretary, Public Service Commission, Charles- ton. West Virginia, 25305. COLUMBIA GAS OF WEST VIRGINIA. IN(;. 11-25-2lc NOTICE TO TIlE PttLI(; (ff I:tt'C.;} ", "tARIFF F()R ]'ii,l:}'tl ):'} ! t.:i< i " ! CI,ENVII,I.E EXCtlANG} ( i !:' <il! ,'} :'," AND PO'lf}MA( I'Ici, Pitt,>;}  ()'.fi \\;'C' ) WEb;I" VI}{GiX[ ' Pal'SIlHlt hl the! l'((ilI{l( Ilia'! , { ( ]   Art(tie 2. Sc{fi)n 4. nf !iw (-:% , V,e . all(l Role 23 (I{ th+ l{UJt S ll;(t }{i ta it i, r t}' (]overamelll tff the (!>[is{l'u(!i { ;!Ill{ iil],k ' {l! Tariffs of Publi( Utildies, ( )t}*.r '[h> I  i,,ll;* farriers, af lhe Pub]i( (usl(, (,!lru>u - West Virginia. N()I'ICE is he M, i', H  [},.;/, [,'hph,le; )u*, ;,{ West Virwrll.. gi v*bb< (l! ie h lit h .: toh,nhnm <ervi{(! vt!}iiI {It! qL!t,' , ';\\; i'{ VirRinia. has !s!m(t llli hhM .}} }; !;i, Servicet;imtnussion f\\;Cc,J Vilvil., H ir i (: follows: P.S.C. - A Va o N. 202 f,, n f". h.l.:u Services Iaritt SUl}i,h+menl N 1. 7), Re'.' <' PaRe 47, The revised tarifb .hn'(, Ud v:}i(t iii be(lame effecti.e I!II N(IVHI[)P? 2[), !(); i. itl't ) !'i for the partial elindnation of rll iti ",l'!'kir { I! !}i' C-lenville ExchanRf l'h (u,t,-m i> .*.ii ser\\;'i(e that ar r,dr;tdill< ;at!! h '.,, t}u t4U: facilities are availahb< %uburtau q:. wiY, become the basic c.itering uutsig! {}* b.'<' *i - area in the t;lenvilh Ex(ha'.*Rr Ali u>i *, affected will be mdividualh n.hiied. On the 2oth da of f)tMer', iYfi. tariffs, rains and haraes \\;ye're xhihit .  ublic inspection at th. ?!t,c aI',! pLve f Ilqiness I)t the (',ia'llparl, [li tl('  irit lr  ;il', l! therebv, to-wit, al the hd[=\\; nM piu- 48 g\\; Main Street. Clarksburg, Said tariff will be kpt q)Cl h;r iubli inspection at said hi{he fillY] /ii ]e I) i)a<lta? 5 1} conformity wilt* the reelU re=.';(,, i Ru',( 24 2 and 37 of said Rule md iieulation,, tu-"hn with a copy of the Publi Ser'i(u( mlnU sil. l.av of this State and a i<}p} t){ t{l(! R!(t!! ftll( Regulations for the (',overnmen ,,f .(h itilih adopted by the Publi< herv, e  nmi > o. ff West Virginia. A representative .f tlw C.rpauy (( t}. office aforesaid will giw aat i d'orriuti-a regardin said rates :rod (:har;.es aa(i said Ruie. and Regulations reqaired hv alt (list,rlr tic prospecliv- caSt(tnel (ir hi'- a(H}[. }]l(] ali/T(i said persons or their agetlts. !i[T)t)Vt/lllit t examine an,' of the tariffs of the IX:(*,pan? .q ii reasonable hours. Anyone de'irm to pr.tesi the,( }li:,t t; tariffs should de so m wrtin stating his reasmt> therefor tu the Public Scswicl { onmssion )i West Virginia at teasi live (l,is prim !( t}: effective (late. November 20. t 976. Other', ise, !he Puhlic Service Commission (fi West Vh'iah tony )ermit these chaages ill rati!s of" {haf'gf!s 1(} income effective \\;ithout further preeedmgs The Chesa pea kn a nd Potema( TELEPHONE COMPANY OF WEST V[Ri;12q By C, th'de 'i u( k(,r Assislant Vir'e Prebidel, Ib()-It 112h Businessmen. Merchants. There is no better way to reach your local market than an ad in your local paper. Call 462-7309 now for information on ore" low rates, combination ads and big discounts on contract advertising! Free tax help available at IRS Given the problems of merchan- dising, advertising, recruiting and hiring, employee relations, labor unions, purchasing equipment and the like, it's not an easy job these days to operate a business. Yet, at least when it comes to tax matters, help is as near as the Internal Revenue Service. One way the IRS helps is its numerous free publications. Publica- tion 454, "Your Business Tax Kit, '" is one of the most popular, particularly f,r smneone lUSt starting a business. It is a lo[de.r type packet that contains tax forms and instructions, special publications. a checklist, and a mx calendar, IRS Publication 334. ""Fax Guid for Small Business "" explains, in considerable detail, tax laws iq)lving to sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations. Publicalion 225. i}enzil Clay };,' Simmons, Pie tariffs, vs .\\;r tt(m Ne. M r(,i tlaii tiarvey, Priu Nl\\;ra leaf iu+ . R.ssell G. h,' ,, .r w(irking b br! ;i;'v 25, in R I. Hunter. ! )fen(lantS, I'l. ()bjectS  indlJnmeot of I { t; !o!)qleat of oil a ;!i l st{flare \\;>' e.s t Virginia. It appeal tha' the rlrlrl resideot tt;ikliiiWli owners i i; w,!J thereon, MCl(m It. It  he tea bauts tit) erve tiT)(: \\;' }](!S(' ad(lrt ':irzi,qia 26452, an r tim ptaial b o] Dn ember default will he therea{tl!r, t ( A copy [r(tnl the Entered by November 3rd, lgyo, "Farmer's Tx similar in opera tions. In services, th8 provide vee business .r on the number c(mvenient information. I SALE Over 250 Pairs Jeans Over 30 Different Styles Now Drastically Reduced Was s 10.99 $12.99 s 12.99 s 15.99 $13.99 s16.99 $15.99 s17.99 - s18.99 s17.99 s19.99 -s20.99 s18.99 s20.99 - s22.99 s19.99 $23.99 - $26.99 Tops, T-Shirts, Shirts, Sweaters NowS2.99 to Sl 0.99 Were---s5.99 to s15.99 Free Gift Wrapping t bPiqiE r&bkiO 212Fi Main St. Glenville Located Behind Towne Books Directly Across from Post Office