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December 2, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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December 2, 1976

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W The GlenvUle Democrat/Pathfinder December 2, 1976 .4 NOTICE OF SCHOOL BOND 1,ECTION TO TH]E V OF G COUNTY SCHOOL DIS'rRICT. STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA: : Take notice that at a meeting of the Board of Education of the County of Gilmer. a statute. :: cooperation under the laws of the State of West Virginia, held the 8th (lay of Novemlr, 1976, a quorum ?. t end actinl throushout such meattn8, the following order was made and entered of :  oboes oF THe BOARD OF SDUCA'nON OF mE COUNTY OF CILMER DmECTINC AN :./: wnoN "to es mo FOR TXE vuePoss oF sue'nc TO THe VOTS OF CZLM COUrCn" :!SCHOOL DISTBICT ALL QUESTIONS CONNFX'ED WITH THE CONTRACTING OF A DEBT AND THE ill I I I I III LEGAL NOTICES Sale Continuing Double knits Denims Cottons Newshipment Suede Knits Socks - wash cloths 5/1.00 - Quilted material Ladies slacks Et Blouses - Hose - Quean Size US Rt. 33 at Pickle Street. 3 miles west of Alum Bridge, W.Va. IIII IIII I I ,,, ,,,, .... , [/ I II I,I I, III I, IIIIJ ........ I I I Sale continued due to bad weather. FADED: GLORY: Over 250 Pairs Jeans Over 30 Different Styles Drastically Reduced Now Was e10.99 t12.99 s 12.99 ' 15.99 $13.99 tl6.99 $15.99 s17.99 s17.99 t19.99 t 18.99 '20.99 - '18.99 '20.99 - s22.99 - '26.99 ' 19.99 '23.99 Tops, T-Shirts, Shirts, Sweaters Now$2.99 to $10.99 Were--S5.99 to $15.99 Free Gift Wrapping cN bPiq'"-" " "''" It, o, r00Jrl00JI I 212% Moin St. Glenviile Leceted Behind Towns Bookstore Directly Across from Post Office tSfiUING OF BONDS IN THE PRAL AMOUNT OF $2.450.000 FOR A SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION AND IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM. I IT ORDERED BY TI BOARD OF EDUCATION OF THE COUNTY OF GiLMER: It appeam to The Board of ucetion of the County of GLImer (herein called the "Board") and the Bourd does 8ccordinsly herebY find: t. The schools in Gllmer County School District are, with the exception of Gilmer County He. School, over 45 yeare old. The Send Fork, Tanner and Troy elamentary schools are in violation of the Lifo Safety Code. as appears from a recent report by the Stats Fire Marshal. The auditorium of one of the schools in described in one report as "a fire trap". Toilets are in basements without recommendeo ext. The extetin8 high school shmdd be remodeled and renovated and several rooms should be added. The Sled Fork, Tanner, Troy and Normantown elementary schools must be renovated and.portions of the Sand Fork and Noramntowu schools must be replaced so that Shay may continue to oo used. m addttkm, the Glenville )&lementary School needs added facilities in the form of a gymnasium and rainted areas to render it a full service educational complex. The Board has received reports ano momueendatinns from the Gilmer County Cltizenl Committee for Better Schools, and meetings have been conducted in the put upon the question of the school needs. Accordingly. the Board finds that it il urllsntly necessary that the Board acquire, renovate and improve certain of the extstm8 school in said School District ns shown below, and in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan of t'm School lYmrict which has been approved by the State Board of Education. The funds derived from curra.nt layins sonliceble to the making of such improvements in and additions to or supplementation or  trtaka . imbeoL indkUnlpt, Wbk:h this body Is now authorized by law to lay. alter provtdin8 for the sdminbtraflou of the afaire of  Board and meeting the current expenses thereof required bY law. are insufficient to finance such improvements, additions, supplementation aria mnovatiun and. therefore. Bends should be issued to provide funds therefor. 2. Funds should ha obtained for the purposes montinned above and described below and it will be nmmary to incur debt and imme Bonds for the eninrsement, exteuelon, supplementation. recons baprovement and renovation of the extin8 school fuels/ties hereinafter described. hlvmlUsatinn and studies by this Board show that at least the sum of Two Million Four Hundred Fifty-Nine Thousand Dollars ($2.450.000) must be Ipant for such pu, in additbn to the share of the Board in the State Better School Buiklinp Amendment Funds. which has already bean provided, in the sum (3/1829.500, all to the end of providing better, safer school facilities in saidSchool District as part of the offort required to nmet the educaUmml needs and to improve the opporinnitla8 of the etulant* in said School DietricL 3. The valuation of the taxable property in Gllmer County School District. as shown by the last amassment thereof for state and county taxation purposes, is $40.198.900. and the valuation of each of property within aid school District is as follows: (l $ 3.198.310 Class IS 8.e45.TS0 Css lII 32,721,080 Class 11/ 4,632,230 Total- $ 49.198.300 4. There is not any lndubteduees for school purposes in the former mStstertel school districts in CdJmer County. nor ls them any beaded indebtsdae o Gtlmer County School District. The unbended indabtndue of the School District Is uegligible and can bejmkl from current law funds, Acoordtnsly. Bonda in the ul, lrsate principal amountof .450.000 may be boned for the purpueas herein provided. 5. Domb Nee. I to402. Jnchudvo. in the principal amount of 15.000 each, except that Bond No. 40,2. shall be in the principal amount of 14,000, aUrepU $Z45g.000, shall be Issued and eold, the pmeeada of which sl sh be used for the purposes hereinafter mt forth. To tha extent ttt ndditimml funds are made available lethe Board for the oomtructina of school bulldins or me Imlrovmut tmof, or the purchase d equipment therefor, by esme form of matchins by the Federal Govermaent. the amount* herein stated may be used, insofar as permitted by law. on a nuttchin8 beds to secure funde so made availebl, and provided that the Ronrd. in its discretion, may Late to and expend for any one or more of the purpmm or projects hereinafter described any sums remainini[ named ou account of inability to ceMtruct, cart 7 out or complete any project, or upon comletion of any other of the lmrposm or projects, whether any such sum remuiM unussd upon sueh completion by tmon of an underrun,in the estimated cost of such purpose or project, or by rouen of a 8rant-in4id upon tbe cat stated lmmin of such pprpme or project redved by the Beard from the Federal Govm'ament or otherwise. The estimated cats of the projects dsscribed below do not include any sums for BOW equipmmt lad  and Om Ikrd win usa any moneys Syllable, inclndi emm,/s darived from the boncl mu ramstuiaS altar  of the Ilow-tcribed projects, to purchase mch new squ!Imat and furn/shin as may be needed and obtainable with the moneys available. UPOn cempion of all such imrp0m9 or projects and paylmt therefor in full any unread renmfuin8 h'om the sale of the Bonds shall be  with the State S inkinl Fund Commission to be used for pm'clea of any Bonds of this imme out*tendin8 at the price of not more than the par value tlmmof  accurad interut tot he date of ouch  or for the paymmt of such Bonds and the intet t] at tbe maturities thereof. 22m Bonds sJutll bear interest at a rate or rata not exceedtn8 the rate of seven per ceninm (70/,) par twaum, payable mmanuuay, ud the Bonds shall be payable from one to fifteen yea from their data. and tbe maturiti of the ikmda, besud upon epprodmlateb/ level or cqunl annual salraiate smonat* of ptindi and interest drinS the [fie of the bond lame, with interast decraasins u principal pa]mumts increase in each rabmquent year, dmU he as follows: Bonds in the emmet of $100,000 due and payable one ymr after date:. nmottat of $106.000 dolt and payable two years after date; amount of $110.000 due and payable three yours after .date; Benda in the Scads in the Bonds in the Bonds in the Boada in the Bonds in the Sondl in the Bondl in the lkn in the Boud in the mda in the Bonds in tbe Bonds in the amount of $120,000 due and amount of $130.000 due and amount of $13S,000 due and amount of 1'145,000 due and amount of $1&q.000 duo and mount of $170.000 due and smmmt of $1e0.000 due and amount of $105.000 due and amount of $205.000 due and amount of $220,000 due and amount of 8235.000 due end Imt. t. t}u. mmm,nt ' u?..54.000 due end payable four years eftsr data: payable five years after date: payable 8ix years after date: payable seven ytr after date; payable elaht years after date; pa than ymn after date: paWnte emmm years m?r .date" payable twelve Tears armr date; payable thirteen years after date; pebble fourteen years after dale; tble flfte yours after date. !t Is hu'ther ..hereby ordered by Tbe Board'of:lkincation d abe County of CLmr that: ___ tA) "  question  .Iponrr.  .deFt Fnd  said  and ell other questions properly umrawtm sMn ee smmumKI to the 4 Gllmer uotmty School lYmtrtct at the Seaorsl election which shall be held therein on the 17th December, lg76. and that the election officials for each of the legall ;ilmer County School District. which embraces the same territory as the County such special school bond election shall be and are hereby appointed as follows:  : NEW LISTING Nice 23-acres farm with 2 bedroom house, barn and 4 outbuilding with utilities available. Approximately 5 acres of bottom land With good garden spots. Fronts on gravel-based school bus route. Very reasonably priced at $9,000. NEW LISTING - 180 acres near Cox's Mills, entirely fenced With woven Wire and has 2 ponds. This productive acreage has been pasturing approx. 40 cows, 40 calves, and 40 sheep. Call for more information. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY In this unit-trailer park in Glenvtlle. Price -- S15,000. S15,000. Call for more information. WALNUT ST. - 2 bedroom home in Glenvme. Price $19,500. 6 ACRES AND HOUSE - 3 bedroom home, Just 2 miles from Glenville on a rock base road. Price $20,000.00. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY -Beer Tavern, includin$ real estate. $21,598. KANAWHA DRIVE - Beautifully designed and decorated 4 bedroom home, many extras. Price $74,900. LETTER GAP - lg,5 acres potential commercial site, front Rt. 33 and 119. Call for details. 44 ACRES - old house on Rt. 47, near Cox's Mills. Price $16,900. STEWARTS CREEK - 19 acres, hilltop view, beautiful building site. Price $10,000. IO]JS RUN - 84 acres, timber, hunting, accessible. Price $11,900. CALHOUN COUNTY - 5 acres, camp site, road frontage. Price $1,900. KANAWHA DRIVE- Beautifully designed and decorated 4 BR home, any ext Price $74,900. RT. S - one story, 3 ]JR home, extra bill lot. Price $17,500. 132 ACRES - Remodeled home, timber. Price $40,000.00. 415 KANAWHA ST. - Modern 3 ]JR home, corner lot. Price $34,500.00. 50 ACRES - Remodeled g room home, FREE GAS. Price $46,000.00. 314 N. Lewis St. - 6 rooms, 2 ots. Price $12,500.00. 100 ACRES - Calhoun Co. rldlle land. FREE GAS. Price $24,000.00. 30 ACRES - Timber, hunting, buildinll site. Price $6,000.00. 98 ACRES - 4 ]JR home, level meadow. Price $33,598.00. g7 ACRES - FREE GAS, Building site. Timber. Price $27,900.00. GRASS RUN - One-half acre building lot. Price $2,675.00. GRASS RUN - 1 acres super building lot. Price $5,900.00. CEDAR CREEK - 3 BR mobile home, llaralle, call for details. r 407V DOLLIVER ST. " 5 BR mobile home nice lot. Price $19,200.00. " 104V ACRES - Timber and hunting. Priced right at S12,800.00. 71 ACRES - House, good hunting area. Price $12,000.00. We need listings on 3 bedroom homes in the Glenvil area. McPHERSON REAL ESTATE 973 Mineral Rd. Gienville, WV 26351 TOM M(3PHiSON. BROKER- Ph. 4G2-8819 MARY LEE MCPHERSON, AGENT - Ph. 462-8819 GilEG NICHOLSON, SALESMAN 4624St64 ]IMMIE L. FrrZWATER, AGENT 462-7138 / PICTURE FRAMING The Rigkt hckoend Makes the Difference Po;nt;nS, photo,ohs p;cc)oot documents.,, oil ,Ion be peserved, enhonced with expee! custom framing, Co|J, THE """" FUN| 6tLLER I?, ST.. $1qUlll, WI -' X iJECrlON OFFICIALS CEN'I'ER DISTRICr precinct I 1 (Normantown) - Normantown School Clerks Ruth Hardman Fram Pre,'im:l # 5 I(;"d"rvilht) - (3tmmuttltv Building ( :)..rks ( .;t r,,i l.. (;l'rwi) ('.wl Smith procin(',t # 6 {Shock) - Bennett's Slore {Phone: 364-8617) Clerks Barbara Sauer Van,:e Norman DEKALB DISTRICT Precinct # 12 [Third Run) - Mrs. Bonnie Waggy {Phone: 462-8007) Clerks SandyDrake Rose Roberts precinct # t3 {Tanner} - Tanner School Clerks Eloise Byrd Denver Law GLENVILLE DISTRICT Precinct # 16 (Court House} Gilmer County Court House Clerks Bonnie Billips Anita Hsro[d Precinct # 17 (Sand Fork} Sand Fork School Clerks Claudia Greynolds Dale Thrasher Precinct # 18 (Stouts Mills} - Ed Shiflett's Residence (Phone: 462-7225) Clerks Christine Brown Lucy P. Edwards Precinct # 20 (South Gicnville) - Turner Building Clerks Jessie Luzader Kim Jones Precinct i 23 {East Court House) - Gi|mer County Court House Clerks Judy Meads Audrey Somerville LoceUon Praemst Normsntown SI ar School TROY DISTRICT Precinct # 27 {Troy) - Troy School Clerks Connie Adams Mavis Cole Precinct # 31 (Cox's Mills) - Community Bufidin8 Clerks Dehras Simmons Mary Ellen Chapman 0B) The reiletretion of voters and the mm of the relletreUon permanent reiletratJon laws of the State of Wut Virstnin, end The Bcell m Glhaer hereby adopt, the reSiStretlen lists of the County of Gflmer as the Giimer County School District for such election. (C) The purposes or projects for which the proceeds of ease of voters, ere to be expanded are (: follows: Project 1. To 8cquira. construct and erl additions for cin and other space and accommodaUone (to meet 8uidaliuee of the State Bcerd of Sducetinn) for the preset Noraut. town glauamtery fuhooi lind to reconstruct, renovate and remodal such school, which will serve a total of approximately 3.q0 student, 2. To acquire, construct and erect Prment Sand Fork a,klltinns for classrooms and other School space and accommodations (to meet _oes of the State Board of n} for the exiettns &tad Fork gimaenter School, and to reconstruct, renovate and remodel ouch wheel, which will mrv a total of approximately 260 student, 3. To renovate, remodel and improve Prmmnt Troy ]mumter the exleUn8 Troy Sie-mentery School. which after cempletiou of the new Gleuvilla Klementary School will mre approximately tSO student, 4. To renovate, remodel end tmpreve Present Tanner the axistin8 Tanner glementsry School School to mrve approximately 130 students . To acquire, oomtruct, erect and Present Glonvllle prepare the te. includins utilitieS. Schod and landscepin& for the 8ckUtton of a 8ymauinm and related arms to tl prmmnt Ghmvflle FJmmmtary School 6. To acquire, construct and erect gxistin| Gllmer County an eciditiou for classroume for the School existin s Gflmor County Hash Scheel and to renovate, remodel and improve the academic and s shoe' 11.17 JUL'67 Form 26 PEN MONEY With a checkbook you con carry any sum of money safely. Your own signature is your security. And your cancelled checks are proof that bills are paid. Open a checking ac- count. No minimum balance. I Kanawha Union ] ........ Bank Glenville Ill -- ,' Beautiful Paintings, Landscapes, etc. I' I from your color photos makes a unique I I I I Christmas gift. Call 462 - 8045 I I I at the High School Dec. 4, 1976 9 PM to 12 PM $1.50 per person Featuring the Sponsored bY the Athletic Boosters Club,J All proceeds will be used to purchase a restling mat for the High School. 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