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December 2, 2004     The Glenville Democrat
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December 2, 2004

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! I I Christmas FestivalThursd"y,Dee. 2, 2004 -- The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder-- Page 7 tt Pat Ridpath, Burnsviile Concert at-- .GILt-DCR CO U TV soct2tL SCEKI 853-2401 Bethany College ,, , , ,, ,, Christmas musical needs local ~ Bethany College and the Bethany community will ring in the holiday season with a Christmas Festival Con- cert on Thursday, Dec. 9, in Com- him. mencement Hall. Now, you don't walk baretoot un- The concert begins at 7 pm. The dec a chestnut tree, if you know what public is invited at no charge. lmean. Thespikedhullsofthechest- Performing will be the College's nuts that fell from the trees every Wind Ensemble, directedbyJonathan autumn took time to decay and were Neiderhiser, Lecturer in Fine Arts- pretty much there all the time under Music; the College Jazz Ensemble, the trees far back up on the hill at the director by Pandel Collards, Assis- edge of the woods. However, down tant Professor of Fine Arts - Music under the chestnut trees was a trea- and the College Choir, directed by sure trove of found items. Before David Rudari, Assistant Professor o1" sanitation engineering and city ordi- Fine Arts-music. Michael Mihalyo, nances, you just had to make do, and' Vice President for Academic Affairs Cramps hauled all his trash up to that and Dean of the Faculty, will serve as spot and buried any unburnable guest conductor. items there. Ithadbeenused f orquite Christmas selections include "Let a few years, so some of the things it Snow! Let it Snow! .... A Merry buried there were of unknown age. Little Christmas," "I'11 Be Home tor We spent hours there sometimes dig- Christmas," "White Christmas," ging, and found old bottles green with "Sleigh Ride," "The Little Drummer Explore Cramp's Paradise with Me Once again, Pat is still away in buildings way in back on the hill Kansas City with my sister, Robin under the trees, out of sight from For those of you who may have missed passers by. To each side of the yard the last three chats, Robin had to be during the summer was, a well kept hospitalized Ibr newly diagnosed ce- garden. Grampswouidhaveitdisked rebral aneurysms. She is doing fine up almost every year by someone in now after one of the new coil proce- or around town who owned a tractor. dures, a reinforcing procedure that Then he'd till it with either the gaso- does not involve surgery. The coil line rotor tiller or just a hoe and the procedure is a modern miracle single blade hand plow with the big of science that actually seems to per- steel wheel. form as advertised, and I was happy Soon after his own kids moved when I Iound out they are able to away, Grampsgotholdofabigindus- perform them at the hospital Robin trial wooden wire spool that waslarge was admitted to. Robin has had both enough to serve as a picnic table. He ancurysms repaired, but is not out of painted it white and put it out back in the woods yet since one of the coil the level spot back of the house. You prcx:edures (there were two aneurysms got there by traversing the little walk- tofix)didnotgowell. Shc will return way that ran in front of the for an evaluation soon to see if the one smokehouse. The walk made it easier singing, instrumental talent The "Community Celebration of Christmas" program of singing and l r- forming will, once again, take place at the Glenville State College's Fine Arts Auditorium at 7 p.m. on Sat., Dec. 11. This has become a very popular Yuletide tradition in Gilmer County. Nevertheless, to make it a success and enjoyable for everyone, community members are being sought as volunteer participants in the Community Chorus and/or as individual performers. This year if you wish to perform in this worthwhile event, call Professor Buddy Griffin, who is heading up the program this year, at GSC's 462-7342 or 462-7361. Buddy, who started the popular Annual GSC Bluegrass Festival & Classic Car Show, relates that he was given this new assignment only recently, so he needs the general public's help. All individuals or groups wishing to sing or play Christmas themes are welcome, but contact Buddy ASAP. ~.e,, " :~ i~: .... .,." coil is working well enough. Until to get to the picnic area, the brick grill age with raised lettering, or cobalt Boy," " Angels We Have Heard on ../; then. Pat will have too much on her which doubled as a trash incinerator, blue, or milk bottles with the raised High," "Silent Night," "O Come All mind to be able to muster the creative and the clothesline which ran along insignia of the local dairy, or even YeFaithful"and"~)oYouHearWhat .~< energy to prtxJuce a chat, so she's between the one garden area, therhu- with parts ofa cork still intact, some- I Hear?" A collection of songs from "W~ delcgatedittome, l'mherson,Chuck, barb patch, and the lower grape trel- timesshoes andshoepartsofstrangely "A Canadian Brass Christmas," "The Well. there was news from lises. Cramps built two Adirondack different design, parts of old toysand Nutcracker" and "Twas the Ni_oht ~ ff~ ~ , ~,z~ .. Burnsville this week. Mom told me stylechairsandpaintedthemwhiteas smetimes thingsevenGrampsdidn't BctbreCbristmas"willbeperfrmcd ~': ~"~':~:' i i ~"]~/~"" the Burnsvillc High School class of well. recognize. Cramps would check on "The concert is very traditional ~, ...... ~ 1951 had a reunion. She gave me Irises bloomed around the picnic us once in a while during excavation Christmas repertoire," Rudari said. ::~ .~o Rose Crutchficld'sphonenumberso table inthesummertime. Cramps to make sure we hadn't injured our- "Thc songs are ones we all recog- OOp l c,,uld call Rose for thc details. She would mow them down in the fall and selves, and to caution us to take care nize." "~" Sat., Dec. 4, 6:00 to 9: m said Rose would hJvctohear from me let the bulbs lie dormant, and they with any broken glass or old cans. sta :: anyway. Inmffcdtheassignment, would spring back to life every year, I think I'm running over my page te Board 1 Annual Commumty hov,'ever. When lcalled Rose, the purple and white and dark blue. Be- allowance and risking cancellation of Ed fellow who answered the phone late fore Gramps had the driveway cut out here, but there's a few things I can't ~,~catlon SaturdayeveningsaidRosewasatthe of the side of the hill up to the back leave out. If you climbed the little The State Board will meet to dis- Christmas Party church and might not be back until porch, there was a huge old apple tree stone stairway beside the oldcuss Mingo County, including its lale. Secmsthere ~as aquartet sing- on one side of the house. The apple smokehouse and kept going past Comprehensive Educational Facili- at the Gilmer C0, Rec, Center's Dining Hall ~ in~ that had come from out of town tree on the other side is still there, and the outbuilding that Cramps and his ties Plan, on Dec. 3, beginning at 1:30 ~ ~ and the service mi~_ht be longer than I have a picture somewhere of my brother Sam built, youcameto awell p.m., in the Board Conference Room, ,~.~., * Hosted by Glenville Jr. Womens' Club & usual. I told him l would call Sunday, own son standing proudly in its with a tin roof. Though the well sat CapitolBuilding6,RoomB-353,1900 :.#'~ but that never happened. I'd worked branches. Gramps had planted cherry at thetopofthehill itwasalways filled Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston. : Community Businesses/Individuals. ~; m'er the Thanksgiving holiday my trees on one side of the house, though by a spring that ran pretty much all President Barbara N. Fish, will pre- * Free Hot Dogs & Hot Chocolate usual holiday ni~zht shifts anhe hospi- they're not there anymore. Wayback thetimeexceptthedriestyears. Asthe side" Se I/or ' " " : *ComplimentarypictureswithSanta '~'~ tal and slept the'-festivities away, so I on the hill are about five chestnut well overflowed, it ran into a little / i~""i spentall day Sunday trying to make it trees, and raspberries and blackber- concrete trough, about two feet by ~ County * Gift Bags for all kids up to my wife by spending the day ries used to grow there as well, though four feet or so. h was used at one time ~'~ with her. l didn't get to call Rose Gramps would have to plant therasp- for the milk cow, but Gramps only ...~ * Free door prizes for kids and parents Sunday. Sorry, Rose! Morn saidthe berries, kept chickens for part of our child- n Comer : o,. ( including board games, hot wheels, and two reunion went well and there wereFront of the house when Granny hood. The milk cow had long since ~ bicycles, one for a girl and one for a boy) about eight people in attendance, was alive always had flowers in the been replaced by the milkman, who Me " Well, once a~ain faced with the long flower beds on each side of the has now in turn become a relic of the . nu ,,,2 * Karaoke scarcity ofncws,~I'm going to have to walk that was lined by another small past. I always forgot to look for the * Face Painting resort to filling the rest of the column curb of concrete. Grampskeptmari- frog or two that lived by the old water Dec. 2 -Fish Sandwich, Spicy Po- /: * A Christmas Movie with my own memories of West Vir- golds there after Granny died, as he trough, and I'd always hear them go rate Wedges, Coleslaw, Brownies ginia. This is the fourth time writing said they were one ofGranny's favor- kerplopwhen I walked up there, but I Dec. 3 -Chicken Livers, Boiled * Christmas Carols this chat for me now, and the most ites. The walk led up to a great wide could never find them, even fishing l'otatoes, Green Beans, Applesauce, ~ Crafts and Games difficuh part of doing it is picking the concrete stairway that led to the front aroundwith my sleeve rolled over my W/W Bread * Raffle tot a Longaberger Basket filled topic. Soon as l pick the topic, Ican't porch, with a large iron pipe that served elbow. Dec. 6- Beef Tips W/ Gravy, ~*~. " with Christmas Goodies. (~ seem to write fast enough. Well, as a banister on one side, awhitegate l spent sometimes reflective hours Parslied Noodles, Peas, Cake /withI" * Traditional "Candy Cane Kids" presentationi : hems the topic: the yard. It may not to the front porch. The front porch is on the wood seat of the chain swing Icing seem like much era topic, but let me atopicinitself, soI'mnotgoingtosay that Cramps hung between two trees Dee. 7 - Turkey Ala King, Rice ! f'~ * Canned food drive for the food pantry, tell you, Cramp's yard was paradise any more about the porchjustyet, high up on the hill beside the far Pilaf, Green Beans, Tossed Salad, compared~ this postage st~n~si.~ .. Mudcrabholesmightheaauisance, outbuilding. If I pumped the swing Fruit Crisp ' lease bring a can for donations m ride on ; bit of crab. w here South for WestY 'r_ginia gardeners 0r, re, ally liig itr [2ikeI would fall int Dec. 8 - Meatballs, Mashed eota- . aBig W l'. Tany diil:d dqtaating a can. Florida. Paradis~ I think even as a ~ids, it'sjustpartofthemagic:Noth-, the valle,y.,blow.. Sitting there gave toes, W/Gravy,Spinach, W/WBread, kid I somehow knew to appreciate it ing was much more fun than fishing acommanding view of the finestpart Peaches * For the Morns, Mary Kay presentation and for what it was. -. around with a stick until you felt a oftown, theequallywell-tendedyards Dec. 9- Pork chops, Lima Beans, .~ Tastefully Simple presentation F!rstthetopographyofthething. If tug. If you timed it just right and and gardens across the river, the Italian Veg., W/W Bread, Fruit W/ ~ , "~: you ve lived inthe city all your life, pulled just the right way, you could steepled Baptistchurch onthefarside Marshmallows :":'! We hope everyone will attend this first you can't fully appreciate it til you snatch the elusive mud crabs right out of town, the white painted houses, ~ " have one like this of your own. My of their hole, then shriek and holler grandfather, Harry Wiant, Mr., always trying to catch it, or grab it and chase kept it neatly mown even when all he anyavailablefemalecontingencywith had to mow it with was one of those it. Funny thing about small holes in whirring sell-propelled mowers that the yard, but the neighborhood cats you only see now in old pictures. The were almost as fascinated with them house sat in the middle of a hilly as we kids were. If a cat sees you expanse of grass with two large maple fishing around in the hole with a stick, trees out front. There were two level it makes him curious. Something spots in the whole yard. one to the left groundrolling funny about a cat up to of the walk as you came in, and one its shoulder in a mud crab hole, then back up on the hill beside the old flying almost straight up in the air in smoke house. There were two out- complete surprise when thecrab nips it The thing most people want is genuine tmde~itanding. If you can understand the feelings and mooda of another person, you have something fine to offer. --Paul Broelk II I I III II i i April Fridley 462-7309 ii ii ii i Choco. Cheesecake Squares Thanksgiving is now past and Christmas is coming, ready or not! The first snowflakes of the year" have already been spotted, Christmas carols are already being played on the radios and Christmas shows are lin- ing up on most TV stations... Wait a minute ! Where has this year gone'? Oh, also ask my mother, Helen Williams, where the past 50 years have gone! Yep, that's right, 50! My mother turned the BIG 50 this past Sunday. Happy Birthday, Moma! The following recipe is one that I made for Mom's birthday cake. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Choco Cheesecake Squares !/3 cup butter, softened !/3 cup packed light brown sugar I cup plus 1 tablespoon all-pur- pose flour, divided I/2 cup chopped pecans (optional) l cup semisweet chocolate chips I package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened I/4 cup granu- lated sugar I large egg I teaspoon va- nilla Preheat oven to 350"F. Grease 8- inch square baking pan; set aside. Beat butter and brown sugar in large bowl until light and fluffy. Add i cup flour. Beat until well combined. Stir in nuts, if desired. (Mixture will be crumbly.) Press evenly into prepared pan. Bake 15 minutes. Place chocolate chips in glass mea- suring cup. Melt in microwave oven at high 2 1/2 to 3 minutes, stirring after 2 minutes. Beat cream cheese and granulated sugar in medium bowl until light and fluffy. Add remaining ! tablespoon flour, egg and vanilla; beat well. Pour cream cheese mix- ture over partially baked crust. Re- turn to oven; bake ! 5 minutes or until set. Remove pan to wire rack, cool completely. Cut into 2-inch squares. Makes about 16 squares and the one brick house in town with a circle drive. In the evening, if you stay a while, the fireflies come out addingtothemagic. Crickets sing the approach of night, and the draped fronds of twin sentinel willow trees sweep serenely back and forth over the mist as it forms on the river. If it's not paradise, it's real close. In fact, if someone asked me to design para- dise, I know what I'd use for the blueprint. The yard. Activities: Annual Community Christmas Party Dec. 2- Workon Quilts, Dominoes and make it an enjoyable event! Dee. 3 - Set Back, Bingo " "~" . . , . ~-~,~' Dec. 6-NightCoveredDish5pm, .~: ~!i,'~ event, or anyone with questions, .~.,~ Anyone interested m donating for thns = ~'i Set Back Dec. 7- Bridge, 9 am, Dominoes, "~'P::~~7"i please call 462-5050. : Tanner Satellite 6 pm Dec. 8 - Choir I 0:30 am, Set Back, .~'~.,.,) , . ..... '~,:.;~a,.~ Board Meeting ! pm ~'~'~ ......... ;:> " ..... :": i;,~, Dec. 9 - Work on Quilts, Covered ........... ~ .......... ~. . ........ .' . . ...... Dish 11:30 til 12:30 TRADITION # INNOVATION ~ LEADERSHIP ~ COMMUNITY President & Mrs. Freeman invite the Gilmer County Community to a Community Open House as they celebrate the holiday season INrERSECrXON OF MINERAL ROAD AND SYCAMORE Roads, GLENVILLE. at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 1L 2004 at the President's Home I Private Ill I parties and houses. To wear your heart on your sleeve isn't a very good place; you should wear it inside, whe it functions best. --Margaret Thatcher Please also plan to join them for the community musical ".,4 Community Celebrat bn of Christmas" ' ' following the Open House at 7:00 p.m. in the Fine Arts Auditorium t