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December 8, 1988     The Glenville Democrat
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December 8, 1988

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The Glenville Democrat-Pathfinder 11 is a list of real estate sold in the county of Gllmer, in the 1988, for nonpayment of taxes for the year 1987, and Individuals or by the State of Wes! Virginia: ,Icres, description, purchese, amt. paid) CENTER DISTRICT M etux, 1, Sur, White Oak Camp, State of WV 10, Coal, Tanner's Fork. State of WV 115.50, 11,550/504,000 COG, LF. Steer Creek, Mary E Wessell. 400.00 13, 4/24 OG. Grass Run, Tno Petroleum, 300.00 58, 1/20G, Little Crooked Run, Trio Petroleum. 2000 58, Coal, Liffie Crooked Run, State of WV etux, 25.17. Min-OG, Steer Creek, State of WV 60, OG, Saw Pit Run of Grass Run, Trio Petroleum, 3500.00 56, OG, Mudlick Run of Grass Run, Trio Petroleum, 2500.00 Roscoe, 51, 4/10 OG, Spruce Run, Trio Petroleum, 35.00 HS., .50, OG, Grass Run, Paul Lowther, 20.00 DEKALB DISTRICT LL eta], 106, 7/192 OG, Trace Fork, Tno Petroleum, 300.00 Hrs., 75.66, Man-16/20 OG, Laurel Fork, Wyene Turner, 1500.00 E. etux, 6.87, Sur, Sinking Creek lot 26, Trio Petroleum, 35000 56.23, 1/40 OG, Tanner's Fork, Tno Petroleum, 25.00 M. 50, 1/40 OG, Tanner's Fork, Trio Petroleum, 20.00 Carol M, 9.13, Sur, Sinking Creek lot 21, Trio Petroleum, 350.00 Cheryl Lyn, 132.75, 1/36 OG, Tanner's Fork, Trio Petroleum, 20.00 Cheryl Lyn, .79, 1/36 OG, do, State of WV Lands Lea, 132.75, 1/36 OG, Tanner's Fork. Trio Petroleum, 20.00 Lands Lea..79, 1/36 OG, do, State of Robert, 32.18, 1/72 OG, Tanner's Fork, Tno Petroleum, 5000 Robert Dean, .79, 1136 OG, Tannees Fork, State of WV Robert Dean, 132.75, 1/36 OG, do, Trio Petroleum, 20.00 A.H. Hrs., 84.96, 1/2 Ms-C, Tanner's Fork, Trio Petroleum, 50.D0 A., 62, 1/32 COG, Wts. Trace Fork, Trio Petroleum, 2000 32 COG, Wts. Trace Fork, Tno Petroleum, 20.00 1/32 COG, do, Tno Petroleum, 20.00 ,Ol:~d M. est., 39, 114 OG, Tanner's Fork, State nf WV R.C., 22, 1/30 OG, Piney Run, Trio Petroleum,450.00 1/30 OG, Tanner's Fork, Trio Petroleum. 20.00 n, Monah, 22, 1/6 OG, Piney Run, Trio Petroleum. 20.00 1/60G, Tanner's Fork, Trio PetroSeum, - 2000 R., 90, 1/1728 OG, Laurel Fork, Trio Petroleum, 20D0 111296 OG, do, Trio Petroleum, 20.00 ~,J.W. Hrs., 23.30, 1/40G, Mouth of Leading Creek, Bridgett Chapman, 175.00 1/2 Min, do, Trio Petroleum, 150.00 112 OG, do, Trio PeVoleum, 20.00 Mary, 22, 1/30 OG, Piney Run, Trio Petroleum,20.00 1/30 OG, Tanner's Fork, Trio Petroleum, 20.00 Duaine Jr., 60, 1145 OG, Dry Run, Trio Petroleum, 100.00 C. & Lyda P. Hancart, 22.50, Fee-3/4OG, Kanawha, Trio Petroleum, 40000 Lets etal, .79, 6/36 OG, Tanner's Fork, State of WV C., 72.50, 1150 OG, Laurel, Trio Petroleum, 100.00 GLENVILLE DISTRICT ,Clara F., .74, Sur, N.S. Kanawha, Stours Mill, State of WV Charles Hrs., 56.51, 1/20 Min, Chestnut Bottom. Trio Petroleum, 110.00 Diana Lynn, 48.10, Sur, Indian Fork, Trio Petroleum, 20(X).OO 163, 1/264 OG, Indian Fork, Tno Petroleum, 20.00 E (Life)..0062, 1/2 Min, Nutter Run, State of WV .0062, 1/2 Man, do, State of WV R., 62.75, 1/216 Oil, Bear Run. Trio Petroleum, 20.00 1/24 OG. Lynch RUn, Trio Petroleum, 30.OO 114320 OG, Duck Run, Trio Petroleum. 20.00 11108 OG, Kanawha Rive,., Trio Petroleum, 20.00 1/216 Oil, Boar Run, Trio Pevoleum, 70.00 1/108 OG, Kanawha River. Trio Petroleum, 20.00 111080G. Lynch Run, Trio Petroleum, 20.00 1/108 OG, do, Trio Petroleum, 125.00 1/72 OG, Kellar Run, Trio Petroleum, 20.00 E., 102, 1/24 (3(3, Duc~, Run, Bomard Milburn, 400.00 10, 3/126 Man, Ellis Fork, Peter Parker, 200.00 James G., 157, 1/20G, Leatherbark, Trio Petroleum. 250.00 TROY DISTRICT :b Ltlie O. (Ware), 62.75, 1/8 OG, Cove & Leading Creek, Clarence Weaver, 20.00 R. Hrs., 151, 1/2 Man-65/7938 OG. Fink Creek, Trio Pelmleum, 350.00 Gaytha, 111, 1/10 OG, Sinking Creek, Trio Petroleum, 25000 OG~, do, Trio~Petroleum.. . tick - ! LTD, 36, 23/36 OG, Penn Run, Trm Petrolaum, t OG, Tanner's Fork. Trio Petroleum, - -- LEGAL NOTICE OF PUBLIC AUCTION Pursuant to the appropriate provi- sions of The Uniform Commercial Code and Terms and Conditions of a security agreement dated April 1 I, 1986 be- tween Robert A. & Dwanetta A Chapman, dba Chapman's Jewelry, debtor, and The Small Business Admini- straSon, Secured Party, default having been made in payment of ~ indebted- ness to secured party, thereby, the SBA will offer at public sale: All equipment and machinery, lumiture and fixtures in- cluding the following: Ladies' and men's jewelry consisting of rings brooches, necklaces, watches, wedding bands and ring sets, loose stones, earrings and other miscellaneous jewelry, polishing machine, nng SiZer, sma// refrigerator, showcases, cash register, floor safe, jewelry cases, tools, engraving machine and office furniture. Situate in Gilmer County at St. Rt. 5, Foodland Plaza, Premises of Store on December 12, 13, and 14, 1988 at 10:00 a.m. local brae. The terms of the sale are cash, certi- fied check or letter of credit from bank. The property wilt be offered for sale in bulk, then piecemeal on an "as is" and "where is" basis and the SBA reserves the right to bid. For further infon'nabon contact the Auctioneer, AI Thompson, Resource Markebng, Inc. at (304) 824-5904. For the Small Business Administration Mrs. Debts Fianigan Ciarksburg Office Class II 12-8(: NOTICE OF FLUNG OF ESTATE ACCOUNTS I have before me the accounts of the Fiduciary of the estate of the following deceased persons: Snyder Gwendolyn S. Freese Gall Kelley Bessie Bell Scott Any person having a claim against the estate of any such deceased person, or who has any beneficial interest therein, may appear before me or the County Commission at any time within thirty days after first pubScabon of this notioe, and request reference of said es- tate to a Fiduciary Commissioner or ob- ject to confirmation of said accounting. In the absence of such request or ob~c- don, the accounting may be approved by the County Commission. Dated this 1st day of December, 1988. Loueila Stain=i==r Clerk of the County Commission of Gllmer County, Welt Virginia Class II 12-15c NOTICE TO CREDITORS To the Creditors and Boneficiaries of the Estate of Okey Clyde Mick, de- ceased. All persons having claims against with the voucher thereof legally verifk3d to the undersigned at Glenvige, West 30.00 20.00 Z OG, do, Trio Petroleum, 2500 Virginia. 26351 on or before the 8th day 73, 1112 OG, Liffie Cove, Gary Ruppert. 625.00 of March, 1989, otherwise they may by 85, 1/864 Coal, Little Cove, Paul Lowther, 40.00 law be excluded h'om all benefits of said H. elux. 1.16, Sur, Buck Horn, Peter Parker. 60.00 estate. Pike Run of Buck Horn. Trio Petroleum. 2500.00 All beneficianes of said estate may 81.53, Sur, Salt Block Run, Trio Petroleum,5000.00 appear on or before said day to examine 33.3, 1110 OG, Lower Big Run of Cove, Trio Petroleum, 125.00 sa~d claims and otherwise protecl their 1110 OG, do, Trio Petroleum, 50.00 interests. 1/I0 OG, do, Trio Pelrok~m, 60.00 Dated this 8th day of December. E. Woofter, 85, 1/864 Coal, Little Cove, Paul Lowther, 20.00 1988. Hrs., 22.10, 1/20G, State Road Run, State of WV 36.07, 1/14 Gas & 1/28 Oil, Rich Bottom, Clarence Weaver. 36.00 25.00 20.00 3000 40.00 60.00 5000 60.00 20.00 60.00 60.00 60.00 1 I0.00 70.00 14 OG, do, Paul ~, R., 43, 1/72 Fee. Fink & Cove, Paul Lowther. 1/24 rental, Little Cove, Trio Petrotaum, /72 OG, do, Trio PeVoleum, OG, do, Trio Petroleum, 1/72 OG, do, Trio Peb'oleum, 1/72 OG, do, Trio Petroleum, 118 OG, do, Trio Petn)leum, Trio Petroleum, 10/I 152 OG, do, Trio Petroleum, 1/72 OG, do, Trio Petrofeum, 1/72 OG, do. Trio Petroleum, 1/864 Coal, Little Cove, Paul Lowther, 46.00 GLENVILLE CORPORATION Kee, Lets 16,17, pt. lots. 18.20, 21,24, 1/4 Sur, Bailey Addn., Robert O. Hardman II, Rloxile Dennis, 2 lots. Sur. Glenvige. State of WV Lot 12, 2/7 Fee, Rivervlew, State of WV 2/7 Fee, do, State of WV any real estate listed aJ~ove, or any other person entitled to may, however, redeem such ml nlate n provided by Victor R. KirkpaSd Sheriff & Tree=ure of Gilmor County, WV Class H.O 12.11k~ my hand lima 8th day of Deck, 1988. Robert O. Arnold Rduclary Commlealonor Gilmw Co.nty. West Virginia Class II 12-15pd NOTICE TO CREDITORS To the Creditors and Beneficiaries of the Estate of Joshua Kelley Smith, de- ceased. All persons having claims a~3ainst the Estate of Joshua Kelley Smith, whether due or not are ooSfied to exhibit same with the voucher .thereof ~lly verified to the undersigned at P.O. Box 459, G/anvil/e, West Virginia, 26351 on or before the 23rd day of February, 1989, othmwiso they may by law be es- duded tram all benefits of said estate. All beneficiaries of said estate may appear on or before said day to examine s~d clams and otherwise protect their interests. Dated this 281h day of November, 1988. I ul Nagy Rduckm/Commissioner Gilmer County, West VirgInia Class II 12-8pd NOTICE OF UNADMINISTEFIED ESTATES to Security Agreement Notice is hereby given that, there of August. 1987, and berg one .bpr ici=7 of the Departmem of Motor of the ~ng daceased persons, there of West Virginia on will be no subdiv~on of said estates un- Title #R364560, executed less witJ~n ninety days demand for ad- to COMMUNITY ministration be made by a parly in inter- N.A., C-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.~mville Branch, est or an unpaid creditor: Io secured pay- described indebted- F~rn Roflyson having been made in the undersigned Dated this 1st day of December, of December. 1988, at 10.'00 A.M. East- 1988. antrance of the L~uelia ~inakor & Trust, Glenville Clerk of the County Commlsadon highest bid- of G|lmer County, West Virginia free from all liens Class II 12-15(: perr prop- 'BW :an be wed by BANK & TRUST N.A. BRANCH NOTICE OF SALE Continued from Page l teaching them the rudip ents of newspaper work, and job printing. Janet James, employee at (he newspaper, noted that she re- members mccdng Jim when she was about four years old. She used to sit and watch Jim through the window of the old printing office, and later she was taught the alphabet by Jim, as he used large block letters from his printing repertory to instruct her in the alphaheL The City of Glenville sell, at public When one considers the auction, two alleyways owned by the length of time that Jim worked City of Glenvilie. The two alleyways are kx od o. of Spnng Street. behind BUn- at the paper, the wealth of eak)w W 0e (one/ h of prope ), and also off of Walnut Sm0ek at Rot- knowledge he has acquired over the years, and the large number of friends he has in GlenviUe, it is hard to believe mat he hasn't always been here. Always quick with his wit, and ready with a story if there was a listener, Jim is a good friend to many here in Glenville. That he is a Ritchie County native is a fact, how- ever, to us here in Glenville, he will always be a native, and, this writer hopes, a friend. yson property between V.- sale tt l be bald Monday, De- 19, at 10.-00 a.m. in front of the day ofThe Ci[y reserves a minimum bid of S25oo.oo for each The ,dso reserves the ~ght to aCeal~ or re~ any & TRUST or ~ bids. . N.A, BRANCH .... Bmoe IC Smith By: Rata IGIgl~ ~.. " Mayor Cle City of Giam le cu. n 12-1S= REALTOR AGENCY mC. KANAWHA ST.-Older 2 BR home, LR, kitchen, bath, partitioned basement, 4 nice lots. PRICED TO SELL , N. COURT ST.--Two BR home with new kitchen, LR- DR, bath, basemenL PRICED IN $30's. FIT. 5--3 BR home with LR, DR, kitchen, bath, woo. dbuming stove, total electric. Almost one acre. PRICE: $49,500 HOWARD ST.-2 BR home w#h LR, kitchen, beth, full basemenL New fool, completely insulated, vinyl siding, dack, low utilities, clme to oHega & town. PRICE: $24,500. MAKE OFFER! LICK FORK: New ranch style home with 24.7 acnm. Home has LR, DR-kitchen, 2 9R, FR that could be 3rd 8R, 1 1/2 baths, 26x2ll garage. Very low utilities, pretty location. Mira be seen to be alp precietsd. $65,000. TOLER'S FORK--Approxtmataly lS acr~ more or lee= with building alts, $0,000. MINERAL RO.-Thras BR home with LR, Idthen, 1 1/2 bathe, amdry, ou uadJe , good drmnd we., mr hut, with S4S,S00. ALUM BRIDGE AREA-~7 acres of land on rock basd road. Excellent huntln0. PRICE: $10,000 (2302) SAND FORK--2 BR home with LR, DR, kitchen, bath, utility room. New watar I~mp & tank, lots of remndeUng. Apex. 1/'2 acre IoL PRICE: $25,000. POSSBLE OWNER FINANCING. SAND FORK-1 1/2 tm~/home w~h LR, DR-kitchen, bath, FR could be 3RI BR, lull basement, 2 encloeed porches, 2 wells, forced air lumacs, old garaga, 0sod gardan q>o S42,t00. GRASS RUN--Mobile home with LR-idtehen ~ 2 BR, bath laundry. New ca~met~ n~w caq)~. 2 room bldg. calar, ~ton~e bldg. V /nk t04 onudn= 8/10 acre. S22, 00 KANAWHA ST..-2 lot= with 9oo1 huliding site= and city utilitleL tO town. PRtCE: $10,000 each. COLLEGE ST.--1 1/2 nt~y ho~ wilh LR, DR, Idt~, bath, ft~ floor lurmee, t4,ff new red. PRICE: $48,000. MOOLE HOME--3 BR rnol~le hon~ with expmdo in LR, ndd-on in oM BR. Very nica, lots o4 deck. 110,000. uti~k~ and (1101) LEADING CRF.EI(~ t ~ camp with LR, Idlchen, 2 BR. Some lurnishtngs Included. UPPER HORN CI(~--110 acre lenn with 4 BR home, LR, DR, kitchen, bath, utgl~/, lr~ tPm reported, cder & ~dlerhoun, sully,dings, bsm, good limber, bonom nd, p tum PRICE: S~7,000o (1106) NUTTER RUN---3 BR home with LR, DR-kitchen, PR, bath, partlai bammwnt, fenced yard, very nlca poef with lots of deck, wo~Ing m, garden ram, stontga shed. Seven acnm o4 land. PRICE: $52,500. SPERRY CABIN RUN--25 acre= of good hunting lend off of Run. PRICE: 1&500. SAND FORK--Two story home with 4 BR, 2 bath=, Im4Nmnt. n4~ Idtchen, lots O4 Immlatlon & r~odeling. ~,000. HICKORY HOLLOW RUN--Two parcel= of land. One Ideca containing 24.90 acre=, ether tract I= knger. Rock base road. (1t02) STEWARTS ClL--1 I/2 story home wtth LR with liras, DR-kitchen with n=lu~ wood cabinets, 3 BR, 2 baths, 2 extra room=, cellar, 2-car garage with q:X. with LR with fireplace, 2 8R, hath, Idtchen. FREE GAS be|ng used. PRICE: SGS,000. KANAWHA ST..7 lois wttable bldg. site=. City utllitk cle . INDIAN FK.---.Fm kou~ with 3 DR, LFi, DR, klteh~, bath ~I cellar. Nice level lot. PRICE: $20,000. INOIAN FIL-..Over O acre= w#h skier hou~, free gac repo~, drilled ~ tome meadow and large woods. PRICE: $10,$00. (iS00) FIT. ==rt19--La huliding with =on= ,quip g4m4~i ~m. Block ~ ~ PRtCE: SSS,000. HAYS C1TY~ bid0. with ator~ ronm & 9m~, ni~ ever stere, perkbg erca. Ale, s 3 DR home with LR, DR, kliche~, helh. d of thb for me LOW PRIC WALNUT ST.--3 BR home with LR, DR, kitchen with q=~llancee, 2 baths, tumment Im FR with ll~.~b offica, ztudy, I/2 beth' gare . PRICE: IMA00. TRACE FORK-410 acnm O4 land, 2 water wells, IX~Ible free g~, W)od huntin S14 00. BUSINESS FOR SALE-All Inventory, tixtul~, kaldlhit~, lulpmem and F.=t lehed I dM . C J- FOR DETAILS. SAND FORK-3 BR home, LR with fireplace, ~ DR, beth, Jlm Fitzwater-A0ent 462-7130 WALNUT ST.--2 BR home with LR, DR, kitchen, utility, garage. PRICE: $40,000. REDUCED TO $32,000. (.501) MINERAL RD.--Raneh style home ha= LR with lireplace, 3 BR, DR.idlchen area, 1 1/2 b~he, uliltty ma, FR with woodbumer. PRICED TO SELL (206) WALNUT ST.--3 BR home with LR, DR, kitchen, bath. Full with FR, bath, utility room with sink & stove, room that could be used for BR. Back deck, garage, air ond#lonlng. New painted exterior. OWNER WANTS TO SELL. LICK RUN-3 BR mobile home, LR-Idtchen, 1 1/2 balhs, 2 porches, ou U , fenced p, m, PReED TO SELL. STEWAST'S C1(.--4 BR home uzing tm gas with LR, DR, kitchen, bath, ~ basement, ~a~num siding, lamed sir gas lumace, central air conditioning, deck in back. PRICE: $32,000 JESSE'S RUN--40 acres w#h 3 BR home, LR, DR, Idtchen, parlor, 1 1/2 bathe, 2 BR ~(. Uving ms at back d house. IJ'ge garage. Satdhe dish, free gas, good water from =pdng and well. $78,000. (11115) DUCK RUN--Ranch style home w#b 3 BR, LR, DR-Idtchen, 1 1/2 bath=, lull basement, dace 3 acre= o4 level land. $49,900 DUSK CAMP--63 acres with old iam house, dug wed & drilled well, 2 new brick 1~ dactrilty, po~dble free gas lind marketable limb , excaikmt hunting. $2S,500. (1004) S. LEWIS ST.--4 BR home with LR, k#chen, ba~h, full basemant, nlca y=rd in back, newly p~dmd. PRICE: $27,000. MOBILE HOME--1984 Vk'tedm (14xe2). I.R, Ik.klteban, 2 BR, bath, laundry, central air. LIKE NEW. 110,200. THIRD RUN-LOTS--LOTS d all ~/zas, reasonal~/pdced. MAIN ST.--2 =tory building with huW~,m m in front, q~. in :..,: back, room ul alm for more apts ........... POWF.U. 4 Cmvenlant locatlon. Good inm~. PRICE: ~$,000. (1103) GLUCK RUN.--4 DR home with LR, DR, kitchen, I lull bath, 2 I.dl bath=, fan'dly meet; air onditle , u=l free gas; S acre= O4 land, large garden, garage in INruSh% REDUCED FROM $'/S,000. LEFT HAND FORK OF STEER CK.-4 1/2 ==:ms with nica txdiding dta, ddlled well. 110,S00. CERAMIC SUsiNESS-Everythbg you need excapI a building. 1600 molds, Idln, poudng machine, greanwere, many other wapplie=. dao t~le, chairs, $7,500. RT. 47 & llk-1 1/2 =loP/home has I.R, DR, 3 BR, Idlchen, bath, lull I1~, galllp, free gas being uNd. 14.2 acre. $60,000 RNER STy--2 hom~ tide by =kie. Uve in one, rent the other. BARGAIN PRICED. EXCELLENT RENTAL HOMES. VANI.IORN DR.-Mndem home wtth over 3,000 =q. ft. living area, inek~llng baasmanl, garsga, wnail bern, II acres of land, f~,nd pasture ire= PRICE: 1125,000. SAND FORK AREA-3 DR holm with large I.R, DR-kitchen, bath, lull banm~mt wlih ~. Extra lot Included In pdce. N. LEWB ST.--Two story building with be~m~nL Street level bebg umed for o hu~m~ Renml q~etmonc Good location. PRICED TO SELL MINERAL RD.-.3 BR ranch with LR, DR-kitchen, 1 1/2 bathe, full basement with 4 room=; gamga, ho~way, large 141 with blg garden q~u~;. MUST 8E SEEN. EXCELLENT CONDITION. PRICE: WEST liUdN ST.--3 BR mobile home w~h LR, DR-Idlchen, from & porches, g=mp with 26x12 atorega aria, central =dr. Nica I~. 125,000. (103) RT. 47--Two story home ~Troy with LR, DR, kitchen with nice caidnets, 4 BR, bath, uli~y room, cellar. 13.119 acnm of land with 4-=tall horas barn, heyshed & pond. House ha= had lots d PRICE: SS0,000o SINKING CIL--4 BR home with LR-DR, Idtchen, ~ large barn, cellar, ndlk house, old barn, utall#s, 2S acres of land. $49,500. SOUTH ST.-.3 8R home with LR, DR, kitchen, bath, enclosed side perch, front porch, outbtd0. Interior I~ been remodeled with new kitchen. Nice levai lot 1126,000. RT. S-,Nko 2 BR home with LR-DR-kitehen, bath, pertlai basement, remndebd helh. Rye acres of land, barn, 12x21~ gar~. PRICE: DUCK RUN--2S m O4 9oDd hunting land. Free gas and nw otable tinter repot. It. tndlarb e tri hookup. PRICE: 110 00. N. LEWIS ST.-.1 BR home ~ LR, DR, Idlchen, bath, lug basement, herdm~od floor=, plastered walls, newly INdnted Interior. PRICE: 120,000. NEWBERNE RO.--One acre d land with 2 mobile home=. One Is a 12)(60 Merlen (1974) with 2 8R and 2 room addlilon. 10x50 RItzcraft, 2 BR. 2 good well=, 2 ~ ay~m~, garega, outhu~ngs. Uve b am, ~,t the o~w. t2S,000. 110 E. Main SL, Glenvme, WV 462-7039 Office