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December 12, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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December 12, 1975

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/ Z The Glmsvme Democrat/Pathfinder December 12. 1975 = With America's Bicentennial Celebration only seven months away, a barrage of American Revolutionary remembrances and various replicas of our Colonial heritage have been literally thrown in consumers' faces. "Buy this nifty, coffee mug with Washinton's face printed on the side, only $2.95!" The mug ordinarily costs less than a dollar, but because Washington's face has been put on the side, the price is jacked-up about $2. I'm sure we have all been asked to buy this gadget or that one JUST because it's been classified as "a Bicentennial souvenir" and has designs and pictures printed on it. But when is it all going to stop? How far are we to be pushed into buying these items at outrageous prices JUST because it's America's birthday? Admittingly, the Bicentennial of the United States is a time of great pride and happiness for all citizens, but many are being "ripped-off" when we purchase these sometimes useless items. We are not obligated to buy anything, especially when we are taken advantage of by paying exorbitant prices for them. Last week I was shopping a hometown store and after careful observance of some of the Bicentennial merchandise, I noticed that some were actually made in Japan! That figures, the Japanese were always able to make plastic things much cheaper than us. The clincher was that the price for a small plastic Liberty Bell was $3. The bell probably, again, costs less than a dollar to manufacture, was made in Japan and we are supposed to buy it because it's the Bicentennial year! Where is the logic in this? Many of the hand-made items, such as wood carvings, paintings, craft-work and the like, are usually worth the price the artist is asking. Many items are beautiful and genuinely portray what the Bicentennial is all about. Some items are made of authentic materials such as pewter, silver or gold-plated, many varieties of wood and even coal. These too can be expensive, but at least they are quarry@ made by Americanm ..... The "b'df way to protect yourself When purchasing'items is to ask thb salesman qUes'dons about what interests you. After all, he is there to serve you and a part of his job is to answer customers inquiries. Check to see if the item is hand-made, who made it, where it was made, and the authenticity of it. And simply do not pay unreasonable prices for items you know are not worth the price marked. Remember that our Bicentennial is a celebration of our 200 years as a nation and not a time for commercialism and profit gains at the expense of consumers. Buying cheaply made articles is not a proof of patriotism. Patriotism is the life-blood of unity and devotion to our great county. The Bicentennial is a time of sharing the same freedom which is a guaranteed part of all of us. It is a time to be proud of our immense growth as an industrial nation and of our progress toward peace and new technology to aid mankind. by Tom Dalesio Nixon was the first to open the doors in normalizing relations with China. That was a big step for the two nations and ended a period of mutual mistrust and contempt. Now, Presi- dent Ford and his colorful family, along with American newsmen, photographers and White House aides, such as Henry Kissinger, are visiting Mao behind the Bamboo Curtain. Since Chou is ailing and hasn't been seen in public for some time now, Vice Premier Tent Hsiao-ping is the one Ford and Company has met with and discussed plans and policy to further advance better relations between the two countries. Ford did meet with Mao for "twice as long" as Nixon did, and has stated that "Mao still rules China." But talks began Dec. 2 with Teng, and at the welcoming banquet he started off his opening speech warning Ford of detente with Russia. Teng didn't mention the Soviet Union directly but by his remarks one could logically deduct who he meant. After all, who else could he be referring to since detente with Russia has been going on since Salt I. Teng referred to the Soviets as the "country who most zealously preaches peace, but who is the most dangerous source of war." Right-on Teng]! It is my belief that Russia likes to back stab, and will, if given the opportunity. For instance, our Soviet "friends" {and I use the word friends loosely) are presently interfering in the Angolian civ il war and are trying to colonize Africa. They are using Cuban troops and have built military facilities on the Northeast Coast. This has been verified by Daniel P. Moynihan, our U.N. Ambassador. The Chinese also mentioned the Angolian problems during Ford's visit. Of course, China really depends on us for security and could have mentioned it as a tactic for their own benefit. After all, they are trying to avert a Russian attack of Northeast China where are there" by Russia. Also, China constantly alerts the world to Soviet rule by force, called hegemony. If the Angolian interfer- ence by Russia isn't a blatant violation of detente and the Helsinki agreements against hegemony, I don't know what is. Teng also mentioned to be aware of "rhetoric detente which c n't cover the stark reality of the growing danger of war." How many still remember the old Russian promise back in the 1960's: "We will bury you." Well, they didn't mean immediately, and Russia is patient and the threat of war will always be there as long as we keep giving up so much and they keep getting more. O Ford told Teng that the U.S. will "guard against military threats and will explore new opportunities for peace without illusions." Well, what about Angola, Mr. Ford? No one wants another Viet Nam situation, but Russia has no right to interfere. The one man who really knows the score in all of this is Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt. He told the House Select Committee on Intelligence a few things that should also be heeded and not overlooked. Zumwalt told them there have been "gross Soviet arms cheating." The former top Navy Officer also explained that Kissinger has been "less than candid in detailing the cheating with Ford." The result being that neither Congress nor the public is aware of the "grotesque mockery" the Soviets have made of the agreement. Also, "Ford has not gone into the material in sufficient depth to master all phases of the arms issue on his own." Well, what is Ford doing? Again, the American people are without proper information concerning international information. To me, such an important issue should be thoroughly investigated by Ford, and Kissinger shouldn't be given so much power as to deceive the people, Congress, and the President. Zumwalt said Ford is not aware of what is being held back. He also said the former Defense Secretary, James R. Schlesinger told him back in June, 1974 not to report evidence of violations even to Nixon, who was still President at the time. I wonder how long this has been going On? Ford said when he got to office that his would be an open, honest administration. Well, somebody is slowly pulling the shades on the window. It's been said that Ford's recent juggling, or "Sunday Masacre," hasn't limited Kissinger's power in the least. Kissinger is still chief of the panel which monitors the arms agreement. Personally, I'm still wary of the Nixon "left-overs" in Ford's Administration, especially when it comes to the arms agreement. The blatant Soviet violations include the testing of deploying radar which could be used to detect ballistic misgile attacks. Something interesting is the various definitions of detente. The American College Dictionary defines detente as "a relaxing, especially of international tension." Well, the United States is sure relaxing, but Russia doesn't appear to be doing so. Maybe it's a language barrier that accounts for the different interpreta- tions of the word. In answer to my own question: Yes, we should heed the warnings from China. Why should a country like Russia, who for years has been out to "bury" us, give up personal gains and advances, such as Angola, to help who. in actuality, like to cover over Of sure, they need they teach their crops were in excess S. is giving them wheat is called detente. their supposed offer di the wheat, still not Russia has too much detente and are havi eating it too. A few oil is worth it to going on we smile and l sign around the China's warnings Remember, when "friends" with border battles and the years. Russia's surpassed ours more while we keep will our administrators open their eyes aod: Responsible ment by and for the what we need. Maybe if we say "No" in order want. Russia needS after the Alaskaa completed, we won't drops of oil - we'll and maybe a isolationism and improve our rid our country unemployment, the hunger. We should warnings. They need an ally in case of security is vital to Flying around was an historic embarass us with was a mockery of country's goals as a flash detente big way. The detente reminds me relations normalizing dramatized? We're almost nations who is still justice and continue to strive ment, the abolitio racism and most growth and foundation of out united, unified Russia's great, stretched handshsJ yet come close Instead of our for peace, we and listen to The Chinese truths which / investigated before raises are made 1 NOT [Mr. Mce smt tl s Wm n Comm cmcm tha upm z mcmtm .qm m Vh ia ~b~! ~ 9 on the Today Slmw. lVlr. NIc~ ts cmmm~ed that our stste [m imamS, in a tlght m m the Stew Mr. William Cosmas, Producer Bicentennial Unit of The Today Show N.I~C Telvim'on Rtx~ 1716 30 ~eller Plaza New York, NY 10020 fianndal soundaess (due to not only coal mining}, industrial and other aspects all deserve coverage and wmdd give tha rest of tha Urdted States a truer l ChU of West rLrginia Let me extend to you the assistam of regional travel conncil and the other six travel councils in West Virginia in any way. Who knows better what we have in West ru'ginia than those of us who live here. Sincerely, Styen W. r cely Exac ve IZrector County Reeds Travel Parkersburg w rse conditions on my othar tract of land in the County. Funds to correct this problem would be manyfold in the form of revenu from non-res de curr~tly lost as many resident hunters d~ not could be alleviated somewh tUoy requiring the The rampant game law violations herein too numerous to menti are especiall they represemt nothing short of larceny from Please reply with permismm to pubiJs~ ? Dear Mr. Coo-~nas: West Virginians are extremely proud of our stale...its reatmrce~ its beauty, its way of life and in gmeral, its appeal to the people who live and work hare. Unfortunately, we have too often in the past been the subject of a ooe~ded view from the national media, as exhibited mo~t recently by the NBC segment of "Mbving On" which perpetuated the negative image of West Virgim'a. While I realize that there may ha a few arees in West Virginia of tha style d life that the national media have portrayed, let me emphatically state that it is my belief that there are many other facets to West V'urginia which are just as deservin in recognition as thij particular facet which some peol~ delight in ex~IoitinR. I have been informed that West im'a will be feetured on the Today on January 9 and that Filming for this particular segmeat will take place between now and that date. I uaderstand that NBC has not act~at~ any assistance offered by the Governor's Office the West " trginia Department of Omm erce. I am of the op4m'on that this is a grave error on the part of the network since both of these ag c es have been very succesaful in promoting all areas of our state in the past, andI know that you and those at NBC wish to present as accurate a portreyal of onr state as posaihla. From the information I have received, your intentions are to cover ~a] mining in our state as the major ~ on this show. While I certainly I the fact other areas that should be The recreatioval [The letter w= to Gov. , ,rdh mre, k= Foderatlm d mad the I] mcrat.] Mr. Dan Cantner "v ld e Resources Division Chief CharlestmL West Virginia De~r Mr. Cantner: This correspondence relates to my experier es deer hunting last week in th Troy District of ~ County. West ~rginia. My interest in West Vi 'a is a result of her nahn'al beauty, land ownerel~ip, and my intention to become a resident in the future. Few disagree that the future of this fine state and tha Prosperity of ber Pe~e lie in outdoor rt~reation. Unfortunately, the deer hunting aspect of this important natural resource is currently being ~sd and irreperahly damaged by a trtnerit of residsnts. I have hunted for many years and in many states, but never before have I witnessed such blatant and wholesale d~erd far state game laws. Conversations confirmed the bragging of hunters the slaughter of forty and fifty deer in a single year. I have seen a large number of does shot. Often hunters sha~ first and deterr0flm sex second. Acoording to many local residents, there seems to be established season for and "jacking" is a way of life. are not to bo construad as an attack on tbe as he is undarsta~ed. It I found LEIT TD 1HE EDIT'C Over use of tha credit card is part dour money we spend for interest wore slmnt for a oew able to create work for the people of / Putblished Every By GILMER COUNTY PU| At 10~ E. Main St. Phone 4S2-730 Second-C s p=id = and at additiorJ Subscription prioe iS.00 plus County, other West Virginia residents tax. Out of state subscriptiom subscriptions for less than 6 TOM DALESlO JOAN LAYNE ................