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December 15, 2016     The Glenville Democrat
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December 15, 2016

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Gilmer's news 'always good" if people help provide it/ We, at The GIem,ille Democrat/ Pathfinder newspapers, are "commu- nity newspapers," thereby being de- pendent upon the local residents for some storieS, pictures, neighborhood news, commentary and non-school sports. Our dependence on you in the corn- mtmity for your participation is impor- tant, because like Other small busi- nesses in the county, we' re rather short- handed - we editors and reporters just can't get around to every event going on in this active place. That wasn't the case 21 years ago when I came to Glenville and bought the newspapers. At that time, there were only three weekends that I had to remain in town to report happenings -- the High School and College Homecomings and the Folk Festi- val. Now, however, you citizens are much more active, thereby requiring us to be in town every weekend. We Editors don't mind that. but if there are four or five events going on then, and possibly at the same time, it!s not ,' feasible for us to be at each event -- taking pictures, getting the stories, in- terviewing participants, mid, then, go- ing back to the office to write them up. For example, a couple of weekends ago, there were three mega shoppers events,alon~_ with other happenings in the County, including an armed rob- bery. Complaints still come in I'm writing this because We did get a complaint, in that we didn't cover this or that, along with putting too much Glenville State College news in the newspaper. Oddly, in 1995 when coming to Glen ville, that was the main complmnt- notenouohcollege news The j Corcoran Column ByDavid H Corc~an Publisher-E~or t in the paper for we (citizens) find out about the college's events after they take place." Well, we not only cor- rected that problem, but also a lot of nice folks at the college supply us with information about their special events. Sadly, the college has even suffered from the lingering recession, in that its budget from the state has been cut by about 20 percent over the past four years, The Public Relations Office now has only one and one-half em- ployees, whereas in years past there were four. But, 1 marvel at how much the amiable and efficient Dustin Crutchfield and Conner Ferguson can accomplish; they make certain that we, here at these papers, are informed of what's going on. Likewise, in the community and if there is news, just write it up, take a picture or two and, finally email it to us. If we can't get to your event, just appoint a Publicity Chair to handle those duties. It works out rather well and in contrast: to many years ago, the college is doing a great job in keeping us informed! (1 think back then, there had been a disagreement between the then publ isherand college, so he didn't print any GSC news. 1 quickly changed that policy io open the door for the school's now aggressive news and ad programs.) Back to the community: Now. if the community thinks there isn't enough community news in the papers, then we ask you to step forward and lend us a hand. For example, in years past, the Gilmer County's 4-H Publicity Chairs used to ask me to speak to them about how to publicize their events and what they should write. That worked out rather well, and we still get some of that young people's news from the clubs that have had active parents and grandparents encouraging them to excel. Incidentally, we neverturn down news stories of a local nature. Like with the 4-H, though.a Publicity Chair needs to be appointed for your club, civic organization, or preschool sports team. As to the latter, we hardly even can find those managers in charge to get their teams' schedules. So, we need to have the coaches fax or email us the stats, so we can get the children's names in the paper and to give them the credit they deserve. Tbe kids enjoy seeing their names there. Also, other examples are the His- torical Society and Public Library. They both used to have active Public- ity Chairs who sent in regular news releases. Not any more, apparently. Ads vs. News Now, if your group "demands" a full page of information and pictures, that is a paid advertisement. For news, and if we cover the event, we're lucky to have the space to place one or two pictures. Also,if the event is a money- maker by design, that's an ad. For example, BINGOs! We editors aren't angry with BINGOs, but just have to make enough money to cover the space, because the printing company charges us for it. Let us help you with your news and advertising programs, as Continued on page 5 Legislature, new Governor must deal with $150M gap By the Honorable Brent Boggs, Leader Carmichael and Senator State Delegate (34th DistricO Prezioso received the nominations of At this writing late Sunday night, their respective parties. Based solely we're down to only two weeks until on numbers and barring unforeseen Christmas and three until the New circumstances, Armstead and Year arrives. We're looking forward Carmichael will lead the House and to having the kids and grandkids all Senate. Mileyand Prezioso will serve home for at least a day to two over the as minority leaders in the House and holidays, but Senate. The formal election by each we'vecometohouse will be held in January. u n d e r s t a n d Financial information that it's not Probably the most important meet- al ways on.~.,,Ang and information coming out of last C h r i s t m a~s week'sh~ter~ meetings was the J0inL: Day. House - Senate Finance Committee In my meeting held in the House Chamber mind, the kids Tuesday afternoon. Presentations were are forever madeby the directors of the PEIA,the little kids Consolidated Public Retirement Board HON. BRENT when 1 think (CPRB), Investment Management BOGGS of Christmas; Board (IMB), and. the Secretary of or, I' m re- Revenue, Robert Kiss and his senior membering when Bruce and 1 were staff. little kids and how much we antici- The good news is that our state pated the season, filled with visiting pension funds are,among the strongest family,friendsandtakingusinthecar in the country; a striking turnaround on the cold,wintry nights to see all the from 20 years ago when our state pen- decorationsthathomes,businessesand sion funds were on the verge ofinsol- the town had carefully pulled out of vency. storage and an-anged for everyone to On the other end of the spectrum, enjoy. PEIA will need substantial additional Iwouldn'ttradememoriesofChrist- funding in the foreseeable years, due mas past. but I'm just as excited about primarily to the ongoing skyrocketing Christmas today. Jessicaand Greg; costsofprescriptiondrugsnationwide. Justin and Jen; four wonderful grand- Continuing with the negative news. kids and we still celebrate the holi- Secretary Kiss indicated that revenue days with our parents. Every year, is approximately $92 million behind every day we make new memories estimates for the first five months of that are just as special as. those of the 2017 fis.cal year. His middle of the decades ago. Most of all, I'm thankful road estimates call for about a $150 that through the years, the first and million budget hole by June 30. foremost reason to celebrate the sea- The 2018 outlook son is the birth of Jesus. He also gave his unofficial estimate Interim meetings, report of last for the 2018 fiscal year ihat legislators week's legislative gathering will begin workingonin February. His Last week at interim meetings, 1 opinion is that there will be a shortfall had the opportunity to meet several of of "somewhere north of $400 mil- the new members of the House and lion". While the 6 year plan that is Senate that will begin their first ses- compiled by the administration annu- sion in a few weeks. While new mere- ally for the out years, Kiss indicated bers do not have any committee as- that each of those years may be a signments prior to the session, they similar struggle. were in town to participate in the I think everyone is waiting to see majority and minority caucus meet- what Governor-elect Jim Justice will ings in the House and Senate to nomi- propose to turn things around. One nate their respective leaders for the thing is certain- this is not the time to next two years. In the House, Del- engage in partisan one-upmanship by egate and current Speaker Tim ' legislative leaders. While no one be- Armstead and Minority Leader Tim lieves that everyone will or should Miley were nominated once again. In agree on every issue, it's now more the Senate. current Senate Majority ilnportant than ever to pull together and see some statesmanship as our economy realigns itself with the new realities of creating good jobs for our citizens• Ken Hechler's passing Finally, the state lost a true states- man over the weekend on the passing of former Congressman and WV Sec- retary of State Ken Hechler at the age of 102. Jean and I have had the privi- lege of knowing Ken since the early 1980's, but his career of public ser- vice, military, author, teacher and ac- tivisteAtends back decades earlier. 1 recall him in his red Jeep at events ali across West Virginia and I still have one of the campaign t-shirts with the redjeeplogo.KenHechlerlovedWest Virginia• Our condolences to his wife, Carol, and his many friends. How to contact me! In the interim period when not in session, please send your inquiries to my home office at: 151 Park Street, Gassaway,WV 26624; orto the Capi- tol office: Building 1, Room 258-M, Charleston, WV 25305. My home number is 304-364-84l 1; Capitol of- fice number is 304-340-3142. If you have an interest in any particular bill or issue, please let me know. For those with lnternet access my state legisla- tive e-mail address is: Brent.Boggs@ WVhouse.gov You may also (;btain additional leg- islative information, including the copies of bills, conference reports, daily summaries, interim highlights, ,and leave me a message on the State Legislature's web site at http:// www.legis.state.wv.us/. When leav- ing a message, please remember to include your phone number with your inquiry and any details you can pro- vide. Additional information, includ- ing agency links and the state govern- ment phone directory, may be found at ~mvw.wv.gov. Also, you may follow me on Facebook at "Brent Boggs"; Twitter at" @DeIBrentBoggs"; as we 11 as the WV Legislature's Facebook page at "West Virginia Legislature" or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/ wvlegislature. Conclusion Remember our troops -- at home and abroad -- and keep them and their families in your thoughts ,and prayers during the Christmas season and into the New Year. Until next week, take care! 'Letters to the Editor' now being accepted; political letters are welcome, relative to the national and state scenes. Attention Readers: Our 'Letters to the Editor' Poficy " We are in need of more letters generally one to one-and-a-half Also, for writers who consis- to the editor. Feel free to send standard typing pages, double- tently send in Letters to the Edi- themint°us'Justremember°ur spaced, tor week after week, these rues- policy on the letters. The decision of the Senior Editor sages are constantly evaluated Local newspapers have long will be final. Letters must be signed as to content: and to purpose, so been the sounding boards for in order to be published-e-mailed they may be considered as an political.personal,and patriotic letters must include a phone num- advertisement,especiallyifthey views and this paper is no ex- ber where your identity can be veri- are weekly,lengthy, and repeats ception! fled, but you may still be required ofpreviousletters.Nevertheless, Relative to writing responses, to sign the letter via snail mail. you will be contacted if the latter please keep in mind our Edito- DeadlinesforLetterstotheEdi- is the case and will be charged rial policy: we will accept let- tor" are Mondays at 10:00 a.m. onlyourregularadvertisingrate. ters on a .~pace available basis tbr that week's paper. After 10 For more infomtation on this only and they wilt be subject to a.m., they can be accepted for that newspaper's editorial page the Editor's scrutiny as to con- weekaspaidadvertisements.How- policy, contact Dave Corcoran, tent relative to libel, good taste ever, it would appear for free in a Sr.,Ph.D.,Publisher-SeniorEdi- and timeliness. A good length is future edition, tor-owner, at 304-462-7309. J • 000 No thanks for Social Security/ Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan (R-WI) recently" announced that one of his first agenda items in the new Congress will be to "revise Social Security!" What a slap in the lace of almost all of America's retired seniors who paid into the Social Security System all of their working lives. (This Senior Editor, for instance, had those paycheck deductions every since my first summer job, which started nearly 60 years ago. Only at 69 did I file to start receiving my benefi.ts. I can now see why these payments are so important for seniors, for without them, some of us who are less fortunate than I woutdn't be able to buy groceries to feed ou r f,-unilies, to pay our monthl y home mortgage or rent,tobuy clothes to replace our worn out duds, or, finally, to have any meaningful retirement at all.) Mr. Ryan is deluded to think that scrapping the current Social Security Insurance (SSI) System and to replacing it with a privatized one will solve the nation's financial problems. In other words, rather than the government guarding our retirement savings, he'd prefer to see Wall Street's broke~ and bankers handle these accounts via investments of our hard earned SSI deduc- tions in the Stock Market ... in effect, letting the market determine the amount of our monthly payments when our retirements roll around. That plan is al!"hogwash," as if the Stock Market's dropping yields will be enough to satisfy our specific monthly needs. While things are very rosy with the Stock Market right now. our hard earned SSI trust would ostensibility be invested in the market at top dollar. But, hold on to your seats in the roller coaster, because like when it goes up, it also comes down with a bang, not just the 1929 Crash, but, too, the ones in the late 1950s, the year 2000 Tech Bubble Burst and the 2008 Banking Crash, not even counting the steep, rapid and savings losses before the Great Depression. Now, we editors don't like being the "harbingers of bad news," but are just stating the facts about economic cycles that sometimes "go up" and other times "go down." Nevertheless, how do we get around these economic cycles'?. For senior citizens, we have Social Security. An integral part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, the law deals with a wide range of problems faced by the American people. Too lengthy to reprint here, it was enacted to provide for the general welfare by establishing a system of Federal old-age benefits, and by making the several states to also provide for aged persons, blind persons, dependent and crippled children,maternal and child welfare,public health, and the administration of their unemployment compensation laws; to establish a Social Security Board; and to raise revenues. Hence. SSI did not address just older people, but also those who the states should be concerned with, as well. By 1935, the Federal system of social security had already been implemented in various forms by several states, including Rep. Paul Ryan's. The SSI Board's duty is to not only make suggestions'to Congress for funding it, but also to invest the SSI's payroll deductions in the safest places, which are normally U.S. Government backed financial instruments - best of all, monies that are guaranteed. On the other hand, Stock Market speculations are not guaranteed. Thus, Congressman Paul Ryan's plan to privatize our time-honored and recession-proofed Social Security System is foolish, risky, unrealistic and playing loose with our American workers' hard earned savings for retirement. We Editors, thereIbre, call upon our Mountain State's Congressional Delegation to oppose this foolhardy idea, David H. Corcoran, Sr., Publisher-Sr. Editor l Advice to County's students! • Glenville state College and GCHS's final ex,'uninations are quickly ap-