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December 15, 2016     The Glenville Democrat
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December 15, 2016

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The Glenville Pathfinder - Glenville, WV 26351 Gilmer's news Continued from page 3 we're here to help. Next page: Joke! A California joke A distant cousin from Cali- fornia just wrote to me, saying: "You know you're getting old when you go to an Oldies Con- cert and smell Ben-Gay instead of Weed!" This nice cousin is a "Meisenhelder" and I'm the only person who can show her that family' s graves. But ,I can't convince her to fly east to see them. Now, the Meisenhelders came to America from Baden Baden, Germany -- a great resort town to visit and enjoy in the Black Forest area. Good news for WV Do we get bad marks in ev- ery category? Answer: "No!" That is according to the Associated" Builders and Contractors Scorecard, which gives West Virginia high marks forits"Construe- tion Business Climate!" I've heard of the Business Climate before,but never a con- struction economic sector, but we'll take the compliment. According to the Associated Builders, West Virginia has a strong business environment for construction contractors. The Associated Builders and Con- tractors (ABC) work up a peri- odical rating, which they call the "Building America: The Merit Shop Scorecard." It re- views and ranks state-specific information significant to the success of the commercial and industrial construction. The scorecard website,, iden- tities states, such as West Vir- ginia that have created an envi- ronment where merit-shop con- tractors are well positioned to succeed and states where stra- tegic improvements need to be made in order to achieve that. Ironically, Merit Shops are new to me! What about you? But, let's not complain when, where or how the Mountain State gets a compliment. The Merit Shop Scorecard, theAssociated Builders explain, rades states on their licies "always good" if people help on project labor agreement (PLA) and prevailing wage mandates and Right-to-Work status, as well as their construc- tion job growth rote, commit- ment to developing a well- trained workforce, career and technical education opportuni- ties and results, and use of pub- lic-private partnerships. Also included is state data related to union membership,prompt-pay laws, business-specific tax and spending figures and safety in- formation. Due to recently passed reforms in the Mountain State,West Virginiahasjumped 16 spots in the overall state rank- ings from the initial merit scorecard which was fLrSt pub- lished in late 2015. "West Virginia policy-mak- ers have built a free enterprise- based business environment that allows merit shop construction contractors to grow while also protecting taxpayers from in- flated costs," said ABCWV President, Bryan Hoyhnan." (Hum, I wonder if he's re- lated to the Gassaway Hoylmans, the late George and Alia? He was a physician at Braxton Memorial Hospital and she was the Woman's Club and Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Foundation President. They were a real civic-minded couple, who I do miss. She was my boss at the Pearl Buck Birthplace for several years before retiring.) Anyway, the Associated Builders and Contmetoi's has applauded West Virginia for banning anti-competitive and restrictive project labor agree- merits and inflated prevailing- wage mandates while support- ing Right-to-Work. These poli- cies will help promote economic growth, which leads to more job sites and more West Vir- ginia construction jobs." Merit Shops The merit shop philosophy is the belief that people and com- panies succeed based on free enterprise principles within the free market system, which is characterized by open and fair competition and diverse partici- pants. Those who adhere to the phi- losophy believe employees and WEST VIRGINIA NEWSPAPERS SUPPORT AND HONOR THE V ERANS' LEGACY PROJECT Dr. Peter Barr Glenville, WV Vietnam War U.S. An'ny Veteran "'It was an honor to be selected to serve in the Mititar)~ I knew I was luc~' enough to be raised in a counto: in which I had all these freedoms, and had all these chowes. " Sponsored by: 1 Attorney At Law • 304.624.1100 "In Honor of those who have Sacrificed." The West Virginia Veterans' Legacy Project is an oral history, preserving the stories, artifacts, and photographs associated with West Virginia's veterans who have served from World War II. to presenL It is accessible at the Glenville State College campus and via www. Fot more infomlation contact (304) 462.6163 or Jason, II I provide RL..cont'd The Glenville Democrat. Thursday, December 15, 2016 - Page 5 A employers have the right to de- termine wages and working con- ditions through either individual or collective bargaining,as they choose, within the boundaries of the law. They oppose vio- lence,coercion,intimidation and the denial of the rights of em- ployees and employers. Further- more, they believe it is incum- bent upon all bmn hes of gov- ernment to be resppnsible stew- ards of taxpayer dollars and that government should award con- tracts based solely on merit to the lowest responsible bidder, regardless of labor affiliation. The Merit Shop Scorecard was developed with input from ABC chapters and industry stakeholders across the coun- try. Criteria and definitions are available on meritshopscor ecard xJr g. Well,this Building Construc- tion Climate organization ,which it may sound benign, seems to be "hand in glove" with the West Virginia Legislature's Republi- can leadership. With an anti- building Wades union slant, this Merit Shop path that the State Legislature is now taking us down had better work in con- trast to their ability to pass a balanced state budget. Because without a mutually agreeable state budget in early 2017, passed by the legislators and signed by the Democratic Gov- ernor-Elect Jim Justice, there won't be any building construe- tion jobs to be created. We all hope that the State Legislature will give incoming Governor Justice a handshake and a decent chance to put his jobs creation and economic re- vival ideas into motion, even if it takes new state laws to do so. We suspect that he has some novel ideas to move the state ahead, but only with the coop- eration of the State Legislature and other Cabinet level officials, most of whom are now Repub- lican. This 'n' That Christmas Cards Thanks to all of you who are showering us editors and staff with your Christmas Cards. First holiday card that came to us editors and staff this year, as it likewise did last year was from Gihner County Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin and her nice husband, John. I think Karen must see us carrying up ourmail from the Post Office, so she rushes across Court Street to hand us herwarm seasonal greet- ing. Good show, Karen; we also appreciate your efforts in our behalf all during the rest of the year! She def'mitely won the Courthouse Race. Also, and as typical, we got warm greetings from my brother, T.A. Corcoran, of Grants, NM. He had emailed me that the card was to be here by Dec. 10, but it may have gotten caught in the holiday mail rash. Nevertheless, emails do count. Likewise, Stephanie Montgomery, the GCHS teacher sent her well-wishes -- always appreciated -- in the same way. Thanks, T.A. and Steph! Another hand delivered Christmas greeting came from our most Honorable Glenville Mayor and First Lady, Den- nis and Mindi Fitzpatrick. Their remarkable job in moving the city forward is really enough of a seasonal benefit for all of us town residents. Other regular greeters for this festive season are Gary and Iva Rogers, of Georgetown, DE (they never forget to extend their holiday joy to us,just like...) our kindly State Delegate Brent Boggs and his wife, Jean (who like our able Cartoonist George Harper and Correspondents JoAnn Woodyard, Jeanette Riffle, Joe Mazzella, Pat Rid. path, among other occasional writers), all of these wonderful folks often stay up late at night to bring the news of the State- house in Charleston and of their particular small communities to you on a weekly basis. It's truly news of the Mountain State's government and that of our home county. Talking about "News from Home," no one, perhaps, appre- ciates it more than Grace Moss Rinehart, a Gilmer County na- tive now living in Charleston ... but her heart is still in this rural and small county. Now at I00 years, she scribes to us: "Christmas would not be the same if we don't remember the friends and loved one with spe- cial holiday wishes?" Continu- ing, she asserts, It (The Glen- viUe Democrat) arrives on Sat- urday, so I call it my 'Christmas Gift' from you. I spent the whole aftemoon to enioy it and I miss The special ads (Win- ter Wonderland) are great and the songs I want to sing!" Gee thanks, Grace, I can tell that you are one of our "satistied subscribers and readers." God bless you for your kind words, as they mean so much to us in contrast to the negative one that I addressed at this column's be- ginning! To all, Happy Weekend! • lllllllllllllllllli 1 EVERYONE NEEDS JESUS 1 II l ..... What is your greatest need in life? Some think it is il money, others a new car and others more security in life, l One need that we all have i s the need to have Jesus Chri st i at the center of our lives. 1 1 being. The first chapter of the Bible reveals that God 1 First. man needs Jesus because he is a flawed human created the world and everything in it. Of all God's 1 1 creations, only man was created as a spiritual being with • 1 the ability to glorify God. God enabled man to over- come his natural desires and seek his spiritual welfare. I! • "This is the end of the matter; all hath been heard: fear • GOd and keephis commandments, for this is the who!e g duty of man. ' (Ecclesiastes t2:13) We need GOd s g guidance to help us make decisions about our lives. 1 "There is a way seems right unto a man; but the end II thereof are the ways of death." (Prow i4:12) If we are II to please God, we must seek His will. 1 1 1 sinner. From the time of Adam and Eve until now. the m_ I in the second place, man needs Jesus because he is a history of man shows clearly that he is a sinner. The Great Flood in the ti me of Noah was brought on because "the wickedness of man was great in the earth." (Gen. 6:5) Romans 3:23 tells us that"all have sinned and come • short of the glory of G0d," Because of sin separating us 1 :from God, we need a Savior. • 1 Next, man needs Jesus because he needs help. As 1 noted in Jeremiah 10:23, "It is not in man that walketh 1 to direct his steps." We cannot guide ourselves in the spiritual realm without help. Christ is our example: 1 "...Christ also suffered for you. leaving you an I1 ex-ample, that ye should follow his steps. 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 Finally, man must spend eternity somewhere. "It is appointed unto man once to die, and alter this cometh the judgment." (Heb. 9:27) Jesus shows only two destinies and we choose by how we live here in this life. In Matthew 25 31-34 Jesus says,, he will separate the wicked from the righteous, the wicked to eternal punish- ment, but the righteous into eternal life. God wants all men to be saved. (I Tim. 2:4) "For God so kwed the world, that he have his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3:16) 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 Glenville Church of Christ, 1 221 Powell St., Glenville WV 26351 1 NoelRoberts .-Phone 304.462-8136• llllllllllllllllli So many options...only one mouth.