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December 19, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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December 19, 1975

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2 The Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder ~ 19, 111715 THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT OF '75 In city squares and parks and shopping centers throughout the U.S.A. decorated community trees will glow with the Christmas spirit between now and the Twelfth Night or Epiphany. January 6. marking the end of the Christmas Hoiday Season. Lighting tree ceremonies have begun. One of the outstanding events will take place on the evening of December 18 in Washington. D.C.. when President 'Ford pushes the button to light the living National Community Christmas Tree on the Ellipse. near the White House. The 1975 Christmas Pageant of Peace program at the Ellipse will have a Bicentennial theme with music and pageantry depicting some of the activities of the colonies during the Revolutionary period. Christmas in 1775 bore few resemblances to Christmas as it will be celebrated 200 years later, points out John W. Dixon. Texas industrialist and President of the Christmas Pageant of Peace Committee. Christmas was controversial in that year of mounting tensions. The City of Boston was under British seige. Colonial Christmas celebrations were outlawed for a time in Massachusetts. Ordinances urged that Christmas be kept with "more solemn humility" and the rugged climate and hardships sapped much time and energy of those early settlers. In Virginia, communities were few and scattered, and the threat of Indian a ack made holiday travel hazardous or impossible. All of these factors kept Christmas a much simpler celebration than its counterpart in 1975. Yet. Christmas then appealed to all the senses just as it will this December - 200 years later. Although some may embellish the quiet colonial history of the celebration. isn't it timely to ask ourselves: Is the Christmas spirit alive and well at the deeper level of caring and sharing among neighbors? Our troubled world is in dire need of more men and women of goodwill. As night follows day. there will be an outpouring of sentiment and concern for the needy, the lonely, the sick and despondent. And. as recently editorialized by the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin. "Lest it fade into forgetfulness, this heightened awareness of people - young and old - needs to be reinforced and sustained throughout 1976, the Nation's Bicentennial year." This is the time to move the, christmas spirit into a spirit of mutual cooperation by national leaders, politicians, business, labor, community and religious leaders. Gifts of time and involvement on behalf of people who are in need is really what the season is all about.- What better way to express the spirit of the season than by giving gifts in much larger packages than could ever be tied with ribbons and bows? os tr- ) Nsr IN TIIE EDITOR'S NOTE: The following letter is a letter of November 29 printed in the Democrat Gov. Moore. Director Ira S. Latimer. Jr.. the Sportsmtm and Ms'. Dam E. Cantner. w Louis A. Tobia. D.D.S. 631 General Weedon Drive West Chester. Pennsylvania direGt response to Dr. Tobig's Doc. 11. Copies were sent to Pennsylvania Federation of ~~--~-" -~A~v~ ~ A~-- by For months now. children have games which fall into the category of had their Christmas gift lists all made your child's age. Older children's out to be sent to Santa Claus. Well. the games and toys can be very joyous season is finally upon us and dangerous to younger children. the colorful day will arrive before you Sometimes the games include small know it. Many children's gifts will be parts and pieces which can again purchased, and the gifts that concern become lodged in the throat or nose of me the most are the unlimited number younger tots. Watch out for toys with of toys, both old and new, that have sharp edges and hidden mechanical been advertised for months, devices which are found in dolls. It is the safety of these toys whichstuffed animals and the such. These I question. Many times playing with devices can easily pierce the outer unsafe toys can be a nightmare to layer of the toy after awhile and can small children. It is the parents' harm the youngster. I remember a responsibility to maker sure the toys neighbor boy back home who was hurt are safe and won't harm their by a toy. He was literally "Stabbed" children. Parents should read all after falling on a stuffed animal which labels and inspect the toys for signs of was equipped with wires to position danger before buying their children's arms, legs and the posture in various gifts, poses. Also with dolls and stuffed Some toys are painted with lead animals the eyes can fall out and paint which, if it peels or is chipped parents should check for this. off by the child, can be harmful if Buy toys which are made of swallowed or accidentally rubbed into strong, yet durable plastics or the eye. Make sure that the little compressed wood which cannot chip, button at the base of "Squeak" toys peel or splinter. Price is no real won't come out. Children can swallow indication of quality. Many expensive this little button or can get it stuck in toys can be just as harmful as cheaply their nostrils, which can be extremely made items. Any motorized or painful, electrical toys should be supervised To me, the age of the child is the by parents when children play with best indicator of which toys to buy. them. There are many craft toys out Most labels include age limitations, on the market which include mixtures such as "For children between the of clay or plastic and have to be put in ages of 5 through 7." Read these a mold and baked in the oven. Closely labels and buy only the toys and observe your child when he or she illegal harvest. The legal harvest of deer during the 1974 seasons was one hundred and twenty-three percent {123% ) greater than was experienced in 1970. The percentage of increase was identical for Gilmer County and the State in its entirety. No corresponding increase in number of licenses sold was experienced. In short, it does not appear that the deer herd is being "irreparably" damaged but were it not for the resource being exploited by a minority, concerned only with their own selfish interest, more liberal seasons and other regulations could be utilized to allow a greater legal harvest. Your statement that the violations "'represent nothing short of larceny from the people of West Virginia." parallels my own sentiments exactly. {2} "I have hunted for many years in many states, but never before have I witnessed such blatant an~ w V,~olesale disregard for state game laws." I do not for a moment q~tion the truth of that statement but do propose Tom Dalesio plays with these items. severely burned by oven no matter Watch for signs toys. Toys don't sometimes fall a of play. Riding toys, wagons, scooters, child much harm. scrapes, cuts accidents can result various things when children are toys without proper supervision. I know it is on your child don't always is an can easily their own try and teach and should instill a avoid accidents. aware and might have less of a Most accidents DO home. and toys large part of them. So. this safety and buy toys your child. Read for age dangerous sharp on the toy, and proper safety rules I that West Virginia is far from being unique in that respect when compared to other states. Consider the illegal harvest in Idaho and Maine referred to in paragraph three of this letter. In addition thereto, through close contact and discussions with the conservation law enforcement chiefs of the north and southeastern United States, I am convinced that the "larceny" taking place here is an equally plaguesome problem in other states. We in West Virginia believe that people abey the law for one of two reasons. They either recognize the need and desire to conform or they fear detection and prosecution. The efforts of our officers are directed toward educating the public in the need for compliance, thus stimulating desire to conform, and searching out and prosecuting those who refuse to voluntarily comply. We do urgently need additional funds for manpower and equipment to do the job as it should be done. but we also need greater willingness on the part of the public to become involved in bringing the violator to justice, i.e. recording evidence, time. place, how. identifying suspects, signing warrants, appearing as a witness, etc, Too many people through unconcern or fear of reprisal still refuse to become involved. It is a privilege to be governed by law - the only alternative is to be ruled by men. One of the presidents of our great Country during a time when a great national danger existed said. "'We have nothing to fear but fear itself." The same applies in the control of law violations. If through unconcern or fear we allow the violator to go undetected, we forfeit our right to be governed by law and allow ourselves to be ruled by those who abuse it. I trust" that this response to your letter proves satisfactory to you and I certainly entertain no objection to its publication. Doctor Tobia. please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your interest in West Virginia in general and law enforcement in particular and please be assured that our effort to improve conservation law enforcement service in West Virginia will be a continuing process. Dear Doctor Tobia: Sincerely yours, Your letter of November 29. 1975. addressed to Mr. Dan E. Cantner has been Colonel Raymond V. Eye referred to this office for reply. Chief. Law Enforcement Please know that your interest in West Virginia and your awareness of the Dept. of Natural Resources fact that the law enforcement agency's ability to produce an acceptable level of Charleston, WV 25305 public compliance with the law is limited by the resources available are appreciated. Unquestionably, West Virginia and many other states suffer a considerable illegal annual harvest of deer. Research conducted by consultants for the states EDITOR'S NOTE: While we welcome "'letters to tim editor" am 1my of Idaho and Maine revealed that the illegal harvest experienced by both states subject, we cannot publish i~tters that Ire ~ and in ~ no retrain was equal to approximately one half the legal harvest. No reliable scientifically address is given. We will immor amy r~iUs~ to witlMm~ the name of the collected data is available on which to base the ratio of illegal to legal harvest of writer but ONLY if the letter is sllpmd and an add~me ~iva. We received deer in West Virginia. Based upon your assessment, other public reports and our an umdgn~! letter this week from Troy ~ in r~pomm to Dr. Tobla's own experiences, it can be unequivocally stated that the exploitation of deer by lettes" which, unfortunately, cannot be ~ To usmm yore- views those determined to satisfy their own selfish interest is indeed detracting from lining made known, be certain your k~ers ere ~ We will witidmld the potential use of the resource by the law-abiding public and its maximum your name if you desire. benefit to the State. Believing that adequate laws effectively enforced are the keystone to any natural resource or environmental management program, every effort to improve Dear Editor: law enforcement efficiency has been made in recent years. During the fiscal When the strains of Silent Night fall gently upon the land this Christmas years 1967-68 through 1974-75 those efforts have produced a forty-five percent Eve...] think we will all be better people for it. because I think there is a dulling {45%} increase in personnel, a one hundred and twenty-two percent {122%} void in the year were there never a Christmas. Humanity needs to celebrate the increase in prosecutions a~d an increase in the amount of fines of two hundred birth of the Christ child in just the manner she does. I sincerely feel the frenzy of and twenty-three percent {223%}. This is not to imply that we in law enforcement our way of life...cannot be toned into anything so mellow were it not for the great are satisfied with our present level of effectiveness but rather to substantiate and busy prelude we make of rejoicing. Cities handle great masses of your statement to the effect that additional funds for manpower and equipment is people,..and they should be commended. The weary sales girl who smiles bravely needed in order to enable us to meet public demand for additional law on...wishing an unselfish Merry Christmas to the public in general. The bus enforcement ,service. drivers who amiably take in their stride...just enought extra shoppers to make the Doctor Tobia, please know that we are in accord on the bulk of the content of trip difficult. The traffic cop so intent on keeping us all safe while we plough on your letter and that I do not question your sincerity in all the opinions expressed through a maze of merry shoppers. one iota, While that is the case, surely we would agree that opinions are formed What could man possibly fathom that would equal the sparkle in a child's on the basis of the facts available and are subjc~'t to change upon the acquisition eye...the peace and joy that de~.ends over the earth as the massive Christmas of additional information. I. therefore, reslmctfully take issue with two opinions I~)lls toll out their ethereal message, it is a message of iove...a divine message expressed and/or implied in your letter as follows: that has thrilled man down thru the ages. It never grows old...or (1} "Unfortunately, the deer hunting aspect of this iml~)rtant natural tin;snme...nobody would want to improve it. it hrings joy and an(! resource is currently bging exploited and irreparably (I.m.~(~l t)v. minority -f to all which sometimes lasts long after the last timml is brush~l from residents." the fl=.~r. In the much ordered pattern of the Universe...God gave us the supremr lqxploited? Yes! Irreparably d.mag.d? I tl)i)=k ..! i'-I-,t.,;),,), ~-,.~-v. -.h,,~ cause for celebration. Merry CJlristmas. that the herd is increasing in both Gilmer County and the 5taro m sp=tu ol the ilr. I).S. Phil f IJerbero Williems Christmas is a time for traditions. the tree together, o sing carols, or bake prescribed nature, or meticulously cre mantle or entryway. My family has always had been the~ stocking bit - even when we ~J~ ages, the four of us sort of helped the regard. Sometimes, in fact, I think that {aged 16 and 22} even anticipate the other stuff. For one thing, each yo-yo. I don't know why, wiLh. Each stocking stuffer must have 0ike the windup tractor I got last year " doubt!) Another tradition we have Christmas Eve gathering, wherein all six adults - someday maybe I'll join the I still don't quite make the grade) (Becca wears her formal jeans) toast the opening of one package. were pretty small, as sort of a payoff to Night. After all the ballyhoo come the We all bid each other good night intentions of remaining there for "grown-ups'" are safely tucked softly creep down the stairs, stand "Barb~ Are you asleep yet?" that I could be. Becca and I quietly joi~ for what is surely the most First. each participant gathers those him (or her} into a pile. Each gift is for any tiny hole or unfastened edBe might be read. Sniffing comes next. and scented candles can often be investigation. Careful punching distinguish between a large gift in relative who stuffs a large box with rocks to throw the guesser off base. effective package wrapping.} The shaking comes last. ~L at is quite certain of the stamina of this process, the distribution of as I previously mentioned, one and in which case shaking is not After all the investigation is slink back to bed. hopefully having the fun is in the surprise, right? The other half - the BIG hal/ care about. Or caring about Or both. I'll be one of the because my oldest brother, pat. meanderin~s. He dida't make it rattling just wasn't the same. BoY, Happy rattling to you all! B) At I~IL GlendU Phnno Second-Class and, Su ecri m wtce County. oth~ Welt t~ Out of m ~d~=iptionu for le=s than I; ....-' TOM OALIESlO .......... JOAN I.~YNE ..........