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December 19, 1991     The Glenville Democrat
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December 19, 1991

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i! Page 2--The Gienville Democrat/Pathfinder--Thursday, December 19, 1991 GCIDA Investment Mechanism Needed The process of convincing new businesses to locate in rural areas is, at best, a delicate matter wherein major decisions often hinge on subtle nuances in negotiations between the interested parties. In addition the process often requires confidentialities and critical timing of events to bring to fruition the results desired. All of this is understandable and acceptable. Understanding and acceptability are strained mightily, however, when efforts are seemingly made to keep pertinent facts from the general public: especially when the deal is already signed, sealed and delivered and all that remains is for the public to be informed. The recent announcement of the formation of Quality Data Pro- cessing, Inc. and its impending start of business here in Gilmer County has presented such a set of circumstances to citizens of our county• The press release, a joint announcement by the Executive Director of the Gilmer County Industrial Development Association and West Virginia State Senator Joseph Minard, indicated that in addition to the parent firm, Focus Technology, Inc. principals in the new firm would bc West Virginia Business Development, Inc. (WVBDI) of Clarksburg and MMBA Investment Group, Inc. of Gilmer County• No other details concerning these organizations were given. Eyebrows were immediately raised as consternation mounted as to the funding mechanisms involved in the project. Questions wcrc asked as to why a Clarksburg firm was involved in this venture and who or what was MMBA, Inc.? Inquiries by this newspaper and others to panics who should have known the answers were turned aside with professions of ignorance and the pot continued to boil. The apparent exclusion of Gilmer County citizens from the invest- ment process and the cloak of secrecy thrown 'round the particulars of the efforts made in behalf of the project (efforts that were, at least in part, supported by public funds) became a matter of increasing hadn't taken so long and I would like to read a more detailed explanation of this acquisition and location of this new property in the alumni news. But please don't pass off the stuff laying on the ground on the Sycamore Run property. Surely these "progressive" individuals probably have all the details already worked out and have contacted the certification program for Forest Technician Schools to insure the "new" properties qualify. Or are Mr. Bezrutch's thoughts correct--sell the house then rent (lease) it back--how progressive. I just knew the foundation had plans to use the revenue it got for selling out the department to grant scholarships to Land Resources Department students. Surely they will be named for Mr. Sypolt and Mr. Grafton, the ones I see most hurt by this sick chain of events. I am very sorry and ashamed the foundation offered no apologies of explanation to the dedicated Land Resources Department personnel. Is it fair to keep the concerned alumni in the dark so long? If that's "progressive," I accept their apology, but want no part of them. Mr. Davis, I commend you for your effort to support higher educa- tion, your wife informed me you are a licensed surveyor number 374. W.V. could use more gentlemen like you. Mrs. Davis, thank you for not being "progressive" and immediately attacking my ignorance of the situation by letter and please don't shake me for being concerned about G.S.C. My anger about seeing the Land Resource Department threatened still exists. Is it asking too much ofthe "powers" who have control over such matters to shed some light to the alumni when they fear for G.S.C.'s future? My feelings remain. It's not I who need "shook" but the people who were directly responsible for the sell of the property who need this treatment. This old-fashioned method is much more polite than the new generations language. We talk about kicking parts of the anatomy--I think it more appropriate too. If this could be arranged, I volunteer to go first. Gary L. Montgomery Rt. 1 Box 25A-I Rocky Gap, VA 24366 Am I saying that we should tell this part of the children. Not necessarily. However, there needs we have the courage and the integrity to not only Christmas with our childrcn but also with ourselves. that Christmas is an event that began in the then can better know a God who is acquainted with sec Easter is not only the only time that tragedy of God. Tears were also shed at His birth. So go ahead and keep Santa, the reindeer and tinsel please don't let these things replace the true meaning There is far too much at stake. Pastor concern to many members of the GCIDA and others throughout the What Have I Done year. community. Jeremiah 8:6, "I hearkened and heard, but they spake not aright: no And you might bc surprised to learn that Toys-R-O As it turns out, WVBDI is a group of investors who had earlier man repented him ofhis wickedness, saying, What have l done? every businessinJanuarvifyoudon'tspendeverypennyyotl negotiationSfacility in WestWithVirginia,F°cus TechnoiOgyPhilippi to inbeattemptingexact• Amongt° locatethe principalsthis new one turned to his course, as the horse rusheth into the battle." People, some you don't have--to fill the area beneath your tra in WVBDI are Minard and Jim Christy, who was formerly with the today, are much like the ones in Jeremiah s day. They are rushing on in and often unnecessarv gifts. The one in Bridgeport a sin and pleasure, never stopping to consider what they are doing or had injury done to your w: llct by posting a mean lookingP Governors Office of Community and Economic Development. Their done. stares intently at you as you leave the store with your organization had gone as far as purchasing needed equipment and Weneedtoexamineourselvestoseewhetherornotwearcdoingevil theyactuallyexpectthatcveryonewillshop:iftifgiv¢ making preliminary sales contacts but foundered on developing a orgood things (2 Corinthians l3:5). We should ask, 'What have l done so. lt might be a far better investment to cut down on viable financial management structure to operate the proposed firm with my heavenly father?" Am I a Prodigal Son? Have I taken his a fund for the children's college education. in Philippi. blessings and walked away, or have I counted my blessings and been Simply put, Christmas is a time to receive the Knowing of Gilmer County's endeavors to attract new high-tcch industry, WVBDI then turned its attention here and was put in touch with a group of individuals willing to underwrite the investment required to secure the location of the business in our community. A corporation (MMBAI) for investment purposes was created and the deal was struck. Stockholders of MMBA, Inc., v hose charter is on file at the Gilmer County Courthouse, are I. L. Morris, Thomas McPhcrson, Ed Broome and Mike Audia. The local group will hold a 45 per cent interest in the new firm, Quality Data Processing. The Clarksburg group will retain a 10 per cent interest in the service business and the remainder will be held by Focus Technology• The important thing is that Gilmer County will soon have a new business with a projected employment of some 100-120 persons. The jobs will be good paying ones and the prospects of the company becoming a stable economic entity in our community is bright. Much hard work and effort was expended to put this all in place and, in the final analysis, the county will benefit greatly from those ef- Freedom This year, I have solemnly resolved not to bore folkS anti-commercialism tirade, simply because doin than "preaching to the choir." Rather, I thought that opportunity to talk about freedom. Yes, freedom. But the freedom I speak of is or assemble, or cvcn worship as you choose. It your own freedom from traditions and customs burdensome and tiring that keeping them adds too already over-stressed season. You wind up dreading arrive• and breathe a secret sigh of relief when returns to normal. Is this really what Christmas is about? Consider Christmas cards, for instance. While for members of one's family and close friends, are sending to someone you haven't heard from all changed under such circumstances have any real And no one has declared that the world will end on if you don't spend Christmas with the grandparentS. shouldn't do so, if you enjoy traveling: rather, OBLIGATED to do so. Let the grandparents come to thankful forhismercies? Do I obey and worshiphim? (John4:2-24) We and make room for Him in our hearts. Period. should consider our Saviour. What have I done with Christ? Do I traditions that surround the holidays are just appreciate the gi ft of God's son or have I trampled under foot the blood a family should feel free to preserve and nourish of my Lord? Have I obeyed from the heart, his gospel, or have I done enjoyable, that should also feel free to take a despite to the spirit of his grace? Would I be happy at his coming, or find just too tiresome to pursue this year. would I cry for the rocks and mountains to fall on me? Perhaps this is why I dream of celebrating an What have I done with the Church? How much of my time, talents, In this dream, my wife and children accompany and moneyhavelsacrificedforitsupbuilding?Am I afaithfulattender, mountains, heated only by a Buck stove, about or am I a negligent goer? What have I done with my Bible? Am I using Christmas. There is a lot of snow, ample firewood, it for a map to chart my course from earth to heaven, or is it gathering television. As Christmas arrives, we share a few dust on the table? Am I trying to live by bread alone, or by every word another, and play together. Board games, oreven that proceedeth out of the mouth of God? (Matthew 4:4) Have I it really doesn't matter. What DOES matter is confessed my faith in it, oram I ashamed of it? What have I done with was the first family in Bethlehem so long ago. But my education? Has it turned me away form GOd? Am I using it for my give thanks for the gift of Jesus into our world own selfish gains and glory? We need to use our learning to increase our many blessings he showers upon us, again and a service in the Lord. May your own Christmas season he filled with forts. What have I done to the call of my conscience? Have I let it go The matching of capital needs with available financing, wh,'n unheeded until it no longer bothers me to disobey God and sin? Does The tern--tin-- to ................................. "" ."" it still keep me on the ri_oht roaW If we i ore our conscience Ion lJ atuat.t ,,cw vc,,tutcs to any loCailly IS always a major . . ,, . gn g _ oroblem Now may he. the limp tn t,ltt, eft, he i,, t-,.........enough it wall become dead, seared as with a hot iron (1 Timothy 4•2) overcome some of the difficulties inherent to that process What have I done w th my soul. So many have forgotten that their most --- As stated durimz discussions. . in- its mnnlhly meetm' • important posseSsion of all, their soul. Though we own and rule the Letters From Holland/Gerald • .... , • ..... r"-': " : V rldandhavenortakene re rsoul weh v v GCIDA Is ] Iunn or i t on a eh It will n ed t oe0u . a e lost all. Ha e I old • . g, o adjustc .... procedures and pohcles as it. uains. exocrience,__ and confronts new forfame, orpleaist re?, . Have I sold myselfout, foramess - ..... Dutch Christmas simafinn In order tn zlln~ fnr ~hr. hrr,-~rl k,,o,-.,4 ¢,..-,,4;.,,,,, ,-,r ¢ ..... of pottage (pot), Let us examlne ourselves concemlng our soul lest we .......... • '" ....... ---- .v ...v,. .ui ~li~ Ol~/~U'O~i~l~.l IUlIUIII~ Ol IUtUlt~ , " .I " " • " -- " J -- " It- -_...__:__.. lOSe It tnorougn carelessness May tl3e Loronelp us au touxuJnmC prospective employers who may require financial assistance to cs- • Dutch Christmas is a two part holiday - first tablish here, we strongly feel the time is ripe for the formation by ourselves in the light of his gospel. GCIDA of an investment corporation which will give an opportunity Gale Miller to all citizens in the county to invest in our future. Stumptown The formation of such an "opportunity money" fund would be a powerful tool in convincing businesses to locate here; would ease PEIA Proposal Ridiculous somewhat the touchy and often misunderstood task of matching Why would our Governor promote West Virginia economic growth capital needs to willing investors and would vastly broaden the ac- and development with his left hand while allowing his right hand to tive participation in the economic development process of those of promote taking business out of the State of West Virginia9 By allowine us interested in seeing job opportunity come to our county. WV PEIA to implement a mail order prescription drug pmgr' rn located We happen to believe that residents of our county who support in Pennsylvania for a projected savings of $500,000 a year, the the objectives of the GCIDA want the opportunity to evidence that taxpayers of this county and state will: Gain an increase in unemploy- support in more ways than paying dues and attending meetings• The ment; Lose tax dollars paid to both county and state; and Lose healthcare process should be wide open all the way. We urge the GCIDA to services provided to Gilmer County and State residents. make it SO!-RDA An issue of this magnitude which limits and restricts your medical service deserves your immedicate attention on or before December 23, 1991. We strongly urge all PEIA insureds to contact: The Honorable Gaston Caperton, Governor of the State of West Virginia, State Capitol Building, Charleston, WV 25305, 304-340-1600; Sally Richardson, Director of PEIA, Building 5, Tenth Floor, Capitol Complex, Charles- ton, WV 25305, 304-348-2941. For additional information please contact yourlocal Pharmacy: Lori, Gi!-Co Pharmacy, 462-8300; Scott or Karla, Rite Aid Pharmacy 462- 5888. Two different'heroes to celebrate - first celebrations fall on separate dates in December;, cntly observed. We find the honesty of dual events First, Sinterklaas: He lives in Spain but sails to mid-November to bring gifts to good He has a list, a big bag of goodies, and a hel can climb to any roof to go down the chimneys Sinterklaas wears a red outfit with white puffy and a beard. UsuaUy, you can see him between December 5, visiting children and giving out gifts, around them. December 6 is Sinterklaas' birthday; he deliverS time. It is Dutch tradition for the person who has party; so Sinterktaas is celebrating with all 6th, children have been setting a pair of shoes out sweets and little gifts from Sinterklaas. On the 6th, exchange presents of minor cost but major exchanging is done with a.poem from each receiver, making loving jokes and stories about person opening the gift. This tradition em tion of one family member for another. Now, Kerstdag (Christ's Day, the 25th): church services, and family visitations bound of observing this holy day. It is becoming more tree and exchange gifts on the day rather than on And, merchants are stringing lights and la USA customs. But fortunately, the vast, not come to the Netherlands to distort this a time for special baked goods, and recognition of the joy in our midsts. Land Resource Progressiveness A few weeks ago I wrote a letter in response to selling the Jake's Run property. I just received two letters, one from a Mrs. Anna L. Davis, wife of the owner of the Jake's Run property, and another from my best friend in the Glenville area with a clipping from the Democrat - submitted by the Office of Public Relations of G.S.C. Mrs. Davis informed me I was a "spoiled bra,t" I should be "picked up and shook," and I acted like I lost my "sucker candy" because of my letter. The G.S.C. Foundation Inc. insert into the Public Relations article was even more full of BS. Perhaps Mrs. Davis' view coincides with the Foundations Inc. Seeing the Land Resources Department threatened is none of an alumni's business. I think not. Perhaps she should write a letter to the foundation about trying to pass off some "sucker candy." It seems strange the G.S.C. Foundation Inc. which is so "progres- sive" failed to utilize the most professional resource it has on this matter. The Land Resources Department head and his staff• I wonder if this "progressive" foundation has any idea the Department Head is the President of Certification for forest technician programs and one of the stipulations for certification is managed forest land. Unless this "pro- gressive" foundation thinks low pastures might fall within this cat- egory, I suggest they inspect the Sycamore Run property. Or isn't walking around in the BS their trying to pass off"progressive" enough? Perhaps even consulting the President of the certification program on these "new" properties they write about isn't "progressive" enough. It seems strange. The Land Resources Department whose very life depends on the Jake's Run property had no input on its future. Other programs at G.S.C.--I suggest you all review your "progresiveness" to see if it qualifies as enough. I am happy to read the public affairs article. It sheds some light on the situation, but I agree with Mr. Rudy Bezrutch---it stinks. I wish it The Gienville Democrat The Glenviile Pathfinder Published by Gilmer County Publishing Inc. Robert D. Arnold- Publisher/Editor Published Thursdays at least 50 weeks of the year. Second Class Postage paid at Glenviile, WV 26351 Notice to Postmaster: Please send address corrections to: P. O. Box 458, Glenville, WV 26351 yle's FlleS/Kyle Emerson Lori L. Plummer, PRH Gii-Co Pharmacy Sulr ription Price: $15.90 (tax included) in County; $19.08 (tax included) in State; $20.00 for Out-of-State Subscribers Cannot accept subscriptions for less than six months. (304) 462-7309 Interested In McDonald's? Persons who may be interested in seeing a McDonald's locate in Gilmer County should write that company at the following address: Mr. M. R. Qinlan, c/o McDonald's Corporation, McDonald's Plaza, Oak Brook, Illinois, 60521. Gary Collins Glenville After having been away from the typewriter and of writing a column, I find myself wondering Gilmer County Ministerial Association readers will have already seen the know about the loss of my wife, that "' repeated. Sev, The Cost Of Christmas use this space to write a tribute to Jean (as I often One of my favorite "clergy cartoons" is a picture of a pastor greeting a special friend), that seems to me to be a rather people after a church service. As his parishioners file past him all of the do. Let it suffice to repeat a line from the annual adults are scowling and the children are in tears. The caption reads, "In gets mailed to all our friends. In that letter I said, just one sermon Reverend Smith managed to destroy Santa Claus and of love---all who knew her felt that love, and the Easter Bunny!" It seems to me that the most" While I would never do this kind of damage to these "holiday istomakeanobservationonhumannature symbols" from the pulpit, this cartoon does illustrate for me the kind of illness, well wishes have poured in from every emphasis that is given to the trivial during Christian seasons of stacks of cards in the bospital wishes and remembrance. Now, before you think that this is going to be another Offers of help came from every direction, Christian commentary on pagan practices during Advent and decide to were offered up not only for Jean, but for the go on to another section of the paper I would recommend that you of friends and relatives paid their final tribute bY continue on. I think you might be surprised, home and attending the funeral. She received the In the Gospel of Matthew we find the account of Herod being coul pe for at St. Joseph's Hospita deceived by the wisemen concerning the birth of Jesus. Matthew 2:16 to her every need in the short time she was reads as follows: exemplary. The personnel of both facilities When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was care expectations furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its her but for the family. For all this outpouring vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time forever grateful. he had learned from the magi. (NVI) Which brings me to the comment about This terrible part of the Christmas story is often left out ofourtelling criticize our acquaintances with observations of the birth of Christ. Why? I think it is because it would add sadness themselves. In fact, we have found t and darkness to a season that is intended to be filled with joy and light, manifests itself in the prayers, the concern, Yet, if we are to remain true to all of the events surrounding the coming friends, relatives, and even of virtual of Messiah and not just the ones that make us feel good, we cannot universal this concern was, I forget that the our Lord's entry into this world was bought at a terrible reason for it. I found my answer in the price. Continued on page 5