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December 22, 1977     The Glenville Democrat
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December 22, 1977

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2 I ted sic Department of School presented tival of Music" to a at the GCHS gymnasium 16. under the direction included solos by Janet Arnold and Alison of Fran and Kelly "Freedom." Also re the Men's Quartet, and Eric Williams, and the Cheerlea.ders, and the Choraliers. Janet Hamric, and Faye Chambers. personnel included: Dee Dee reShour, Janet Hamric, Pat Jarvis, Marilyn Tom Squibb. Sue lirley Stump, Cliff Williams, Willa rd dolfson, Randy Frame, Liz Glover, Jim Coen, Melina Collins, Dean Fitzwater, I0se Hickman. Cheryl Mohr, Barbara Riffle, Peggy Runyon. Kerry Boggs, Myra Chico, Freshour, Dienna ',ainer, Sherri Gainer, Hess, Jodi Now, 'eggy Phillips, Robin Loretta Smith, Kelly Davis. Director fatalities Joens season is a joyful. of us but for some holidays will grim tragedy as the rate continues to by the Highway a total of eight first five days of a shocking total of 480 year to date. This 457 fatalities through in 1976. Director of the there were 44 ecember of which 13 Christmas and New say that 27 of occurred after dark took place during reakdown of the fact that of the 44 27 were auto Passengers and four factors for the factors weather and g. motorists all traffic laws ly. He went on to are to be must all remind dangers and 23 ty, "The Spirit of p.m. at the Everyone is Dance will be at the en will be eived from the arrive on Saturday, found, we're at the corner Streets. THE CHORALIERS sang "I Won't Last a Day" at the "Winter Festival of Music" at Gilmer County High School. [Democrat Photo] The G lenv i I le Democrat A Gilmer Graphics, Inc. Newspaper Published By And For Gilmer County People Single Copy Price 15c (Incl. Tax] Volume 74. Number 12 GLENVILLE, GILMER COUNTY, WV 26351 Thursday, December 22, 1977 II II III I ....... CityCouncil receiVes report Glenville City Council met in special session on Tuesday, December 13, to hear a report concerning an audit of Glenville Utility, to receive a presentation from Mayor Ronald Joe Gregory concerning the duties of the city's Meter Maid, and to change the date for the lanuary meeting of Council. All members of the Council were present, along with the Mayor and Recorder Mrs. Edna White. Council members are Lonnie Fitzpatrick, Dr. Lowell Fredin, Don Barker, John Collins and Harry Hoover. The session began with a presentation from R.J. Cooper, a Certified Public Accountant from Weston, Mr. Cooper had previously been employed by Council to audit Glenville Utility. Mr. Cooper's presentation, which indicated that on several occasions records had been inadequately kept in the early years of the company, revealed that the utility's operating revenue is not enought to operate the company at a break-even point. In fact, his report showed that the operating revenue provides only 28 per cent of the necessary money to run the utility. Upon being questioned, Cooper said that he felt the city must seek a rate increase for water so that it may operate at at least a break-even point. Under questioning from Councilman Barker, Cooper cited higher utility costs such as electricity as the major cause for the utility's losses. He also said that chemicals and other items used daily have increased greatly in price. He said that he could not see that salaries or anything of that nature were out of line. In a direct reply to a question from Barker, Cooper said, "I don't really see any place to cut expenses, You might cut a few hours overtime, but I don't think it would make that much difference." Cooper also recommended that a new accounting procedure be set up for the utility and that a Board of Commission be appointed to direct the complete operation of the utility. After hearing the report, Council voted to instruct Mayor Gregory to check with the City Attorney to determine if a Board or Commission must be appointed, and to determine his feelings as to the operation of the company with regard to the law. The Mayor read a set of guidelines he had prepared for the Meter Maid following the acceptance of Cooper's report. After some discussion, Councilmen Fitzpatrick, Fredin, Barker and Hoover voted to adopt the guidelines prepared by the Mayor subject to some minor revisions. Councilman Collins abstained from voting. The Mayor said that he will see that the complete list of regulations is made available to the public as soon as it is completely finalized. Mayor Gregory reported that he had attended a Region VII meeting in Buckhannon on Monday, December 12, and that the city's application for a grant for equipment for the police department had been approved. Following brief discussion, Coun- cil voted unanimously to hold the regular January session of Council on Monday, January 16, in lieu of the scheduled date of January 2. Council adjourned at approxi- mately 10 p.m. Board of Regents cut discussed by Pam Ramsay and Dvnnine Setler THE COLUMNS, Fairmont State College A 42.7 per cent cut in the West Virginia Board of Regents' Repairs and Alterations (R & A} funding by the state has severely limited the higher education institutions' day-to-day repairs of educational, office and maintenance equipment, according to state high education officials. Following a December 6 appear- ance at Fairmont State College, Governor Jay Rockefeller commented, "The argument is properly made that when you reduce repairs and alterations all you' re doing is postponing worse repairs and altera- tions. That's one side. The other side is the total pie for new money this year is $50 million. Every slice of teachers' pay raises, alterations, new prog- grams..,everything comes out of that $50 million. "So the question is 'How does that get divided up?' That's not a lot of money when you're talking about almost a billion dollar budget. So that's the problem and I do understand it." said Rockefeller. The cutback originated in the Governor's Office, according to Pat Gallagher, Executive Assistant to Senate President William Brotherton. "The Board of Regents requested $2.9 million of R & A. The Governor's Office recommended $1.4 million, and we went along with them. Under the speical capital improvements fund and revenue sharing, we have more than made up for the money we've cut out. The Board of Regents has no reason to be upset. They are basically like every agency-they want the money they can get, plus what they've gotten before," said Gallagher. P, ut, expenditures from the special capital improvements fund mentioned by Gallagher, may only be used by the Board of Regents to meet the cost of predetermined capital improvements, except for the retirement of revenue bonds, according to the 1975 School Laws of West Virginia. "Priority of the projects shall have been agreed upon by the Board of Regents and presented to the Governor for inclusion in the annual budget bill, and only with the approval of the Legislature as indicated by the direct appropriation for the purpose," the book states. Thus, it appears that money from the special capital improvements fund is designated only for particular projects and that these projects must be approved by the Board of Regents, the Governor, and the Legislature as line items in the state budget bill, while R & A money is for general repairs, according to state higher education officials, Questioned about the R & A cut, Miles Dean, Commissioner of Finance, stated, "I am sure we cut it [R & A) after reviewing the specific projects contemplated in the prior year during the budget hearing. These were held almost a year ago, Major proiects such as boilers or roof repairs caused the R & A to be substantially higher for that particular year. Therefore, this year cannot be compared with prior levels of activity. Possibly last year major projects were figured into the budget. This year it was not needed." Commenting on Dean's statement, Dr. Ben L. Morton, Board of Regents' Chancellor, stated, "Never do we list specific proiects when presenting the R & A budget to the legislators. We may list examples, but we do not give detailed accounts, He (Dean) may be talking about agencies other than higher education, such as welfare. We do not do it that way." (Continued on page 9} There was a tradition with these newspapers for several years to run the Francis P. Church letter to the little girl named Virginia who wondered in a letter if there is really a Santa Claus. Times have changed and the tradition has been left with the times, but we would like to stop for at least a moment to offer some special Christmas "thank yous" to some of the people who serve the role of "givers" to us. These are the fine folk who support our efforts, who help us to get news and help us with advertising. There would be no possibility of quality newspapers for Gilmer County were it not for the efforts of our various correspondents. We offer sincere thanks to Nedra Alltop of Normantown, jo Ann Woodyard of Cedarville, Irene Hague of Tanner, Thelma Shackleford of Cox's Mills and Hazel Flint of Rocky Fork for getting the news to us regularly. Then, of course, we have our very own "News Bird" over in Conings to report on the happenings there. There are several others who correspond with us on a regular basis, both from a community and civic capacity, and we thank all who help. A special word of thanks goes to Mrs. Susan McCartney who is getting the news from the Gilmer County school system to us each week, and to the staff of young reporters at Gilmer County High School who provide us with tidbits of news from GCHS. We also thank all our advertisers, subscribers, and others who just generally support us in our day-to-day efforts. The Editor will now take time out to offer a personal thanks to Mrs. Yvonne King and the staff of The GlenviUe Mercury. There have been many times when the Editor has needed assistance from Mrs. King and her staff and it has always been there when needed, My sincerest thanks to you. The last paragraph will be left to allow us to return at least in part to the old Democrat/Pathfinder tradition. We borrow iust one paragraph from the Francis P. Church letter: "No Santa Claus! Thank God, he lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood." School Board meets The Gilmer (ounty Board of Education met in their offices in the Gilmer County Courthouse Annex in Glenville on Monday, December 12. at 8 p.m., following their attendance at the County and Auxiliary Personnel Christmas Dinner at Gitm ,,mt High School. All membs Were present, except Robert Fox, along With Superintendent Ronald J. Weity. On recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board voted to pay bills totaling $22,100.91. The Board also approved routine budget supple- ments and transfers. Following that action, the travel- ing art and music teachers gave a presentation to the Board concerning their duties as traveling teachers in Gilmr County schools. On recommendation by Superin- tendent Welty, the Board approved the following trip requests: *Mary Lee Massey, permission to take her class to the Robert F. Kidd Library at Glenville State College on December 14 from 9:40 to 11:20 a.m. It was noted that this is the same time Sand Fork fourth grade attends swimming classes at the college, and both may ride the same bus. *Jay Chambers and William J. Piercy, permission for Johnny Given and Danny Smith, college students, to accompany the wrestling team on trips to away matches, since they have contributed much to the instruction of the wrestlers. *David Lee Ellison, permission for the children in grades one, two and three from Troy Elementary School to attend a Christmas party given in their honor by the Lamba Chi Alpha Fraternity of Glenville State College on December 8. (Approval after the fact). *Ann L. Glarer, Social Worker, Department of Welfa re, permission for era D. Howes, Betty E. Miller, Virginia R. McHenry. Shirley Castrovince and Nellie Newton to ride the county school buses to Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center near Grantsville providing space is available. On recommendation of the Superintendent, the Textbook Adop- tion Committees were approved for the school year 1977-78. See related article on Textbook Adoption Committees by Mrs. Susan McCartney elsewhere in this issue. ****************** On recommendation of the Superintendent, the Board voted to hold their next regularly scheduled meeting on January 9 because of the holidays. The foilowing items were discus. sed, but required no action by the Board: *Relocation of storage building on Walnut Street. *Third month attendance report information. (The report revealed weighted enrollment this year of 2,054 compared to 2,022 last year). *Report on Media Project. *Superintendent Welty reported that the architect stated the preliminary floor plans for the proposed building and renovation of Sand Fork, Normantown, Gilmer County High School and GlenviIle Elementary School would be ready for the Board's inspection by January 6, 1978. There-further bwfiness to clmm the attehon of the Board, the meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m. Program at Tanner by Susan McCartney Tanner Elementary School will have a Christmas program on Thursday, December 22. The program will begin at 9:30 a.m. with the Kindergarten through fourth grade choir performing under the direction of Jane Lowe. Also the Intermediate Choir will be performing under the direction of Mrs. Sandra Seman. At 10:30 a.m., the eighth grade class will perform in a Christmas play entitled, "A Charlie Brown Christmas Revisited", which was adapted from the book, A Charlie Brown Christmas. The cast for the play is as follows: Charlie Brown, Richard Edman: Peppermint Pattie, Dee Dee Boone; Linus, Randy Frymier; Snoopy, Eddie Kelble: Lucy, Bey Robinson; Sally, Gloria Taylor; Freida, Sandy Weaver: Pigpen, Malcomb Allison; Schroeder, Roger Mason: Mark, Mark Bailey: Director, Sherri Cain; Stage Managers, Janet Bush, Don Wood ford: Cast members with non-speaking parts. jimmy Byrd and Mark Meadows. After lunch there will be parties and a gift exchange in the rooms' for the students. Dismissal will be at 2 p.m. and afterwards the faculty and staff will have a gift exchange and a party. Marijuana found Two hundred marijuana plants. along with a shopping bag full of the plants, were discovered by Trooper W.P. Sutton of the Gilmer County Detachment of the West Virginia State Police and Gilmer County Sheriff Clark R. James on property belonging to O.V. Townsend on Alice Road, Sunday. December II. Street value is set at $1,000. A warrant to allow search of the property was obtained Saturday, December 10, from Gilmer County Magistrate Robert W. Minigh. According to records, no charges have been filed in the matter. However, the incident is 'still under investigation by both the Gilmer Count), State Police Detachment and the Gilmer County Sheriff's Depart- ment.