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December 25, 2003     The Glenville Democrat
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December 25, 2003

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Page 8B -- The GlenvilJe Democrat/Pathfinder --- Thursday, Dec. 25, 2003 Pat's Pat Ridpath, Burnsville 853-2401 Illl II II II I Ill II I II I Illl Ill Illll Illll II I Catching up - Thanks to the Internet! De~mber 7, 2003 who are in Iraq. Dr. John Westfall gave What a joy it was to meet fellow toothbmshes, floss, andpastetobeadded columnists at the Weston Democrat's to the stockings. Good for you, Minnie. lovely old building during the delight- I talked with Fred Allen who is now ful and delicious Branch they had for settled in his new apartment in Tacoma, us. It will make it even more interesting WA. He says it is very beautiful there to read the other columns now. I cannot and he is content, being close to his son. thanktheirstaffenoughforthe giftsand If any of you want his address, just call good fellowship! me. I am writing this on December 7 and, Sharpe Hospital is losing some won- although I was a little girl when it hap- derful people to retirement! Madge pened, I remember the horror of the Lockard, RN, who has been my inspira- attack on Pearl Harbor! War news, tion since I began working there, is during the following years, so fright- retiring after 53 years of nursing, the enedmethatmyparentswouldn'taliow last 14 of them at Sharpe. She will be EdwardR.Murroworothernewsbmad- greatly missed. Gabrielle Lohr, better casters to be mmed on if I were there. I known as Gabi, is also retiring. I just saw tbe newsreels at ,be movies and had wish them both much health and happi- nightmares about soldiers swooping nessandenjoymentofretirementyears. down over the hills and into our little I hope to retire (again) in a year or so. town. I cannot help but wonder about Rodney and Mary Luttrell have the effect of all the violence and other moved to the Big Otter area from the gory scenes that children see nowadays Eastern Panhandle and visited with us on a daily basis. Even their games are at the Braxton Seventh-day Adventist violent unless parents keep close vigil Church on Saturday, December 6. Mr. on the games they are allowed to play. Luttrell gave me a little holiday from How far we have come since my child- teaching the Adult Sabbath School class. hood days. It makes me think of the We all enjoyed his teaching very much. Psalm that states, "I will set no wicked We have been studying the book of thing before mine eyes." (Psalm) It is Jonah this quarter. It surprising how difficult to obey that instruction in the much can be gleaned from just four present time. short chapters, the most amazing of It also reminds me of a poem by which, to me, is that God was so patient Alexander Pope: with the stubborn and selfish Jonah. It "We don't go down with a quick, gives me much hope for myselL hard fall, we just glide along: Toni Wine went to Special Olympics Little by little we lighten our load, till in Parkersburg November 14 - ! 6 and we cannot tell right from wrong, won a Bronze medal on the 15th and Sin is a monster of such frightful another one on the 16th. She wants to mien, that to be hated needs but to be thank her head coach, Judy Floyd. Toni seen. also received a special bowling trophy But seen too often, familiar with its on Nov. 16. She met two friends from face, we first endure, then pity and then Raleigh County, Zelma and Raymond embrace!" Alexander, who won first place medal I had mentioned in a previous Chat on November 16. that Sharon McNemar Youngs was go- Oh, by the way, the apartment we ing to marry Rodney Jones. This finally rented in Florida about which I told you happened in Iraq on November 19. last weekcost no more than most motels They plan to renew their vows again per night. Some reviews of it on the when they return to the States, accord- Internet were not good, but for us it was ing to Minnie McNemar, Sharon's just fine. No bugs, generous space, and mother, right on the beach. Minnie also told me that she is fixing Maranatha, everyone! stockings for her family and their friends December 14, 2003 My Georgia friend says that her par- I am enjoying the beautiful Dancing ents signed so that her determined 17- SnowflakeslightsontheMainStreetof year-old brother could go to the ser- Weston as I come from work after vice. She watched endless numbers of evening shift at Sharpe. Last night I vehicles in the convoys that traveled to took my sister and my friend and drove and from a nearby military base. Her around Bumsville looking at the lights, dad even contracted for prisoners-of- and they are marvelous. I would hate to war to work on their farm and in their have to vote for the best ones! I love construction company. When they re- looking at them, but have no energy to turned to their own country, her dad put them up on my own house. There kept in touch with some of them and are very few decorations even on the sent them gifts such as chocolate candy inside of my own house. None of my which they loved and which must have children are coming home, so I cannot been a rarity there at thedme. She also get enth~ about doing it. remembers they were always nice and My comments about Pearl Harbor helpful, and although she was cautioned Day brought several responses. One by her mom to "be careful," she was friend in Burnsville said that she was never afraid. frightened every time she heard a plane She remembers (as do I) the many go over town. She thought we were planes that flew in formation overhead, goingtobebombed. My brothers, Harry heading to no-telling where. She would (Sonny) and Sam, were talking with count them, wondering if they would me and our sister, Mary Ann (using our get back home alive. She says, "It was wonderful 3-way calling) during an- so much for my young mind to compre- other of our nearly-weekly-mini-re- hend." unions-by-phone today and we were BUT there are happier memories of also remembering World War II and its the past! David Parmer is kindly put- effect on us. The ladies of the Red ting together a pictorial history of Cross busily folding bandages for the Burnsville High School (BHS) which troops, the hat and armband that Dad he will have published and then give wore as Air Raid Warden, the black- them to our public library to use as a outs that had everyone turning out all of fundraiser. He has already gotten a 1935 the lights or putting black covers over yearbook ready to go to the publisher the windows! (As if anything in and a1925 yearb0ok is presently being BURNSVILLE would have been im- scanned to disk for re-publication. For portant enough to bomb!) My brother his history of BHS, he is trying to locate Sam and cousin Den Stilwell seem to senior composite photos for the classes remember(orimagined)thatoneofour of 1950, 1951, 1953 and 1954. If any- local ace pilots took a plane through one has those or athletic or band photos and under the old iron bridge during and would consider lending them to those exciting times. Harry Evans was David, he promises to return the m a local man who flew with the famous promptly. His address is P. O. Box 39, Skyblazers, precursors to the Hinton, WV 25951, phone (304) 466- Thunderbirds. Sometimes the planes 1233. Let's help him get these photos. buzzed over Bumsville so low that we Richard Barrett wrote that the list I could see the pilot, and they would tip made of the 1948 8th-grade graduation their wings to us. in November 23 CHAT was not cor- All of us children were traumatized rect. This information had been taken but there were no therapists around like from a faxed copy of the program that theyhaveafterdisastersnowadays.We David Parmer sent to me. Richard all have terrible memories, but I don't should have been listed under Buffalo think there has been any damage to our Run along with his brother, John Barrett. psyches. (Or at least none I will blame. He and John graduated together. He on those events !) adds that they had only one pair of dress My friend who lives in Georgia re- pants between them and John wore the members hearing the news about Pearl dress pants since he was the oldest, and Harbor on the radio. She didn't under- Richard wore a new pair of overall stand what it was about but knew it was pants. (David says he will correct the terrible because her grandfather started master copy.) crying and saying how the young men David also reminded me that Mr. would have to go off and might not Robert Billeter of the Weston Demo- come back alive. What sticks in her crat lived in Burnsville (he thinks it mind was how horrified the grown-ups was in Stringtown) during the early were. She wrote little childish letters to 1940s. her uncles in the service and they an- I got a letter from John and Gene swered as if her letters were very cher- Moran.They have had somedowntimes ished. (I remember that my own mother this year and Gene is back in a nursing wrote to herbrothers and many friends home due to another fall. They are who were overseas, and they would hoping she will be home for Christmas. receive letters in response that had been They have a new address. If you want it, censored, but she and Dad would try to call me. ty figure out where they were by little Maranatha.. I ,d II H II I GeraldineMarks 462-7477 LEEMAN JACKSON "JACK" ALLEN 4-14-1931-12-6-2003 Another Crooked Fork native claimed Jack Allen grew up on Crooked CunninghamDobbins. Betty also was Fork. I attended the Cub Fork One a Cub fork One Room School student Room School with Jack, his sisters, during the late 1930s and early 40s. I SusieandLennie, andhisbrotherGar- think there were close to 40 students land. Jack's parents also grew up on enrolled in school there then. Crooked Fork. His father, Emery I'm still getting Christmas Cards Allen, grew up Gn Upper Two Run ;some have pictures I plan to share and his mother, Ottie Conrad Allen, with my readers. Mary Lou Moore was raised on Lower Two Run. Em- Hasp, a daughter of Ralph's uncle ery and Ottie had the first radio on Judson and Iva Henderson Moore, Crooked Fork. Ralph remembered lis- sent me some information some of my teningtoJoeLewisboxingmatchesat readers will be interested in. She said their house, her brother Forest died Oct. 4, 2003. Emery and my Dad were first cous- Mary Lou is the only member of ins. Emery worked forDad forseveral Judson and Iva's family now living. years. I remember he fed Dad's cows Son-in-law Roger Stewart and I during the big 1940 snow. He walked delivered fruit baskets from the Oak from his Two Run home out to our Grove Baptist Church to Anna Stump houseonthehilltofeedthecows.Dad and her daughter Neva and Delvin was sawmilling on the West Fork and and Pauline Dobbins last Sunday couldn't get home. evening. Anna wasn't as strong as she Jack served his country overseas was last year, but she is till making during the Korean War. He worked baby quilts. Pretty good for 108-year- for the Ohio Screw Products in OH, old. Neva is pretty much bedfast. was employed by Glenville State Col- Pauline had been in the hospital lege, ran the Hays City Gas Station for .with double pneumqnia ~ Delvin awhile during the 1980s and ran a hadhadtheflu.PaulinesaYSshecooks newspaper route until he retired, and Delvin does the dishes. Jack and his ex-wife, Anna Jean One moring this week one of our Murphy, are the parents of two sons, cows had her calf on the creekbank Earl Vernon Allen and Darrell Allen. and the calf slid into the creek. I called Jack will be laid to rest beside his our neighbor Howard Wankmuller, deceased son, Earl Vernon in the and told him I needed some help. Meadow Lane Cemetery. Luckily, his daughter, Madam, was Last week's Democrat contained home from WVU and they were able the obituary of Melissa Dobbins to pull the calf out of the water and Allman. Melissa lived in Ohio, but onto level ground. The newborn calf she grew up on Crooked Fork and was standing in water up to its stom- attended the Cub Fork One Room ach. I think this was a miracle calf. School on Crooked Fork during the Later, Mariam and her boyfriend, late '30s and early '40s. Melissa some- Jason, came down and carried the calf times spent a night at our house. Her to the barn where it could get the parents were George and Hallie "tender loving care" Ralph always Deulley Dobbins. gave his calves. They also were able The obituary of Betty Ann to get to the mother in the barn, afeat McHenry, the daughterofBetty Dob- that sometimes takes some real ma- bins Stump was also in the paper, neuvering. Betty's parents were Fred and Fanny unity Resource, Inc Many Of you have read about volunteers to help at the CRI; worked AmeriCorps in the paper and maybe on the Habitat for Humanity house in are wondering what it means. Parkersburg; and planned a commu- AmeriCorps is a national service pro- nity participation night to attend the gram for community service. The Nutcracker at Glenville State Col- Gilmer County program is called lege. 'Project Move' and can assist indi- The Community Resources, Inchas viduals with family mentoring, GED been really busy with our Angel Tree training, obtaining a drivers' license, Program serving approximately 200 child care, budgeting, job search, re- children and Santa's workshop. Our sume writing, and improving corn- food pantry is now stocked, due to the puter skills, food drives in the community. The Over the past three months, response for these projects has been AmeriCorps has sponsored various great and without the help of the corn- activities to help people in the corn- munity, we would not have been able munity. Some of the activities spon- to serve individuals that qualify for sored include'Make a Difference Day' the programs offered. - established a Baby Closet for ex- Both the CRI and AmeriCorps pectant mothers and mothers of in- would like to thank everyone who has fants and toddlers 'National Family contributed to our projects and to our VolunteerDay'-visitedthepatientsat volunteers. Your support is greatly SunBridge to give each patient a appreciated. Watch for our monthly stuffed animal and decorated the pa- updates. tients' doors for Christmas, worked Merry Christmas and Happy New with CRI on the Angel Tree; recruited Year. ~#l Illmm mll Ill lm Ill ~ Illln 1811 mli III mllm mlt m~n Jmlt llm am~ Ill li n | COU! ON-CIA! C()[ P()N I 50 YEARS: Mr. Randolph D. Jennings and Mrs. Shirley M. Jennings (Carico) were married December 23, 1953 by Rev. Nunn in York, South Carolina. They reside in Tanner. They have two daughters, Patricia Jennings of Burke, VA and Teresa Willett of Waldorf, MD. Congratulations on reaching 50 years of wedded bliss. Their daughters wish them many more years of love, good health and happiness. MORGANTOWN AREA GRAND PRIX PLAQUE, 3RD PLACE, 2003 runner com Senior Grand Master Runner, Jim ners tied w/798 points each: Bill Bailey (age 63) from Cedarville, WV Filcheck and Joey Herron). Jim fin- entered and finished 45 races in 2003. ished six points out of 2nd place (won He completed:24,5K(3.1 miles); by Ed Frohnaphel, aged 47, of two, 4 mile; seven, 5 miles; eight, Morgantown) and 34 points bel~nd 1 OK (6.2 miles); one 15K (9.34 miles); the I st place runner (Jim Banks, aged one, 20K (12.4 miles); and two, Half 57, of Pennsylvania). Marathon (13.1 miles) races. Six (6) Additionally, Bailey completed the of these events were in states outside Clarksburg Area Race Series in 15th West Virginia. place overall and 1st in his age group. Jim placed 1st in his age group 37 Although he did not run the required times, 2rid place 7 times, and failed to nine races in the Parkersburg River place in one event: with a 6th place in City Runners Club series, he leads in the National Masters 20K Champion/ race points for male runners. Bailey's Ogden 20K, Wheeling. current interest is The Running Jour- Of note was Bailey's third place hal, Running the South Grand Prix- a overallintheMorgantownAreaGrand 10 race series that began with the Prix (MAGP) series. By virtue of the Parkersburg Half Marathon on Au- MAGP age-graded system, that al- gust 16. lowed runners of all ages to compete When asked about hisrunninggoalg on an equal (more or less) basis, he for 2004, Bailey just wants to stay earned sufficient race points (830), healthy and run faster- and - achieve from the maximum seven races that USATFLongDistanceRunningStan- were counted, to finish 32 points over dards to be nationally ranked in the the 4th place runners. (Yes, two run- 5K, 5 mile, IOK, and 15K distances. Local merchants are f0endly, helpfu: and more likely to know your name! Please patronize them! . New Year's Eve hints they found in the letters.) IEnjoy our Christmas decorations while you eat at ... (Editor's note: We apologize for Pat's Chat not being published the past two weeks, but apparently, the internet ate the e.maiis. Mrs. Ridpath wasI I gracious enough to resend them for you to enjoy.) I Sutton/Fiatwoods Days 'Inn Presents:! MEXlGAN BESTAUBANT New Year's Eve 2003"Celebration / I ,.,, 'H,.,t. I ! ][ Featuring "Rick "K" and TheAUnighters/ I I', I I i Package prices: / I I. I I l $175 per couple with lodging ~~ $135 per couple without lodging l l .,h,,,,,,,,,,,. ,,, ,,,t. f,. I ~i~:~A~i~ l l $250 with regultatr.suite ~~ $275 with Gv" / HMST suites l i I'l' S __ I WE X URS I IFor Reservations Call, Sutton/Flatwoods Days Inn 304-765-50551 ;I ...... ,.. I MON..FRI,11LIlL-9 p.nL i l Formalattire is required. I ' '"'"'"'"" ' ...... " ....... = / .... " . .7, [ 3AI. Noon-y p.m.; 3uN.-~oon-b p.m. -_ / Schedule of Events Include: ~-~ I 1 ~ltU ~HZ~ lit:, ,'~ I l 7:00p.m. - 9:00p.m. -Elegant Buffet Dinner& Social Hour,~'~'~k! m I ',,., f,,i-,.,,,, [ 407 N. Lewis St., Glenville ! | 9:00 p,m.-1:00 a.m.- Music & Dancing, Complimentary Champagne at I ~k~ L m"i'"" ,.,1,,~ ~ ~~"0~20 J ~. .........M!dnight &, Delicious Breakfast Buffet the next morning. , .... J -,~ ,-=, -- 1 --- 1 --- --- ,--- --- --- -=. -.- ,-= --= ~ 1 ,.-- .-= -- -- music by Gary Scott 9 p.m.- 1 a.m. Make your reservations early and save money. Paid in advance $25.00 per couple --- $10.OO per single at the door that night $30.00 per couple $15.00 per single