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December 26, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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December 26, 1975

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is I ii~ 10 The Glenville l)emocrat/Pathfinder December 25. 1975 m Visitors to the party was so merry Thomas Jefferson Rutherford B. Hayes and his wife a national Christmas tree, a gigantic Christmas White House . was moved to fiddle lively tunes on his reenacted their wedding as a Whitespruce from his native Vermont may mms violin House holiday festivity to celebrate erected on the White House lawn in ~. seeing President and Mrs, Ford who 1" " " l'k ........... ' . . n 1835 Andrew Jackson aban- their anmversary. 1923. I e To spena me nouaays smmg. OUT ........ Preeident's Santa, Too the memories ofma ..... aonea presmenual aecorum on Herbert Hoover and his wife ma" lin~er on ny a ~nrmtmas past Christmas morning long enough ~to At the same time, President Hayes delighted in the singing of young YTo~i~t~ ~,ill ~,~a Whito I4.... defend himself against an attack from ignored an unfestive view of his visiting carolers, and Mrs. Hoover firenlaces cracklino ,~,h ,~h ....his adopted son's children in a contested election, a newspape s would lead them on a parade through flames iuletide floral"" ..... '""'" snowball fight with holiday cottonungracious comment: "This will be the the darkened White House, each child ever -he e and be end thee ; aUl ans candy in the White House East Room. first times usurper has celebrated holding a lighted candle. w" r~, -~' -. Y .... g. Y Just before Christmas the Christmas in the White House. But James K. Polk always received muows me nauonalt.,nrm~mas Tree, a .. i ......... n " " " " nta Claus descends the chinme-" guests at the White House on -, .... . ... t~res oent ano [ne cnuore Qeuvereo:~a y spar~:;go/~pre;vlSe~nteh~;t;~;;ses of presents around Washington, includ- alike on the just and the 'unjust." Christmas Day. standing before a 175-ears of White Ho .... ing a box of snuff to Dolly Madison~ James Buchanan was a bemused roaring fire, Mrs. Polk traditionally y use L, nrlstmases: " " " 'on' earliest ohn ~n"4 ~"-'~:~ ~'~ ....... -J Jackson had mentioned that Santa victim of one of the nat| s wearing a maroon dress. Equally into Jthe V~hite H;'u~;;~:~st~;~fiml;~f~; Claus had never visited him as a boy, examples of over-zealous Christmasfestive, Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower "h-'-t ....... ! ...... so the youngsters hung up a stocking merchandising. Just down the street customarily wore a holly red dress as rm mas m l~, anti men ourneu zo ........... W' "t House of the childlessshe frolicked with her grandchildren. COrClQ af ~nnrl in th~ 1~ fir~nlarao in a Ior ram. ~nristmas mormng, tears irom tne m e ".'~ 7." "'~T~ ....... .~ -,.~,~ .... , -" "~filled Old Hickory's eves as he found it bachelor was a store advertising in its Most dramatic White House ey ~t vos~,gh ~ vain aTTempT to ease Tne cmu proauceo ~ . ........... stuffed witha corncob pipe and v,undow "The Premdent Buys Toys For Christmases may have been the 11 uy me Damp, new,y plasterea walls. " " All His Children Here'" presided over by Franklin D. Roosevelt. GOLIKIH among spiders, an American ta.~,s| Gue ts ' . Tooacco submits to a close-up inspection. The crea . dL s shwered stayed only briefly " " .... Who -ut u" the first ChristmasHe always gathered his large family - - :: _'; .......... ' m 1865 Abraham Lincom J, 1., carries less of a threat than most people this~k~ ana to Mrs. ~aams me firsl white " -- - ' ...... tree in the White House? Some so,, it together and then read Charles "'o ........... welcomed nunoroos ox newly trees ' ~ those allergic to bee sting~ and insect bites ra~t~ .... . . slaves to a t,nrlsunafl season r~c~puun rl use t~nrls,mas parw was a ires, ........... ,.._ was Franklin Pierce in 1856 OthersDickens' "A Christmas Carol." ,.. r.ast m~,m ~nowoa~s,, after he had found them outside on the believe it was Benjamin Harrison, who changing his voice for each of the Tarantula spiders are not knownand have legs r~ve years la~er me wans were ................ hel"^d erect and trim a White House characters. ~" " .............................. through the windows. They told himtree in 1889. Recalled one of his sons: "'Father However. they have been reported as Fuzzy. fff~_r~ ~i~ rlr,~ a~,~ Wh~,,~ , .... ~o,,,,oo lawn snenuy wa,cnmg me resuvmes P~ to thrive in Gilmer County's climate, inches. _ they had been hoping to, shake the The Christmas tree became a was the meanest Scrooge you ever reaching northern cities in various vital purpose. "=~imimmm Ill I II Ill _ hand of "Uncle Abraham. tradition at the White House until heard," shipments. So. if you should Find one in eyesight, the tat~ iiiiii~i~ r ~- The President's son Tad Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt was elected your bunch of Thanksgiving bananas, and detects .~ i ~P~TT~ ~i in like fashion, once l~rought home President. An ardent conservationist, ~,. j,:~..~.~ ~.~.;~.;~z~:~: we thought you might enjoy the delicate hairs t~ !~i~ i OPJ~X CH"|STU-- I cS .nmnee:tr ~fur;hi~: t So~h~ reoC~h~ s~ Rl~}2?l~ ob~Sg t~o :e tW~a nt: , ~e~. ~[-~..., ~ Geographic Society news feature: New World ' S xHa;~; ~eat ,~.~ ~7" ~ ~ ~r~~:~ reassurance of the following National body. ., [] K JR them away, the President intervened, might help the fight to save evergreens SPIDER HEAVYWEIGHT ted to their Eur il:l / J discovered his son Archie had sneaked ~~: and guard dogs aren't doing the job. vertically in sueZ, | i from widespread cutting. ~7~ PACKS A PUNY PUNCH retain features 0 mm mmiimmmmmmm .... - But he was red-faced when he If burglar alarmsspiders: four t~ ~ | ~~ ~~~ ~J ~~ ~ |[ a tree inside the White House and set it i f~..why not try a giant tarantula? minimal use of J ~ ~ I| I| i up in a big closet of his room. ~,~.~,~ ~.~~ I~f~! Frustrated by frequent break-ins., | ~ ~ [| I| ~[ J Christmas morning, before seven, the ~:~" a San Francisco jeweler recently Bite s the I II II II [ Roosevelt children roused their enlisted one of the fearsome spiders A tarantula | I| J parents out of bed, escorted them to for his war on crime, and depends opt I gff ff@ _ II/ tt/I lillI the hidden tree, and everyone was The creature was placed in a kill small inse [ ~" IJ~~l| I[j [| l|[~i"~ t| | given a present, including each of the window display with a sign, 'Warning: The big sl~ | ~ ~~]L.~li/1[ l~/1[ I]| | many family pets. This Area Is Patrolled by Tarantulas." insects but so~ Lighting the Tree Results have been excellent, and small bird | ~~~/~~, | - Calvin Coolidge was the first ~ ':~ There's only one drawback, the they may enJ#/ ~~, [[ ~ ~'# ~ than its bite. Recent research shows.:~.,,.up on [ of a threat than most people think, its six hi~ Bees Morv Dangerous legs and the / "'/:+:~'i1"~:~"~ ~'i~" II ~~0' I$ ~~HN~i~ o|dHolb~,oodhorror=,atarantula down. sDeari~ | ~V: ~ ~J .t ~ As one expert say, "Regardless of the creature bite is hardly worse than a bee orVenom is in~ fact. some ants, bees, and wasps are Unable to I t , far more dangerous, but it's the soften theirf0~ Wishing you Christmas cheer l ' spiders tha. always make the with a tender~ your loved ones at Christmas | [ [ A light, bright, merry, headlines." . in. .... Dun Rite Craft llll _ .Thank you for your patronage!4' Uil |I I )l' d; , , . L!! [ ~n.~il.ed CSr~stmos toyo all . . . from us. United gives inches. Species fold in the southwest sme Snth Amerieat~ tarantulas' ri Idabodies' The The very size of the tarant~a it grow States a giants fearsome to c af length the reach reputation, spider of two nearly kingdom, inches, four .ape ' enemies, pompilid m'av take etabti eviders ancl Unless de@ live iswa~ as- such~ , SILENT N IGI-I May the message of that first Christmas light our way to peace. It is very difficult far me to send a personal 8reetin| to every pertain who has helped me over the years in a whle variety'of waye, so I take this meens to express my thanks to each of you and to wish you a Chri tm and a Happy New Year. .Land great joy to you and yours this holiday season, Burke Delegate Billy hem, so let us ;LAD TIDINGS As the Wise Men looked to the Star of Be hle- follow its holy light. DALTONS Marjorie, Diane, and Sue A musical greeting to all our good friends and customers from joy to the world, the Lord has come! May peace on earth it, m l n u j i i become a reality at this holy time. -GLENVILLE GREE TINGS to our maaY We hope your bright with lv