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December 26, 1975     The Glenville Democrat
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December 26, 1975

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iii~ !~! A 14 The GienviUeDemocral I'alhfindel IJecember 25. 1975 Tax package to be mailed soon by IRS READS YOUR STARS If yOu were born December 17-23: You are intelligent. warm-hearted and sincere. You a're also very open to flattery, fike to be boss and enjoy having things done for you. YOU try tO keep an open mind on aft matters. Because you are objective, people often come to you for advice. ARIES (3121-4119): A letter, perhaps from far away. could bring word of change. Someone's unusual behavior may not be greatly appreciated by you until you stop to realize that you are an individualist too. Later. lots of love and laughter. TAURUS (4/20-S/20): A secret purchase could find its way into the open at this time. Then. an unexpected call brings a bit of extra work for you. Plans at home develop a crease, but are ironed out if you keep a level head. A happy close. GEMINI (51214120): Matters finally begin to sort themselves out this week and you begin to see the light Of day. A financial bonus is possible -- tuck it away. Later, an invitation poses a conflict: duty or party? It's your choice. MOONCNILD (6121.7122): A ~tuation may present a dilem- ma for you. Do ~u respond with your heart, or do you let your head rule? Most of your instincts cheer for the emotional side; while, like a voice crying in the wilderness, logic weakly cheers. Perhaps a compromise? Consider well. LEO (?1234122): Social hub- bub gets your week off to a fly- ing starL A friend may breath a sigh of relief, but you could feel e slight twinge about a certain matter, Week comes to a zippy finish. VlRGO (1/25-tl22): A few obstacles to hop over as week begins. No fair side-stepping, Then, merrymaking and fun. Don't forget time for rest, too. Affairs in general and romantic ones in particular are gifted with joy by week's end. LIBRA (9/23-10/23): -Week starts busily. A note may arrive and give you something to think about. Contrary to pop- ular op)nion, once your Libran mind is made up. you can be just as immovable as some of the other signs (who shall be nameless). So stick to your guns SCORPIO (10124-11/22): Week's start may see you un- certain about several expen- ditures, Once this irksome business is settled, you can relax and enjoy yourself Week may come to a sudden stop. so fasten your seat belt. SAGITTARIUS (11/23-12/21): Someone's indecision could make you short-tempered Remember. he'll get it together a lot faster if you keep your own lips sealed, A pick-me-up of love tops off your week, CAPRICORN (12122-1119): Do you think you could possibly put aside work, etc., and just have a good time? There are a few things to wind up, so get 'era over with and have fun. Do it. End of week looks especially fine. AOUARIUS (1/20-2/19): Romance sets your week off on a lovely foot. Then, a friend could need your aid to finish a project. Help him and you'll have a pleasant surprise. Week closes quietly but firmly. PISCES (2/20-3/20): Much of this week wilt involve keeping things going smoothly. There are a few matters that you'll be lucky to keep going at all. Take a love break midweek and look for a bright spot at end of week. (Suburban Features) bill makes comeback The shiny new Bicentennial coins jh:cha8 i'~ our pockets will soon be joined by an old bill with a new look. On April 13, the two dollar bill will return after an absence of 10 years - just in time for our 200t,h anniversary celebration. Over the next five years the two dollar bill will replace at least half of the one dollar bills now in circulation and save the Bureau of Ensraving and Printin8 an estimated $27 million in printing costs. Here's the Answer &CROSS 3 United States _ _ "~ .a t _ -= t , ,~ -.-- -- citizens ~, ,~ ~ w ~. ~ n ~ e N U | war I[Od 4[iT~erw~,t.t.4 ic~llll3iVl:mll.Ll~l=ll~l~l~l~I 4 Goddess of ? .~ . -v,,,,~ : . .. Z Z 2 - T ~" " " youth o ireland ~ -.~,~.m .v ~, o $ Wife o us 6 Defeated /,v.,,*h ~ ~ 7 Superlative .. ~-..,ff,.*suffix - .-.. .... = a =, == ~, $ Throws nlclEr~me 9 Italian city 13 Greek ,war god l0 Marsh |rass 14 Employed 15 Chill 11 Aulments 28 Shoshonean 41 Foundations 18 Twisted 17 Groom Indians 42 Let it stand 18 Snake 19 Bard= 29 Disorder (print.) 23 Strongholds 31 Weirder 43 Ripped 2, Italian .pi,,, 33 Humped 44 Century plant 22 Newts 25 Persia animal 46 Far (prefix) 24 Cereal grass 2e Give forth 38 More 47 Histor7 muse 2e Sacred image 27 Italian hackneyed 48 Drinks slowly 27 Total Island natives 40 Iron 50 Stir 30 Declaims 32 Repeat 34 Parson=' homes 35 Vestiges 36 Abstract 3"/Groove= 39 Unmarried woman 40 Wharf 41 Babylonian sod 42 Craze fixedly 45 Slanted type 49 Endures 51 Mohammed's son-In-law 52 Love Iod 53 Remove 54 Bite 55 Golf mounds Mineral rocks 57 Distress DOWN l El~rptlan |odde= 3 Speed oatest t l u m m =.=~I ' i I 4 I~_-~!! .,.~ ~ I'///~.,-~" /"~" 70U;Z-"~-.'f;!~..1 II I// III ." ~ ~f~ I~; ." -- The brain remains practically the same size until its owner is about 70, when the male brain shrinks three percent. This doesn't happen to women until 80, The new bill will carry the Gilbert Stuart portrait of Thomas Jefferson reprinted from the original issue. However, the reverse side will show a reproduction of John Trumbull's painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence instead of Jefferson's home at Monticello. There had been some speculation that the new two dollar bill would have the likeness of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr'. or the feminist leader Susan Treasury Department said it was decided that Jefferson as the author of our Declaration should be honored in this Bicentennial year. The old two dollar bill was discontinued because of a lack of public demand. Among the highly superstitious, it was thought to be a bad luck omen though no evidence of [he [l~terniti Revenue ,%t;r,. i~ {~ ~ tit mail out approximately ~),000 1975 tax packages to West Virginia residents next week as part of a nationwide mailing of over 81 million packages, T, [}lair Evans. IRS District Director for West Virginia. said today. Of the total packages to be sent out nationwide, Mr. Evans pointed out. 43 million will be of the 1040 type and 38 million the short form 1040A variety. Mr. Evans explained that the number of taxpayers being sent the 1040A package includes 16 million who received the 1040 package last year. The reason for the change, the IRS District Director said. is that IRS records show the taxpayer could have used the short form 1040A, based on his or her particular financial situation. In previous years, the IRS automatically sent taxpayers the package containing the type of return they filed the previous year. If tbe tax status of taxpayers receiving the 1040A package for the first time has changed since last year and they expect to itemize deductions, they can call the IRS and request the 1040 tax package. Both the 1040 and 1040A tax packages contain forms, instructions. and additional tax information such as represented only one-third of one per cent of all United States currency. , h,lln~ ot h, al IRS toll-tree telephone ~tssi,%lalt(e numtmrs. Taxpayers can call ltn:-, number. ~t the instructions do not ~ns,aer their tax questions. Ea(h tax pack,ge also contains an order blank which taxpayers can use to obtain additional tax publications and forms, Mr. Evans said that 1975 forms reflect changes primarily due to changes in tax law. The form changes reflect a special housing credit, a $30 tax credit for exemptions, earned income credit, changes in the standard deduction, and provisions for contri- butions to an individual retirement program. The tax return contains boxes which taxpayers can check for participation or nonparticipation in the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. Mr. Evans said, Remember that the deadline for all nev~ and advertising in the Glenville Democrat/Pathfinder is Monday at 5 pro. On Holiday v~eks the deadline truty be even earlier. Have your news and advertising in early to avoid disappolt~t- The following is a list of Real Estate sold at the Gitmer County Court House on November 17. 1975. for the and purchased b' individuals or hy the State of West Virginia. Mayor work doael Mayor (:ontacted Supervisor d Highways, on devised to Company and "Reed Farm" Sycamore Mineral feet and Also, the U.S. Route feet. The materials work will begi~ The necessary for hydrant and inch water 1~ soon as have to be In behaff others who Mayor his paving Road which the resurfaci~ Spring. Total TaxeS Including Name of Person Charged Quantity of Lo~al Description Name of Pur~ haser Charges Due With Taxes Land Charged To Date of Sale & Receipt Fee Center District Boggs. Walter 88. 2/10 0(3 Steer Creek Alda Davis $10.96 do 101. 2 "20 OG do Aide Davis t0.80 Kornhauser, Miriam S, 40, l 80G L F. Steer Creek Wendall Belknap g.66 Meredith, May & H. lack 154.65 1 32 OG Big Bull Run WendaH Belknap 9.66 McCartney, Okey 74, 1 5 Min Lower Two Run I,L. Morris & Trio Petroleum Corp. 10.78 do 33. 1/5 Min do do 9.80 do 23. t