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December 30, 1976     The Glenville Democrat
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December 30, 1976

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December 30, 1976 The Glenville Ikemocrat/ Pathflmler e eman and of wildlife Virginia Univer- text book used and in Canada, Biology." This through the the Morgantown bird of fal] and of it will Examine these lots that the jays or crimson conifers. that set off the bird. reflect the The blue jay is a hoarder of food, I suspect. The literature doasu't have much to say on this subject other than the blue jay takes green acorns from oaks and carries them off. Like other acorn feeders, the squirrels, and the western acorn woodpecker, I imagine the jay does its part in storing acorns, the most of which may be forgotten. Acorns happen to be one of the jays' choice foods. When acorns are available the jays will not spend much time at feeders. Aside from its contradictory behavior pattern of being beth a gentleman and a glutton at the feeder, the jay adds one more dimension, it is a self-appointed guardian of the area. Mrs. Harold Radcliff spent Some time this week with Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Rymer in Weston. Brooks is seriously ill at his home. Mr. Ernest Beard remains a patient in a Clarksburg Hospital. He is very ill. Mr. Arden Sponaugal has undergone surgery in a Ohio hospital, We wish all the sick a speedy recovery. Ray. Robert lanes filled his appointment sunday at the Mt. Ernest Church. A Christmas program was held and Santa Arrived. There were 50 present. Mr. and Mrs. Larry Radcliff and children spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Radcliff. Mr. and Mrs. Astor Burton spent Wednesday evening with Tom and Estella Brannon. Mr. and Mrs. Butch Smith are spending the holidays with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Smith and his grandmother, Edna Smith. Butch is based at a Georgia Army camp. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hinter spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hinter. The word "capital" comes from the Latin caput meaning head. Wealth was measured by how many head of cattle s person owned. that and winter.jays areIn danger.Blue jays Huntersare alertareand awarequick tOofSenSethis :agiialiMimlaillillmim Imi mm mmmlmBIBlasim I n ,, , , are walking in the woods. At the sight o,00do, cars STORE HOURS a strident alarm call which all birds m ..... i M recognize and heed. m i The blue jay. although listed in the  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - 9 to 5 p.m. I bird books as a permanent resident, is,  Wednesday, Saturday - 9 to 1 p,m, in most places, a seasonal resident MATCHES HOUSE---Robert King's Grocery in Valley Fork. m M only. The summertime birds may King, 12-year-old nephew of Mr. Se's done three other match m Oosed December 31 m m o M migrate south and they in turn will be and Mrs. V.K. Hathaway of houses, one of wldeh is on display . Mid Walter Sale Catalogs now | replaced during the winter by Glenville, made this replica of his in Glenville's Country Store. The migrant jays from the north. The exchange is so quiet and subtle that no parents' house from matches. He achievement is even more note- m lit one notices the switch in the birds. Is a student at Valley Fork Jmflor worthy when you learn that young :  . Phone 462-7374 It a The flocks of jays one sees in the High in Clay County. He has also Robert has only 18 to 20 per cent m [ C  I.., ..r, I Authorlged I woods in the fall are probably done a replica of his father's store, vision. [Democrat photo] m ] kl[.l ] CATALOG SALES MERCHANT migrants. Jays move south in flocks of a  i ..... I OWNED AND OPERATED BY ]ANEr DEAL dozen to perhaps over 300 birds fllAu8 Notional Geographic News mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmHmmmmmm in compact bunches like blackbirds. jays are very about their task of the blue jay is figure, spectacular blue, it is ,often ornithologist. described in the boisterous, ipudent, with a rights and a mercurial just below the nest-robber. an engaging truth in the jay's est-robber. In the to lurk about the eye for a nest in time the the eggs. For the robin nests around by the in the trees the robber jays' apply a moral jay robs nests suggest that the t deficiency at Set the necessary eggs. Providing egg shells during t teems to reduce the activities. I am tactic next spring. nest building approaching, if it is the ,irds will be Along with blue jay, who feed birds t nuisance, a glutton who swaggers other birds. This is of the jay. the blue jays' birds cannot be The cardinal can the jays owned the place, Y aggression they don't leave; in fact over for the I have seen 10 a feeder; in front i in the middle of the that kept on Were the only bird like a flock of time and settle in much the same up side by side of bickering, Cannot be said for over annerly in their Other birds, they be desired in their They eat de if the was the last food xaight l?e snatched drink cracked as they would the bill, and a single blow of attack suet with a to melt away as the quite a pecking of the jay closely, you bird doesn't The frantic is cramming l its throat until the jay and flies off to spot to oat. How and how much of question. Heavy migrations of these birds can be Since the last interglacial period observed in the ridge and valley more than 100,000 years ago, as ice country of eastern West Virgins and sheets have grown and melted back. western Virginia as well as at Hawk the oceans have fallen and risen about Mountain from mid-September to every 20,000 years, National Gee- mid-October, graphic reports. Rose Bowl Football Quiz P The 6rd Rose Bowl Game will be played In Pasadena's his- toric Rose Bowl stadium on New Year's Day, 197. The gridiron aetle will be teleea live over the NBC Network, beginning at 1:30 p.m. PST (4: EST, 3:39 CST). PASADENA, CAThe Rose Bowl is known as the "Grand- daddy" of all poet-season col- lege football games. Here's a fun quiz to test your knowl- edge of Rose Bowl history. Unscramble the letters that follow each question to check your answers. I. beat Stan- ford, 49-0, in the first in. tersectlonal college foot- bll pine in the U.S., played in Padena on Jan. I, 1902. HCHNAMG 2, From 1003-191, . . races replaced football, sparked by the populaty of Lew Wallace's book, "Ben Hur." HTIOCAR 3. A 1919 railroad strike al- most prevented from playing in the 1920 Rose Bowl--the Crlrmk only post-season bowl game in history. AARVRHD 4. The historic Rose Bowl stadium was built in 1922, patterned after the Bowl in New Haven, Conn. The two stadia are still the only ones in the U. in the shape of a bowl. EYLA 5. The famous__ of Notre Dame last rode together in the 1925 game, which was also Coach Kalute Rockne's only Rose Bowl appearance. RUFO OSMHNEER 6. ran into the annals of college foot- ball when he darted 64 yards in the wrong dlrec- tlon before a group of shocked spectattors in the 1929 Rose Bowl. YRO EISLGRE 7. Stanford Coach Clark in- troduced his now-faaous T-formation to the nation in the 1941 Rose Bowl. YUAGSSSHHNE 8. The only Rose Bowl ever played outside Pasadena was the 1942 encounter be- tween Duke and Oregon State. World War II re- trlcUons forced the game to be moved to .... N.C. M.AHRUD 9. Michigan Coach Fritz Crl- sler demonstrated use of the ystem of offense and defense before the nation in the 1948 Rose Bowl. OUEDLB OOALPNT GUNS HUNTING SUPPUES FISHING TACKLE BEST SELECTION BEST DEAL FREE LAYAWAY PLAN ON ANY GUN PINE MANOR GROCERY North Lewis Street Glenvmle, WV NOTICE TO CITY RESIDENTS The p,rp(xm of this dvertiseme, t is to seek the opinion of any or all residents of The CRy of Gmenville as to what projects and priorities should be considered for the spending of Federal Revenue Sharing Money that the City wi|l be recalving in the new futur You are |nvited to attend the next two council meetings which will be held at 7 P.M., January 3, 1977 and 7 P.M., February 7, 1977 at the Mayor's Office in City Hall or contact me in person to express your needs and views. DELBERT L. DAVIDSON Mayor An 1862 report from the newly formed United States Department of Agriculture noted that on three out of four farms, "The wife works harder, endures more, than any other on the place." The author suggested that the farm mother "Should train her daughters for marriaeeand her sons in giving their wives proper treatment." Helmets of leather, bronze, brass, iron, or steel were worn by fighting men from the earliest times until the introduction of gunpowder in the 17th century brought an end to armored combat. Yet it was firearms that caused helmets to be reintroduced in World War I, the National Geographic Society points out, and today most armies issue helmets of steel or tough plastics. Ron's Garage & Body Shop Opens Jan. 2, 1977 Located in the basement of the Woodshed. Mechanic work Car repalnting Body work Lube & Oil Jobs Tires. Sponsored By Glenville Jaycees Dec. 31, 1976 9:00 - 1:00 At The Recreation Center Music By Music For All Ages $15,in advance Free Set Up And Breakfast Included.