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December 31, 2015     The Glenville Democrat
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December 31, 2015

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New Year's Look us over-- West Virginia offers strong reasons for 'coming home' £ar Oddly,forthepastseveralyears ':II[IF.,,...........__: ~ ::' dian population. Hey, former j,u, of his administration, Governor ][[]l/~l][[]!i/ The ll/][ Mountaineers or would-be Likeallofyoureaders,evenweeditorsmakeNewYear'sResolutions Earl Ray Tomblin, who is the Corcoran i Mountaineers,you wouldn'thave or we should! 11l that way, we can improve ourselves very personable and persuasive i Column i to move too fitr from your kids, For this senior editor, the New Year is going to have to be one of die chief executive of our Mountain i ByD~v,d H Co,co~n ' and you could link up with many and exercise. Unfortunately, those were my resolutions of last ye~ that State, has failed to make a con- ][[/~i~ P~U~h~-E~.o, | I/ll[li of your former classmates at our I didn't adhere to either, but what about you'? 1 bet that you stuck to your certed effort to entreat, invite, senior centers, diets and daily exercise regimens! If you did, goodshow! and encourage former West Vir- meats for considering West Vir- Thirdly, if you're an entrepre- We all do need to set several pretty productive goals to enhance our ginia natives and residents to ginia a gotxt choice to live in, to neur, our state's business costs health and lives! y , . .. "Come Home." raise a family in, and to work. are 13 percent below the national Hence, for each New ear s,celebrauon, our newspaper traditionally Unfortunately, although he's a Everyone -- we editors hope -- average. In particular, for you works up a "New Year's Resolution List" for the next 365 days, thus mastermind at state financing, knows that the state is a great Gilmer. County retirees living helping many Gilmer Countians, particularly our public, semi-public to-date he's spent most of his place for outdoor recreation, in- elsewhere,there's now wide open officials or other well-regarded personages,to be prc~tuctive and timeon solving the state's thorni- cluding skiing, whitewater raft- oppoj'tunities to set up your re- to be happy. est problem, the current budget- ing, hiking, mountain climbing tirement businesses in order to The general public should be heartened to know that almost everyone ary shortfall. It's taken too much and biking and enjoying natural generate that extra income that is working for the improvement of our county. So, we editors believe that: they should be commended for their efforts to bolster our civic improve- of his creative energies, but, to beauty, you may now be needing to make his credit, the Mountain State is Benefits of West Virginia's ur- ends meet. (Once on ttfis Pub- meats. , To all military personnel either native to or connected with Gilmer one of the few states in the nation ban or rural environments are as lisher-Senior Editor's trip to St. County, we wish you a most sate New Year of 2016 wherever you are that hasn't had to go to the Fed- follows: Augustine,FL,it was discovered serving our country. We hope that your dedicated efforts for our Great eral Government to beg for a First of all, Inc'., Forbes.that most of the small businesses Nation all around the world will bring you the distinction that you well greater share of those hard to get Kiplinger's Personal Finance, and boutiques were owned bydeserve. On the other hand, we hope and pray that 2016 will bring an end federal grants, and Where to Retire magazines seniors, seeking good retirement tothe necessity ofourAfghanistan,lraq andMiddle Eastern presence, With the state's financial and " are in unanimous agreement that incomes and getting the chance l just to end the threat of ISIS over there and here. Kudos to President administrative operations mov- " ,, " ' " West VlrJma s clttes are among to stay physically active,as well.) I Barack Obama for that much-needed military action abroad and intel- ing ahead smoothly, the Gover- the best in the country for busi~- Fourthly,accordingtotheeco- [ligence gathering at home! I norshouldfinallyfindthetimeto hess and living, nomic statistics of recent years, I To County Commissioners Larry Chapman. Brian Kennedy andl press forward with inviting all of Secondly, the state is centrally the state is now growing, in that I John Bennett, please resolve to continue energizin the county's many I you former Mountain State resi- located. We're within overnight we have attracted $6.6 l illion in I beneficial initiatives, notably the work of the Dilapidated Buildings I dents and natives to 'Cometrucking distance of more than new investment and almost ICommittee, the Reereation Center, GilmerCnuntyHistoricalSoei-I Home." Most notably, there are half of the United States' ix)pula- 23,000 new j()bs since 2005. [ ely and, last but not the least, upgrading the County Courthouse and I some pretty persuasive argu- tion-- and one third ofthe Cana- Conlinued on page 5 IAnnex I I The City of Glenville and Mayor Dennis, Fitzpatrick are moving | .......... : : :: ::: ::: :::: : I forward in upgrading the streets, keeping up the new City Square Park, | I razing the dilapidated structures and encouraging citizens to keep this | I community clean. Kudos to City Hall for pressing forward with these [ I ventures, along with beautifying the empty space between the city[ WVU s Economic Forecast" should c art WV's 2016 IbuitdingandtheCountryStoreMuseum.Byworkingtogether--theCity| I Officials and citizens - these problem areas can be eliminated andI 1 hope everyone had a wonderful down the road. While I live in town. her ~ifts fl'om me. So, to her amaze- [ progress for the benefit of the whole city can be achieved. I Christmas holiday. However, many i'm not in an area with sidewalks, meat and delight. Jean is going to go holiday plans were altered substan- paved dri~ ewav or town storm drainsl onatandem sk~;divingjump sometime | Also, the city, county, and state Highway Departments should resolve ] ] to take their fair share of the responsibility to save the Old GlenviUeI tially by the flooding rains and high so we've ~one to considerable time this spring. Not your traditional gift. [ Bridge, so that Historic Tourism can be attracted to this county and| winds that hit nearly all of West vir- and expense over the years to keep but she has talked'about this tbr vearsl einia and many other states Christmas water runoffawav from ihe house. For 1'11 keep you informed when she gets it I community. With the steadfast support of these governing bodies, the | I newly formed Little Kanawha River Trail Group can continue to] [)ay. Throughout central West Vir- those that reside on city streets, you scheduled. And there will be a video. | make progress in preserving and advancing the county's main river as al ginia, Gilmer and Braxton citizens depend on the drain system to work l could have filled a column with com- |heritage and commercial pathway throueh this picturesque rural area.I found numerous road~ correctly a]ld efficiently, mentsfromourkids,familyandfriends, IWhanks could guru these many pub!ic o(fic!als if this would happen! [ closed; many homes flooded]~ Storm ~lrains are not as but the one Jean is most proud of is | To Circuit Clerk Karen Elkin, f:ountvClerkJeanBnteher, Asses-| and roads and bridges dam-I exciting as hieh speed in- fromoureightyearoldgrandsonGavin: isor Gary Wolfe, Sheriff Larry Gerwig, Prosecutor Gerry Hough,| aued. While the flooding is[~ ternet, but it ~ one of the "Grammv. I think it's awesome!" ]Magistrates Carol Wolfe and Alton Skinner II, and all of their] not as devastatinu as the[~ most basic needs of any I=rom (~urfamily and home to yours, |assistants. we commend you tbr your creditable public service in 2015 | weathereventearlie~in2015J~ community, l'm commit'- we wish for evervonea safe, healthy land wish you well in 2016. We particularly hope thateachoneofyouwill| it still caused some Christ-]~ ted to do all 1 can to help and prosperous N~ew '~ ear in 2016. " |resolve to keep your department's budget within its approved limits, soI mas celebrations to be de-I~ our communities get on a lntheinterim'sendv°nrinquiriest° |that tl~e state's 4 percent budgetary cutback will not Catch up with our] layedasf,'unilytimeformanyl/~ path to see these p~'oblems my home office at: [51 Park Street. |Gilmer County Government."~ I ~!~~ Gassawav'WV26624:cal13(~-8411: | To President Peter Barr, the Board of Guvernors andGlenville[ or, fax to 364-8711. If yon have an |State College, resolve to keep up your great mission at the college in notI interest in any particular"bill or issue. Ionly bringing new facilities to the institution, like the WACO Center, but I please let me know. For those with lalso bolstering the academic programs being ~,ffered! | lnternet access, my leeislative e-mail | To GSC External V,P Jim Spears, Academic V-P & Provost John | add tess is:I Peek~and lio~fibn Exee~'Direetor Dennis Pounds;~kcep dffffael t B,e,,t.Boggs@ | good w0rklf~---t'~college in vourown separate s~eres. Aii o(~our'duti'~:"es | You mav also obtain additional leg- are crucial to the college's future well-being, and may 2016 become your regardless of size, is the deteriorating whereJeanandlrealizedseveralweeks islativeintbrmation,includingthecop- best year. infrastructureaboveandbelowground ago we would be celebrating the hull- ies of bills, coufcrence reports, daily To Governor Earl Ray Tomblin,congratulations on trying to do your that supplies utilities in and carries daysaseveryone'sschedulepermilted summaries, interim highlights, and best: for our Mountain State, but resolve to do yotw best to help out all wastewater from homes and busi- and not necessarily with the kids and leavemeamessage0ntheLegislature's regions ofthe state, includin~CentralWestVirginiaandGihnerCounty. nesses. Often the most overlooked grandkidson December 25th. due to web site at http:// Also, your efforts to snag the proposed "Cracker Plant" for this region andundermaintainedisthestormwater their own commitments. Although 1 When lear- will be inusic tO the ears of the Oil & Gas Industry here. drainage system in our towns. Homes alwayscherishthetimeswecangather ing a message, please remember to To U.S. Congressman David McKinley, please resolve to help out and businesses depend on this old and the entire family together, it's becom incl ude your phone number with your our county and city's civic and political leaders in moving our small, yet intricatesystemofpipes,tileandstone ingincreasingdifficult. However,I'm inquiry and any details you can pro- waterways to allow roads to stay safe ~lad they've made it a priority to eel- vide. Additional information, includ- active county ahead. Any assistance from you or yourmobile office will " "~ ~ be greatly appreciated here. for travel andto protect buildings fi'om ebrate and create their own family ing agency links and the state govern- To Superintendent of Schools Gabe Devono,resolve to work closely damaging water runoff. In differing traditions in their homes.,as well.This meat phone directory,maybe found at with Board President Dr. William K. Simmons, the other Board levelsofdecline,every town isexperi- week, we have the two oldest grand- Also, you may follow Members and the staff in seeking to move this now state-controlled encing this common problem; nearly sons. Collin and Gavin, spending the me on Facebook at "Brent Boggs", school district into compliance with the laws and sound educational every town lacks needed funds, man- weekwithus. JessicaandGregw!llbe Twitterat"(~DelBrentBoggs",aswell practices, so that the children will be the chief beneficiaries. Also, best: of power and/or equipment available to up during the weekend. So, we may astheWV Legislature's Facebook page luck in opening the new and completely modern Gihner Elementary V aggressi elyaddresstheproblem;and, get everyone together for a few hours at "West Virginia Legislature" or on School this next fall. Finally, thanks for your efforts to keep the public thesestormdrainproblemswillreatis- later in the week. Twitter at informed of the beneficial educational activities in our schools. tically require some assistance from Christmas is a time of giving and wvlegislature. To FCI-Gilmer's Veterans, thanks for participating in this state andfederalagencies in the larger, after you've been married for many During these final days of 2015 and newspaper's and Count)' Historical Society's Veterans Parade & more complex systems, years, it's increasingly difficult to sur- into the New Year, remember our Everyone that owns a home or busi- prise someone in your gift giving. I'm troops - at home and abroad - and keep Ceremony. To all of the youth leaders in the county, keep up your good work in nessknowsyouhavetodrainthewater not one to go into details about gifts- themandtheirfamiliesinyourthoughts teaching, encouraging and helping our young people to grow into good awayffomyourfoundationoryouwill given or received - but l do think Jean and prayers. Happy New Year and "- individuals, team players and citizens. The county's 4-H, Boy and Girl most certainly have major problems was definitely surprised with one of take care. Scouts, and ehurch youth groups are really excelling here- all of their positive activities being in a county sadly lacking in youth activities. Finally and most importantly, all Gilmer Countians, who have participated, as volunteers, in a wide variety of festivals, parades, civic events, fund-raisers and other community improvement activities over Santa Claus's gift to WV: Fossil Fuels aren't this past year, resolve to keep up your great efforts, because they are paying off in making our homeplace a better place to live. bad/Part Two ofa "Letter to the Editor' ~o all of you avid -- near and distant -- readers of our Glenville newspapers, either The Democrat or The PathJbuler, we editors hope that you will make good and auainable New Year's resolutions, and that Letter to the Editor continued a "'Big Mac", now wouldn't it'? ing"! We are being told to"Fear this!" they will especially bring you good health, fortune and luck in 2016. And, from last week's issueIs climate change an impending ca- by the mass media and the powers that in addition to looking back at this immediate Christmas Past, may the Dear Editor, tastrophe that will exterminate man- control them. [ guess that depends on Christ Child bring many blessings to all of you during this next year. Global warming? Here's another kind off the face of the Earth? Not yourpointofview,aslexplainedatthe point of view. We are told that once- hardly! Man will do as he as always beginning of this letter. I believe that upon-a-time the Ant*Arctic was a (lone. He will adjust and adapt, climatechangeisanaturallyoccurring ~1~ tropical paradise with lush rain forests. Is climate change caused by insig- change that the planet cycles through Of the What's wrong with that? So what ifthe nificant man? i. personally dot,bt it! periodically and will continue to do so "grain belts" of the world wotdd have Here's why. A very brief geologic n°matterh°whardmantriest°alterit" tomovednorth(that'sfortheNorthern history. Our little planet was once a Man will adjnst, adapt and survive till "GO~N~ MY WAY IC~ Hemisphere, of course)? We could tropical paradise and then something the coming of Yashua the Messiah HOP- , I'LL TAKE plant wheat and corn in Canada's tun- happened (nobody knows exactly who in his wisdom said,"And except 'l/(~J THERE." dra regions. We could grow mangoes what) to cause it to cool down and those days be shortened there shoukl and papaya in West Virginia. How create what we call an "Ice Age" with no flesh be saved; but for the elect's about oranges in upstate New York? ice several miles thick on some places sake those days shall be shortened. (by With "global warming" l wouldn't have oftheEarth.Thiswasinthe histoO'of the saviour's second coming." to cut fire w~vod for the winter. What man. He survived (and even thrived) Matt.24.22 would be wrong with trees so big that through that time. What ever the cool- Thank you, Editor, for the opportu- you could build a whole house front ing was that caused the "Ice Age" nity to share with your readers a point the lumber of one tree? Strawberries stopped. It is as if you stopped a of view on climate change that the thesizeofsoftballs?Tomatoesthesize freezer's cold input by unplugging it. media will not present. Keep up the ofa basketball? And how about a Black The temperature has ofily one direc- good work. vl Angus cow the size of a triceratops? It tion to go. UP,. Only this is on a world I will remain: In his service, certainly would give a new meaning to wide basis and is called "global warm- Robert Dittman Sheriff's Comments on "Our County's Finest" Story in Newspaper Dear Editor, In an earlier comment a few weeks the court house. As" stated, 3 years In last weeks news paper there ago it was stated that the delia- of revenue must be kept in the was anicely written article called, quent tax lien account money was account at all times. This money "Behind the Scenes with Ourjust found .. The fact is, that this can accumulate over time much County's Finest" by Rebeccaaccount has been in the Sheriff's likeaCDdoesinthebank,making Young (Staff Reporter). Since 1 office for years, and I believe that itagoodinvestmentforthecounty. was not contacted by her for corn- it is an interest bearing account. Duff ng my 8 years as Sheriff the meat, she was given some mis- The delinquent lien tax account is county got audited 3 times by the guided information on the current interest fees and penalties that ac- state and we were never informed Sheriff's so called "biggest finan- cumulate over time in small cial correction under his watch", anaounts from the tax sales held at Letter Continued on Page 5