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December 31, 2015     The Glenville Democrat
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December 31, 2015

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Page 8 - Thursday, December 31,2015 - The Glenville Democrat The Glenville Pathfinder - Glenville, WV 26351 TOWN OF SAND FORK P.O. BOX 88 SAND FORK, WEST VIRGINIA 26430 RESIDENTS OF THE TOWN OF SAND FORK DECEMBER 15, 2015 The Common Council of the Town of Sand Fork has established the following ordinance, which will after three public readings and publication in the county paper, (Glenville Democrat) will be signed by the Mayor, James D. Tatman, and become an active, legal document, as of February 2016. Public readings will be held at Sand Fork Town Hall on January 4. 2016. Janua~ 11. 2016 and January 14. 2016 @ 7:00 p.m. Sharon Radabaugh Town Recorder Sand Fork Town Hall 304-804-2177 FEBRUARY, 2016 TQW.I~...QI~..S.A.~I.[~..J~.Q_R..~ (~R[)| ~!A.N_ ._C E Whereas, it is deemed necessary by the Common Council of the Town of Sand Fork, to prohibit the following offenses in order to protect the welfare and safety of the citizens of the Town of Sand Fork; and NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE COMMON COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF SAND FORK, THAT; THE FOLLOWING OFFENSES SHALL BE UNLAWFUL. Keepina of certain animals in town limits unlawful. It shall be unlawful for anyone to grow, breed, fatten, house, or keep for any purpose whatsoever within the corporate limits of the Town of Sand Fork, live animals such as swine, cattle, horses, goats, sheep, mules, donkeys ponies, of fowl of any kind, or animals normally found in a zoo, or keep animals that are normally kept as pets in such a quantity that are annoying to persons passing by or occupants or residents of nearby buildings. This ordinance is not meant to prevent animals from being transported through this town or being used in a bona fide circus or carnival or in parades or an exhibit by an organization, or use by schools for teaching aids or experiments. ~P,_qJLLo.~ Lqg_s.P,_D_gg~ The Town of Sand Fork has an ordinance in effect making it unlawful for any dog to run at large upon any road, street, alley, or grounds of another, within, the limits of the said Town, except however, dogs may run at large upon the owners owned or rented property, (within a secured, fenced area), or the owner or keeper of any dog shall be permitted to take the same over and through the roads, streets, and alleys of the said Town as long as such dog, or dogs, are and at all times, properly chained or tied by a device of not more than eight (8) feet in length while passing through such road, street, or alley. All owners or keepers of dogs residing within the town limits shall pay the dog tax and licensefee and attach said requirements to the dog's collar as required by any local law or as required by any State o1 West Virginia law. Any dog found running at large, within the Town limits, whether said dog be licensed or unlicensed, may be apprehended by the Mayor of the Town of Sand Fork, dog catcher or any other person designated by the Common Council of the Town of Sand Fork, whether said dog's owner or keeper be known or unknown. West Virginia State law will apply and will be adhered to accordingly for all dogs apprehended within the Town Limits. Any owner, or keeper or person permitting such dog or dogs to be in violation of this ordinance, as herein provided, shall be fined. ~_~g.t~Q.n__~ _TE0sh Disoosal The disposal of refuse, trash, lumber, tree limbs, dirt, brick, building material of any kind, automobiles, or parts of automobiles, in any quantity by any person in any place, public or private, other than at the site or sites designated for refuse disposal by the governing body is expressly prohibited• Stagnant Water It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly allow any pool of stagnant water to accumulate and stand on his property. ~ It shall be unlawful for any person to throw or deposit upon any street, road, alley or stream or lot within the Town Limits any trash, refuse, leaves, glass, nails, tacks, cans, paper, or other substances likely to injure persons, animals, or vehicles. ~ Every owner or tenant of property shall periodically cut the grass and other vegetation commonly recognized as weeds or brush on his property, and it shall be unlawful for any such person to fail to comply with an order by the Mayor, or Town Recorder to cut such vegetation when it has reached a height of over one (1) foot. =S_e..Egg_g! ~ Any person owning or having possession of any dead animal not intended for use as food or any animal that dies on any person's property shall promptly bury the same or notify the owner of same so to have it removed promptly or dispose of such animals in such manner as the Mayor shall direct. Section 8 H~lth and Sanitation Nuisances It shall be unlawful for any person to permit any premises owned, occupied or controlled by him to become or remain in a filthy condition, or permit the use or the occupation of same in such a manner as to create noxious or offensive smells and odors in connection therewith, or to allow the accumulation or creation of unwholesome and offensive matter or the breeding of flies, rodents, or other vermi n on the premises to the menace of the public health. ~.¢.~;[0_0_.9 L~D.~.~£{~..P.[~g~.[Iy Whenever a privy, hog-pen, stable, ~MiJdLn..g,.Lr.~.~.J)_m..~,gr..~.ny_p_~r~.t..hereeof, within said Town, shall be by a majority of the whole council declared a nuisance, or injurious to the health or comfort of any person or persons, the owner, agent or lessee of the property shall be notified by the Mayor to remove said matter. The Mayor shall 'r~_,~agr_9.p_ri_~tP,,~D~ to have the sarne put in order, or removed, and report their proceedings and costs incurred by him, to the Mayor; and the property, upon which such nuisance exists, shall be responsible for the costs of the same; and the owner or lessee of such property shall be liable to further fine• ~.~![~D..!0 QJ~'..~.[[gf~.L~fiE~.i~g It shall be unlawful for anyone to park vehicles on the sides of the street, in the Town of Sand Fork, thus causing a disruption in the flow of traffic. PENALTIES Any person violating anyone of the provisi6ns in Section 1', ihi'u and including Secti0r~ 10 of this ordinance shall.upon conviction, be fined• I st. offense--S10.00 2nd. offense--S20.00 3rd. offense-S100.00 A certified letter will be sent to the individual person, who has been found to be in violation of anyone of the provisions in Section 1, thru and including Section 10 of this ordinance. A two week period of time will be given for the violation to be corrected, if in this time period the violation is not corrected, then the letter will be considered the first offense, and fines will be given. NOTICE TO REDEEM (2014-S-00000154 - Gilmer County - GREG NICHOLSON) Courthouse News TO: SYLVIA MEADOWS, DOD 2-21-1985, HUSBAND ORIS D., RUTH CIRCUIT COURT MEADOWS, COYE J. LOWTHER DOD 5-26-1979 WIFE PEARL ODD 1-25- N EWS 1987, CECIL LOWTHER DOD ?? WIFE OPAL MARIE, DEWEY LEO LOWTHER, WANDA L. GASTON, EDWARD GAlL LOWTHER, MARY E. Tues., Dec. 22, Chief Judge LOWTHER, CAROL J. MILLER, CARL LOWTHER, EVALINE LOWTHER, Richard A. Facemire held Court WIDOW, CONNIE J. LOW'I'HER PARKER, MARY ANN LOWTHER, PAUL in Gilmer County through the EUGENE LOWTHER, DELORES FAYE LOWTHER, IDA MAE RICHARDS, afternoon. LAURA K RICHARDS, BETTY BROWN, FREDA JO JONES, VERMIE Two fugitives from justice JONES COX, ARNOLD JONES, DONNA JONES, FREDA MAE NAGY, waived extradition to their home CARLTON (CARL) JONES, JOHN JONES, JO ANN JENKINS, BOBBY states, Anthony Thompson LOWTHER, LETTIE MARKS, ROBERT E. LOWTHER, KENNETH H. waivedtoretumtoMarylandwith LOWTHER, Or heirs at law, devisees, creditors, representatives, successors, Jonathan Fuller waiving to re- assigns, all known heirs, guardians, conservators, fiduciaries, administrators, turn to Virginia• Both were rep- or lienholders, resented by Melissa Roman of You will take notice that GREG NICHOLSON, the purchaser, of the tax Buckhannon and authorities in lien (s) on the following real estate, CERTIFICATE OF SALE: 2014-S- their states have until 4 p.m., 00000154, 2/6 FEE 34.80 ACRES STATE & STALLMAN RUN, which was Dec. 27, to pick them up at Con- returned delinquent in the name of LOWTHER J A & FLORA I, and for which tral Regional Jail or they will be the tax lien(s) thereon was sold by the sheriff of Gilmer County at the sale for released. the delinquent taxes made on the 14th day of November, 2014 has Three juvenile matters were requested that you be notified that a deed for such real estate will be made to heard. him or her on or after April 1,2016, as provided by law, unless before that day Various criminal matters were you redeem such real estate. The amount you will have to pay on the last day, heard: , March 31, 2016 will be as follows: StateVs. AndrewTaylor had a pretrial hearing and his case Amount equal to the taxes and charges due on the date remains on the trial docket for of the sale, with interest, to March 31, 2016 ........................... $179.59 Jan. 5. He is represented by Christopher Moffatt of Amount of subsequent years taxes paid on the property, Charleston. since the sale, with interest to March 31, 2016 ........................ $75.61 State Vs. Kevin Currywas in Court for arraignment on his new Amount paid for Title Examination and preparation of the indictment and to have bond set list to be served and for preparation and service of notice and/or reduced, In the with interest from January 1, 2015 following the sheriff's boundover matters from magis- sale to March 31, 2016 ......................................................... $760.51 trate Court his bond was $1,250,000.00 cash only and he Amount paid for other statutory costs with interest from is represented by court ap- following the sheriff's sale to March 31, 2016 ............................ $0.00 pointed attorney Kevin Hughart of Sissonville. Bernard Total Amount Payable to Sheriff - cashier check, Mauser appeared and was re- money order, or certified check must be rained as counsel in the Circuit made payable to the The Honorable Larry D. Gerwlg, Court matters. Mr. Mauser is Sheriff and Treasurer of GilmerCounty ........................... $1,015,71 from Sutton and Curry's bond was lowered to $150,000,00 Cost of Certification of Redemption - cashier check, cash or surety and home con- money order or certified check rnust be made payable to the finement. He will have a sup- The Honorable Glen B. Gainer, III, State Auditor ................. $35.00 pression hearing on Jan. 15, 2016 and his trial is currently set for Jan. 26, 2016, You may redeem at any time before March 31, 2016, by paying the State Ms, Randall Lambey above total less any unearned interest, was before the Court for revoca- tion of his probation. Facemire Return this letter and both certified funds to the sentenced him to one year in WV State Auditor's Office, CRJ and suspended the sen- 1900 Kanawha Blvd. East, Building 1, Room W-114, tence and placed him on home Charleston, West Virginia, 25305 confinement in Clay County and Questions please call 1-888-509-6568 option 2 he is to pay at least $100.00 on child support arrears per month. WV State Auditor's Office He made admission to para- Legal Class III-O 3t 1-14 graph 3 of the revocation and ................................................................................................... Clinton Bischoff of Summersville stood in as his 0 ~ ____n.~ o @~' attorney in place of Andrew Chattin who was unable to ap- pear. ^ ,5, ~ State Vs. William Hardman 0 0 00 a00eore00,v,0oo r a, n ent from CRJ asking for his bond to ~ ~1 ~/~L~ be reduced. Facemire reduced his bond to $500,000.00 surety 0 0 0 ~, with home confinement, Hardman is represented by ~,i~'~ -"v0~3r~l~~ Clinton Bischoff and special 0 ~ prosecuting attorney Steve Jones is representing the state, V ~,~ 0 t~ ~ 0 z3, 0 ,9 State Vs, James C. Miller o ~/ 0 ~ ~ G' ~ t--. was before the Court with his attorney Valentina Wheeler, 6 /-%~_...£& (> 2 ~.(~"%~"~[ ~ ~-Id 0 and aftersuccessfullycomplet- ing the program at Anthony Cen- ~ A/ ~ ) ~,~ ~ .~f~ , , ~Y ~,~, ~ • ' terforYouthfulOffendershewas ~ ~'&~ '" "" '~~ ~:&_/~'.,~/7 ~ ~ placed on 5 years probation in Gilmer County. However he has a sentence to serve in Nicholas County first. 0 0A '1 0 ~ ~.~""" 0A -- ~ ~ Judge Facemire also heard 0 and granted an infant settlement in a case involving a car acci- dent. :.ooGlenvill¢ Police November 2015 Report It will be ask of the person receiving the letter of notification to appear before the Sand Fork Town Council, (which will be considered the governing board, in matters regarding violations of ordinances). It is the intent of the Common Council of the Town of Sand Fork that each separate Section and/or provision of this ordinance shall be deemed independent of all other Sections and/or provisions herein, and it is further the intention of the Common Council of the Town of Sand Fork that if any provision and/or section of this ordinance be declared to be invalid, all other sections and/or provisions therein shall remain valid and in full force and effect, and enforceable• The above ordinance, containing Section 1-Section 10 shall be in effect immediately upon final passage by the Common Council of the Town of Sand Fork. CERTIFICATE OF ENACTMENT I, James D. Tatman, Mayor do hereby certify that the forgoing ordinance within Section 1 -Section 10, was lawfully orda nedandenactedbytheCommonCounc oftheTownofSandFork, attheregularsessionassembledon ........................ James D. Tatman Mayor of the Town of Sand Fork Sharon Radabaugh Town Recorder Violation/Traffic Offense Town of Sand Fork Legal Class II, 2t 12-31 ' ............... Glenville Police Report November 2015 Crime/Ordinance Officer Disposition Location Speeding Speeding Speeding Speeding Parking Complaint Victim of a fitll Assist WVSP on Warrant Service Speak to an officer Speeding Speeding Communications Device while driving Speeding Speeding Alama Investigation Vehicle Unlock Huffman l:tuffman Huffman Huffman Huffman Hufflnan Hnffinan Huffman Huffinan Huffman Garrett Huffinan Huffman Huffman Huffman Huffman Vehicle Unloclc Cited Cited for Speeding and Warnings issued for No Proof of Registration and No Proof of Insurance Cited for Speeding and Warnings issued for No Proof of Registration and No Proof of Insurance Cited Multiple parking citations issued Subject fell oft" balcony criminal Investigation started Subject Arrested Spoke to female from Ruby Memorial Hospital advised that I would be up the next day Warnings Issued for Speeding and Failure to change address Warning Cited Warnings issued for Speeding and Unsigned Registration Cited for Speeding and Warning Issued for Unsigned Registration Everything OK Vehicle Unlocked Vehicle Unlocked W. Main St. W. Main St:. W, Main St. W. Main St. High St. South St. Third Run Glenville W. Main St. N. Lewis St. W. Main St. W. Main St. W. Main St. Sycamore Rd. Pioneer Way Gil Co Faith Crime/Ordinance Violation/Traffic Offense Speeding Speeding Speeding Cat stuck in a pipe Exp:ired Registration Speeding Speeding No Registration Speeding Speeding Speeding Assist WVSP Speeding Speeding Alarminvestigation Assist GCSD with Warrant Service AnimalRescue Speeding Speeding Speeding Speeding Vehicle Unlock Active Shooter Exercise Speeding No Seatbelt Officer Garrett Garrett Huff man Garrett Garrett Gan'ett Huff man Huffman Garrett Garrett Garrett Garrett Htfffman Huffman Huftinan Huffman i Garrett Garrett i Gan'ett Gan'ett Garrett Huff man tiuffinan/ WVSP Huff man Huffman Police Continued Disposition Cited :for Speeding and Expired Operators Cited Warnings Issued for Speeding and No Proof of Insurance Cat was rescued Warning Warning Warnings Issued for Speeding, Unsigned Registration, No Proof of Registration Warnings Issued for Improper Display and Unsigned Registration Cited Warning Cited Assisted WVSP with unknown alarm Cited for Speeding and Warnings Issued for Unsigned Registration, No Operators Carried, and No Proof of Insurance Cited for Speeding and Warning Issued for No Proof of Registration Everything was secure 1 female Subject arrested and transported to CRJ Deer was rescued from fence Warning Warnings Issued for Speeding and Unsigned Registration Cited Cited Vehicle Unlocked Active Shooter Exercise conducted Cited for Speeding and No Proof of Insurance Warnings Issued for Expired Registration Expired MVI Cited for No Soatbelt and Warning Issued for Unsigned Registration Report to next Page Location W. Main St., W. Main St. N. Lewis St. McDonalds W. Main St. W. Main St. W. Main St. N. Lewis St. W. Main St. N. Lewis St. W. Main St. US HWY 33E College St. College St. Calhoun W. Main St. Conrad Motel N. Lewis St. N. Lewis St. W. Main St. W. Main St. Foodhmd FCI Gihner College St. College St.